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    Victims Speak Out !

    in Self Help

    My guest Sunday Sept.22, @6:30pm est. is; Tammie (Survivor Healing) Tammie is going to share her testimony. Tammie was a victim of sexual abuse from her father also psychical and mental. She also was in a relationship with an alcoholic who al abused her.  Her Facebook page is;  Survivor Healing.
    She is an advocate for Domestic Violence.  She wants others to know you can heal and share your experience to help other victims to be come survivors.

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    Victims of Bullying

    in Religion

    My Guest is Tiffani Shaun K Palmer. Miss Palmer is the founder of S.T.E.P Resources, a non-profit organization for young women ages 14-25, who have been victims of bullying, teen pregnancy, rape, abuse and low self esteem. Their goal is to reach and counsel as many young women as she can and spread Christ and his love to them. To help them become independent, strong, to help them find housing, provide food church and job placement. We are looking to help over 2,000 young ladies by the middle of next year.

    Victims of bullying include girls and boys of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. But some children are more likely than others to be victimized because they appear small, weak, insecure, sensitive, or “different” from their peers.  

    Some children can reduce their risk of being bullied by dressing or acting in ways that make it easier for them to “fit in.” Yet children should not be expected to conform to avoid the threat of bullying. Every child’s individuality should be appreciated for the value it brings to the group, rather than suppressed to reduce the risk of victimization. Furthermore, not all children are able to alter personal characteristics that may place them at increased risk.

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    Victims of Video Beatdowns

    in Current Events

    Today's show reflects on videos via you tube, world star hip hop and other social media sights, where videos of young people throwing beat downs. What should the victims do in this situation? What should the parents of the victims do? Would you get the cops involved? Tune in...

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    Suicide Victims of the Roman Catholic Church

    in Religion

    This episode is dedicated to all the victims of Roman Catholic abuse, whose pain was too much for them and they committed suicide.

    I wrote a letter to the editor in response to Pope Francis asking priest abuse victims to forgive him and the church for our abuses. This is a part of that response:

    "How can Paul Anthony Carson, whom upon seeing the priest whom raped him walking down the street and then going home and hanging himself, being found by his parents, forgive him?

    How can Emma Foster, whom was raped by Father Kevin O'Donnell, while at a primary school whom committed suicide because of it, forgive him?

    How can Daniel Neill, whom committed suicide because of his rapist priest, Joseph Gallagher, forgive him?

    How can the 30 boys raped at the St Alipius primary school, whom committed suicide forgive him for their rapes?

    There are about a thousand or more victims of these evil crimes who committed suicide. Tonight, we honor their memory and call to task the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, all of the Cardinals, Bishops and Archbishops, priests, nuns and parishioners, who have ignored this evil and to correct it immediately.

    These brothers and sisters of ours...deserve no less.

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    Lurleen Hilliard- No longer Victims

    in Self Help

    Devoted and Dedicated to Making a difference to the lives of victims of all abuse is my sole aim & ambition in life.I will not Stay Quiet or be Intimidated,or Bullied. As a former victim & now an Advocate of Domestic, Physical, Sexual Abuse,I know only too well the pain & hurt that abuse causes,& if I can help one person whether a Man, Woman or Child to escape that life, then that is what I will do. Domestic Abuse & Child Abuse is directly connected to Human Trafficking & it is such a huge part of life today,& yet so many remain ignorant to the real facts about it. So many young children that are victims of some form of Child Abuse,simply run away in order to escape their pain & trauma,only to be targeted by these Predators the Traffickers.This infuriates me as most of these children could be saved,could be helped & supported if more people cared.I am extremely vocal on Human Trafficking as with the USA now tied in First Place with Mexico for Child Abuse & Trafficking, we need to do something & Fast.To have a country like the US voted the worst out of the top 29 most Industrialized Countries in the World for Child Abuse,Child Deaths & Trafficking to me,simply show's that action needs to be taken now. I am determined to make change happen,I have been told by a very well respected Advocate for Human Trafficking & Abuse Advocate that I have the Heart & Determination of a Lion & am Fearless.Having lived a life of abuse,for far too many years in secret I am no longer afraid of anybody.Published Author with my own Autobiography Survivors Not Statistics, My own life story of my life of abuse, and how it made me a victim for so many years, then been saved by the people of Alaska, and becoming a Survivor and then the Advocate that I am today.

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    Male victims of Domestic Violence and Can a Woman Provoke Abuse

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    Believe or not men can be victims of domestic abuse. Why don't we know more about this? Because most men don't report the abuse because they are afraid that their reputation may be at stake. They also don't want to be viewed as weak. 

    She asked for it...right? She got in his face waving her finger. He had to hit her...right? She pushed him, isn't that cause for him to strike back. Does a man ever have a right to defend himself? 

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    Victims Speak Out !

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    My guest Sunday Sept.29, @6:30pm est is; Debra Vadala. Debra   is a C.F.T. P.T.A. as well as an experienced radio host who started broadcasting in 2008.  She was featured for more than a year on WBZT 1230 THE TALK STATION on ClearChannel Radio.   Her mission is to help people improve all aspects of their lives, beginning with their health and wellness, but also building their spirituality, optimism and body image

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The True Victims Of Torture

    in Politics Conservative

    Elizabeth Warren is the face of the modern Democrats, and Hillary Clinton is their Mitt Romney; All the ways in which the public sides with conservatives, if only Republicans could bring themselves to believe it; The total, utter failure of Man Haron Monis, and why he deserved every bit of it; Democrats, supposedly "shocked" by the CIA’s tactics, dishonor the people who died on 9/11; and never big on law and order, hard-left insurrectionists target innocent bridges and tunnels.

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    Stephanie Kenyon of Broken 2Heal Abuse Victims Advocay tk46

    in Finance

    Mrs Stephanie Kenion Founder of Broken 2 Heal Victims of Abuse Advocacy  /Motivational Speaker/Life coach shares her journey 7& thoughts of empowerement/enlightment/enrichment with our

     Show Host 

    Bobby Daryl McGirt the  first born of his parents children on 4th of July 1971 and now through overcoming so many  of lifes challenges 

    has now become  National Spokesperson for the Human Rights Movement of Los Angeles California on Equality for the Human Race
    BlogTalkRadio.com/THEMCGIRT Talk Show Host & Motivational Speaker
    U.S.Patented Inventor & Patent issued by the U.S. Patent/Trademark office
    Former New & Used Car Dealer & Salesman
    Executive Director of International Outreach Program/CRES Services
    *Be Empowered Enriched Enlightened by Selecting Bobby Daryl McGirt as your next event speaker * Contact Tony MCNEIL at Carbuddycorp@ureach.com for Event Speaking/Appearances

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    Domestic Violence: Helping Victims and Stopping the Shame

    in Lifestyle

    Domestic violence impacts everyone. Join host, Sabrina, as she talks about the shame and humilation the domestic violence victims feel. Men can be victims of domestic violence and many times the crimes are unreported. (516) 453-9383


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    Victims Speak Out !

    in Self Help

    My guest Sunday Nov. 24, 2013@ 6:30pm est; is Tony Attanasio. Tony is the author of 2 books A Silent Star and Kenny O co-author( Howard Hellman.)

    Sergeant Tony Attanasio, Organized Crime Control Bureau, NYPD, was seriously injured in a line-of-duty incident that ended his career with that famous law enforcement agency. He subsequently served ten years with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), where he served as an Intelligence specialist. During his tenure he served in Miami, Europe and New York City. Both in Miami, Florida, and Europe, he served as liaison with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and traveled to CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, where Tony presented a course on International Organized Crime.

    Until recently, He supervised a Drug/Money-Laundering unit for a US Government entity

    Tony has an MS in Criminal Justice and he is currently teaching courses that focus on Terrorism investigations, Security Threat Groups, Sex Crimes Investigations Human Trafficking Investigations, Police Investigative Management, Organized crime and Forensic accounting at a major southeastern college. He received an award personally from the Governor of the Mariana Island for the training of his investigative unit on the island of Saipan.

    His Introduction to Terrorism Investigations and Intelligence Collection course had been accepted by St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, where he has taught this course on two occasions thus far

    He served as an advisor to Mr. Robert De Niro relative to the film RONAN

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