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    Your Dream Lifestyle vs Your Passions

    in Entrepreneur

    Many people would love to make a living doing what they are passionate about, but it isn't always the fastest way to their dream lifestyle. Sometimes what you are passionate about won't give you the dream lifestyle you are looking for at all. What if you could do both? Find the clear cut path to building your dreams that will free you up to pursue your passions. Build a home based business.

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    Lifestyle Makeover

    in Dreams

    The Lifestyle Trailblazers, Matthew & Christine Kominiak, Share WIth You Tips & Strategies To Inspire You To Life Your Life By Design.

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    Lifestyle Makeover - Lifestyle Design For 2014 Part 1

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    How To Make 2014 The First Of The Best Years Of Your Life!  
    Stop and ask yourself this one key question… "Am I living my life the way I pictured it last January?" If not, you're not alone.
    But the fact is you don't have doom yourself to another 365 days of mediocrity and default, because it's time you stop planning and start living.
    Join us right here LIVE every Thursday 10:30 EST, for the "Lifestyle Makeover Show" as we personally guide you down the the most direct path of your own personal treasure map to the "X" that marks the spot…Your Life By Design!
    In our new series, "Life By Design 2014", you will feel a sense of euphoric happiness as you leverage the Lifestyle Design Formula to become the architect of your dream life.
    But don't take our word for it, see for yourself.
    So pull up a chair, turn off the TV and hold on tight, because 2014 is going to be a fun ride.
    Matt and Chris The Lifestyle Trailblazers http://LifestyleTrailblazers.com

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    Lifestyle Makeover - Pt 2 - The Lifestyle Design Formula!

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    Welcome to The Lifestyle Design Formula, Part 2. In part 1 we hit the ground running, by dissecting the most important part of the Lifestyle Design Formula, as we shared the BIGGEST lie ever about Life By Design, and why avoiding it, will allow you to start living your lifestyle by design today.
    But that was just the beginning!
    In Part 2 of The Lifestyle Design Formula, we continue our intimate conversation of how we went from living in destitute to living a life by design...in just 5 months. As we spotlight your purpose, (the fire that drives you), and help you discover how simple it can be to find your purpose, by revealing to you, a driving purpose in our life.
    That's because without purpose, you could find yourself lost on a never ending quest of happiness. A journey that could end up costing you countless years and thousands of dollars to finally achieve your lifestyle by design.
    IMPORTANT: If you missed Part 1 (broadcasted Thursday, September 12th), be sure to check it now to lay the foundation for the remainder of the series. We begin by sharing with you the biggest lie in lifestyle design ever, and how it is affecting you right now!
    So what are you waiting for, check out part 2 of The Lifestyle Design Formula...It's going to be great! Blaze A Life by Design,
    Matt & Chris

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    Lifestyle Makeover - Pt 3 - The Lifestyle Design Formula!

    in Dreams

    OK...It's on to part 3...
    With Part 1 (Your Health) and Part 2 (Your Purpose) in the books, we can now wrap up The Lifestyle Design Formula.
    In Part 3 we address what we like to call the "500 pound gorilla in the room." (Hint: You'll see that the 500 pound gorilla is more like a 1 pound stuffed animal).
    Your head will hit the pillow that night with a new found sense of excitement, knowing how close you are to living your own life by design...It's going to be great!
    So mark your calender for Thursday, September 26th at 10:30 EDT, and we'll make it a date to put a pretty bow on The Lifestyle Design Formula.
    We'll see you there.
    Blaze A Life By Design,
    Matt & Chris
    P.S. Be sure to check out Parts 1 & 2 before joining us live on Thursday September 26th because they will lay the foundation and help you get the most out of Part 3.

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    The Lifestyle Makeover Show - Traditions

    in Dreams

    How Your Traditions Can Transform Your Life

    Today Matthew Kominiak shares an "Ah-ha" moment he had when thinking about traditions (especially leading up to holidays), and how they can help you grasp just how close you are to transforming and living your life by design.

    You will realize you are so close to having a paradigm shift, that reaching your goals and living the lifestyle you dream of, is right within your grasp.

    Check it now by watching the video!

    Find more resources on how to stop living your life by default and start living it by your own design right here:


    Matt and Chris
    The Lifestyle Trailblazers

    P.S. To "Check Out" previous episodes or to grab your free copy of the "Lifestyle Design Formula"...Simply click the link here -> http://lifestyletrailblazers.com/category/lifestyle-radio

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    Lifestyle Makeover - Pt 1 - The Lifestyle Design Formula!

    in Dreams

    Not that long ago, on any given night, you could find me sitting at my computer at 2 a.m. in my boxers…
    I know, TMI. 
    Anyway, I starting doing this because I was desperate to build the online business my wife and I had started, to help us break the chains of entrepreneurial slavery that had bound us to our desks for years.
    Does any of this sound familiar?
    Then join us Thursday September 12th, 2013 10:30 EST for an intimate conversation of how we went from living in destitute to living a life by design...in just 5 months.
    In part 1 for this three-part series, we begin by sharing with you the biggest lie in lifestyle design ever, and how it is affecting you right now!
    Thursday night when your head hits the pillow you will feel a new sense of calm and direction when we reveal the first and most important part of the formula, including the resources we used to all but guarantee its success.
    You're going to love it!
    Thursday September 12th, 2013 10:30 EST, we'll see you here!
    Live By Design,
    Matt & Chris

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    Lifestyle Makeover - Let There Be Light

    in Dreams

    A magic mirror for your soul...Lifestyle Makeover is your lifestyle vision brought to life.   This weekly radio show is intended to help you flip the switch and stop living your life by default. Weekly topics are based on the LIFESTYLE DESIGN FORMULA of Matthew and Christine Kominiak's personal and professional life - you won't want to miss an episode!
    Check out previous episodes at http://lifestyletrailblazers.com/category/lifestyle-radio

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    Breadwinners. Incremental Improvements In Lifestyle = Lifestyle UPGRADE Now.

    in Finance

    No matter your paycheck, everyone dreams of their better life.  Waiting for that day to arrive, that day when you feel life is good, is so painful - that many simply swipe the credit card one more time and have that thing NOW!  This is for me the core reason for the massive debt in society.  Instant gratification! As I see it, you are not in debt because you have a criminal intent to take stuff you have no intention of paying for.  Instead, credit and debt seems like a welcome friend that says, "go ahead, and have it now - you can always pay later".  To much of that, and later becomes MUCH later, maybe even never.

    The goal is that upgrade, that thing that will bring you joy or an improved quality of life experience - NOW!  For some, that is moving from a 21 inch TV, to a 45 inch flat screen.  For some it means traveling first class instead of coach.  For some it means moving to a nicer neighborhood.  Lifestyle upgrade is a a term I coined to represent anything that improves your quality of life experience.

    We desire and deserve lifestyle upgrades, however, to enjoy those the debt-free wealth way, is the better way to go.  The debt-free wealth way as I teach it, delayed gratification is simply a strategy NOT a lifestyle!  When delayed gratification is no longer your general way of living, but simply a short term srategy to your lifestyle upgrade, life gets more interesting.  Let me show you how to have the lifestyle upgrades you desire and deserve, the debt-free wealth way.

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    What Is The New Lifestyle?

    in Christianity

    Tune In On Thursday, September 12th as we discuss What Is The New Lifestyle!

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    Get Moxie, The Lifestyle Talk Show

    in Motivation

    Discussing topics of Personal Growth, Initmacy, Relationships, Spirituality, Wellness, & Sexuality that will enhance your overall sense of self & relationships causing you to live your best life NOW!