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  • Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Shoes™ with Andrea Kao

    in Goals

    When you set your goals, how aware are you of HOW you will show up to put the work in to getting there?
    Tune in to hear Andrea Kao, owner of Run to 1 Coaching as she helps you Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Shoes™ and on your way to reaching your goals with ease and confidence.
    Andrea Kao is an energetic, motivating and fun seeking certified professional life coach.  She started Run to 1 Coaching to engage her passion to help people realize that they are greater than they know they are by clearing the emotional and mental hurdles to confidently achieve their health and fitness goals. She relates to how learning a physical activity later in life is quite different than being a person who grew up physically active in sports. The mindset is different but that doesn’t mean you can’t, it just means you have a different path! 

  • Psychics Gone Wild Thursday Dena Flanagan, Jethro Smith & Mystic Haven

    in Spirituality

    Dena Flanagan, Jethro Smith and Mystic Haven host Thursdays at 9pm EST Free Psychic Readings! View www.psychicsgonewild.com !
    Dena  Flanagan - Certified Psychic Medium was born with the gift and has been reading professionally for 25 yrs. Dena's gift envelops the past, present and future, healing at a soul level, enjoining wisdom from past lives and profound healing at many levels. Dena has all senses open. denaflanaganpsychicmedium.com
    Jethro Smith, extraordinarily gifted, part Native American Indian, has been reading professionally for over 30 yrs. He was intensely tested and trained by metaphysical masters beginning preschool and began foreseeing the future in kindergarten. www.jethrosmith.net
    Mystic Haven, natural-born psychic/medium relays messages from loved ones. She has over 35 yrs of experience in all areas of Magick and religions including Earth religions, holistic healing and herbology. Spirit_of_Light_Readings@hotmail.com

  • Celebrity Thursday

    in Entertainment

    Check your watch, no doubt its time! It's Celebrity Thursday on the D-Hour Radio network and on this show as always we will be bringing you all the hits from new, amateur, unknown, and up and coming (R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Neo-Soul) artists! Tune in for the Do's and Don'ts segment, The Fab Fabulous News, and the Old School Double play! We will be also giving you the latest sports updates, music news, celebrity gossip, and much more. We will be giving you all of this at the top of D-Hour!!! So stay tuned and keep your ears locked!!

  • 00:29

    How We Manage Dogs And Cats Through The Grey Area Of Life

    in Pets

    Dr. Roger talks about dogs and cats in the late stages of life where there is no confirmed severe systemic disease, yet age related breakdown of the body has compromised quality of life.  Learn how best to judge your pet's quality of life in order to make the most humane decisions on his behalf.  Please e-mail questions, comments, or concerns for Dr. Roger discuss on the air to comments@web-dvm.net

  • The Glenn Miller propaganda recordings The Wehrmacht Hour / 1944

    in Music

    In April of 1944, General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Psychological Warfare Division began transmitting multilingual radio programs from the American Broadcast Station in Europe (ABSIE). Between October 30 and November 20 of that year, Major Glenn Miller and the American Band of the Allied Expeditionary Forces occupied what are now known as the Abbey Road Studios in Westminster at the heart of London's West End, and recorded enough material for six complete programs specifically aimed at German-speaking audiences. This is the Glenn Miller Orchestra at their very finest, recorded under optimum conditions (the sound quality is superb) and performing a perfectly balanced blend of swinging dance tunes and lush mood music, sometimes sweetened by a string section. What makes this portion of the Miller legacy so unique is the German announcer Ilse Weinberger, Miller's own diligent attempts to convey greetings (and propaganda) in German, and vocals by Irene Manning and crooner Johnny Desmond, smoothly enunciated in German as well. 

  • Imperfect Pancreas

    in Health

    Dayle Kern has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2001. She is a medical writer, public relations manager and "professional eyeball geek" with the American Academy of Ophthalmology in San Francisco. Prior to working with the Academy, she worked for the United Nations Foundation and the American Diabetes Association. She holds a Masters in sustainable development and often writes about her own experience as someone living with type 1 diabetes at imperfectpancreas.com. Dayle enjoys culinary adventures, but hates cilantro and loves dogs, but owns cats. 

  • FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRIME TIME: With George Sinzer, Citizen Journalist

    in News

    FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRIME TIME is a production of FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS, any retransmission and/or transcript either in whole or in part with out the express written permission of FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS and it's owner is expressly forbidden.
    ©2014 FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS. All rights reserved.

  • Passion, Truth and Revelations

    in Romance

    "Passion Truths & Revelations" was birthed with the hope of encouraging men to ask questions and learn new things a could make them better men in their relationships. This show is not about right & wrong answers, it's simply a tool to help, encourage men to be more romantic while being fun & friendly Ju's Easha will captivate you & your curiosity.

  • One Heart Song Global Prayer Network

    in Self Help

    One Heart Song was founded by Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha 55 years ago, when in her travels around the world she found that the many spiritually conscious people she met, had through natural intuition been dedicating time and the power of thought to global peace within a few hours of each other. Grandmother focused that intent and energy into a synergistic wave web that moves through the time zones knitting together the new mind of the earth.
    At 7:30 PM Thursdays groups and individuals in the Global Prayer Network focus and send energy for the healing of the world. In this time of collective focus we hold the ideal of humanity in our minds. We collectively change consciousness that through the emanation on every cell in matter, even the Earth herself, we become a galactic effect. In this moment, we become and accept total awareness of our origin in Divinity – this empowers all energy, all life, all humanity. We become “God is.” We experience the “I am that I am.”
    Today, One Heart Song Global Prayer Network has a range of influence of over Five Hundred Million People. 
    We invite you to join this Spiritual Consciousness Family in these moments and let us include our appreciation for the millions of communities and keepers who have led and maintained the purity of such an act and acknowledgement of humanity’s divinity.
    Email your Prayer Requests or comments to us at:
    Please visit our FaceBook page:
    Find us onTwitter:  @1heartsong

  • Battle Rap and Freestyle Thrusday

    in Environment

    If you can Freestyle, this is your time to shine on Blasturthoughts Radio Show. Don't forget to listen to the "Blasturthoughts Radio Show" Tonight at 8:00p.m CST, please call (323) 693-3021 and let everybody know about your talent (Independent Artists, Models, Djs, Producers, Bloggers, Writers, Promoters.etc). If you can't call in to the show, please listen online:: click here.
    If you would like to participate in the Battle Rap session on "Blasturthoughts Radio Show" please be online before 8:30pm CST tonight or send me an email at blasturmusic@gmail.com before the show.

  • Sax Therapy for your Mind, Body & Soul

    in Music

    This show  features the original music of Chicago's own street performer and Sax Therapist Traysee J Leonard & friends. Most of the music is original and the artists are mostly independant. This year I am featuring original music from my cd The eyeProject. The music was composed and performed primarily on the iPhone & iPad, hence the title eyeProject! New to home studio recording and with minimal equipment,  I am doing what I love! I look forward to going to the next level in my music career and ministry! Formerly an addict for over thirty years with over three years crack free, I now have a clear head and choose to use the gifts God has given me to help the world smile!!!. So check out the show and hear the original music of William Green, Dana Divine, Masque, Cynthia Jones, Vanessa Holmes, Moni Rashad, Michael Haynes, Sam Williams, Fred Caldwell & RFCA, Jessica Anderson, Kim Hinton, Salt of the Earth, Sharon Pulliam, Brandon Avery Smith, daVonya Holmes, Sam Williams, Jenipher Jones-Tate, Lisa Deveaux and more! This is where you can lay your burdens down and get in a session of Sax Therapy with me Traysee J Leonard the Sax Therapist!!! Your station for smooth jazz & inspiration!!!

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