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    Herbal Heart: How nature is the magic and the medicine

    in Relationships

    Charles Revealed is a visionary and fun loving entrepreneur, herbalist, chef, poet, teacher, community leader living in Nashville, TN who enjoys inviting sweet, sensual moments of heart-opening joy to land in the divinity of now. His company Merkaba Medicinals serves as an energetic container from which Charles can share his gifts of Dreamscaping, sensual ceremonial living, deep herbal love, intuitive consulting, energy healing, poetry, and presence. Consistently expressing playful blessings, living with integrity, holding a deep reverence for life, and embodying respect for all beings are a few things this wily wizard sees as key. When he’s not at home, you can find him in the forest or out somewhere laughing and stirring up a good time while advancing regenerative community growth and living in pleasure. Let’s dance and sing and plant more, dear ones!

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    Healing for Traumatized Hearts

    in Relationships

    Charlene Kay Fouts, founder of Healing Acres Never Again (HANA) is today's guest.
    Fouts, who was the victim of abuse after abuse is certainly not a victim today.  In fact, she is a flourishing and forceful advocate, assisting victims and others who have been involved in various painful experiences, to rise above the experience and thrive. 
    While HANA addresses various types of trauma, the organization focuses on recovery for people who have experienced incest, domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, and abortion. All too often, these traumas, and others, are left unchecked and lie dormant until a circumstance in life draws them out, usually in the form of nightmares, addictions, or unhealthy patterns.    In Fouts’ own words, “There’s not one of us that does not have hurts and pains that are sometimes bigger than us.  We try to ignore it or excuse that it really isn’t that bad, but the pain is there, even if we don’t understand it.”
    "The storms we experience in life either build or break us. They ultimately forge our character, build our inner strength, and create our foundation in life, as well as our faith in God."
    Charlene can be reached at (813) 577-2747 or

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    Should our REPARATIONS be paid in Cash or Property? Legacy of a Nation.

    in Relationships

    Should our payment be in the form of Timber, Coal, Oil, Farmland, gold, land? Something else of lasting value?

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    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

    in Relationships

    "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!"
    Join Host Shelly L. Brooks in The Red Room on Tuesday, September 8th at 8:00 p.m. EST to share your opinion on this week's topic. Call in live at 516-418-5953.
    Also, we'll have a new Scarlet Envelope letter emailed from a listener who really needs our help! We'll see you in The Red Room!

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    Combat Sleeping, NEW!

    in Relationships

    TOPIC:  Combat Sleeping.  During WWII, the U.S. military realized that if fighter pilots didn't get sufficient sleep, they would make poor decisions on the job, which could have fatal consequences. To improve combat readiness and effectiveness, helping these pilots get good sleep became a priority.  They brought someone who taught them to fall asleep in 120 seconds.  Yesterday, I couldn’t fall sleep for hours.  I figured I would give this a try.  Let’s find out how you can sleep this fast.   Listen On-Demand: Buy Book MasteringWomen: Fb: IG:  lindagrossspeaks Coaching: Amazon Link.  Start with this link to help support my show.  No cost to you.  No book purchase required. Subscribe and Call in!  323.642.1677  

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    Back to School: Don't Opt Out of Your Parental Rights:

    in Relationships

    At the start of each school year, parents have piles of forms to complete, full of legal agreements and personal information.  While they can be daunting to understand, we don’t have to just tick “I agree” without reading, like most do with internet terms of service and the like.  In one experiment an internet company had hundreds or thousands of people agree to sell their souls to the devil, before one or two actually read their terms of service.  While our school systems aren’t “the devil,” we need to be a little more aware of what we agree to on our children’s behalf. We don’t have to abdicate our right to monitor and participate in the development of our child’s values and emotional wellbeing.