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    Stress Tested

    in Christianity

    We become steadfast Christians, able to endure and overcome, through the power of Jesus Christ. Job stress has become such a universal problem that many medical professionals now classify it as an occupationally related disease, precipitating numerous other serious problems such as ulcers, depression, and even suicide.

    Over time, you truly will find His strength, wisdom, and presence sufficient for the fray. Your stress will become a catalyst for spiritual stability instead of an agent of destruction and despair. The pressure will reinforce your faith, not weaken it. We became steadfast Christians, able to endure and overcome through the power of Jesus Christ.

    Psalm 55:22 "Cast your burden on the LORD, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved" 

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    Prayer: Against Stress

    in Christianity

    Stress causes weakness in the body and reduces the trust that one has for our Heavenly Father Yahweh. On today I will be praying against the stress in your life. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Zap Zap Zap Zappez le Stress!

    in Self Help

    Avez-vous vu le film 'Mais Comment Fait les Femmes?' avec Sarah Jessica-Parker? (voici la bande d'annonce: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPh8OeFiu8U&feature=player_embedded)
    C'est l'histoire d'une femme/ epouse/ maman/ copine/ femme d'affaires / voisine etc etc ! qui multi-task du matin au soir et n'arrive pas à s'endormir tellement elle est préoccupé par sa liste de choses à faire. 

    Et s'il est possible de changer ceci et de ne pas vivre avec le stress en permenance?  Si l'on le souhaite?! C'est un grand sujet ...mais dans ce show radio on abordera quelque astuces qui peuvent commencer à éliminer le stress du quotidien! 

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    in Goals

    When do we feel stress?  What is stress?  How do we decide how to respond to stress?
    Join us for another exciting episode of Discussion with Delia

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    Stress the Main Source of Disease

    in Health


    Stress is the main source of disease!

    Stress comes in 3 forms: Physical, Chemical, and Emotional, all 3 sources have the same responce in your body!

    Learn how to recognize the intellegent body responces to all 3 stressors and how those responces are misdiagnosed has diseases!

    Learn how to use stress to build and heal your body and mind!

    Don't miss this life saving show!!

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    Managing Caregiver Stress

    in Health

    Joyce talks with Eve (not her real name) about her experience as a caregiver through her husband’s chronic illness and death. She then talks with Dr. Sheryle Baker about Eve’s experience, and about the changes that occur in the dynamics between the patient and the caregiver, and how we can all help the caregiver survive. This is a one hour show.

    About Our Guests

    Eve (not her real name) is the widow of a man who had von Hippel-Lindau disease, and a series of brain and kidney tumors that led him to a course of dialysis and eventually to his death. Eve graciously shares the pain of her experience so that we can learn from her experience.

    Sheryle Baker, M.A., LMHC., is Executive Director of Life Center of Tampa, Florida, a non-profit agency that provides counseling for victims of violent crime, and people who have lost loved ones, through chronic illness or sudden death. She a psychotherapist specializing in bereavement and traumatic loss and incident.

    About Caregiver Stress

    It is important to manage caregiver stress while you are going through the experience. If the patient is willing to negotiate the changes in roles and responsibilities that occur, that can help. Others around the caregiver can provide important support and outlets for stress.

    For both the patient and the caregiver, there are a series of losses, culminating in the death of the loved one. Each of these losses must be grieved, and the grief worked through, or the stress turns outward (as anger) or inward (as bitterness and even illness).

    Often when we are in a traumatic incident we muddle on through and seem to be doing fine. After the peak of the stress has passed, however, we crash. This “post-traumatic stress” can be devastating, and requires work to get through it.

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    Mananging Seasonal Stress

    in Health

    From crowded malls to tense family get-togethers, the most wonderful time of the year can sometimes be stressful. Plan to attend this month’s tele-lunch & learn to discover tools and techniques for managing the stress of the Christmas season.

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    Stress Management With Shereka Intro

    in Self Help

    Welcome to my introductory show!!! While listening you will learn more about me and what to expect from my weekly show.
    Peace & Blessings,

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    Kids & Stress: Standardized Testing

    in Self Help

    My special guest will discuss how to prepare young children for standardized testing. Mr. Dunston has been teaching in grades 3 through 5 for almost 8 years.

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    Réduire le Stress Liée à l'Argent

    in Self Help

    Viviez-vous avec du stress au sujet de l'argent? Aimeriez-vous le changer? Et si nous vivons dans un univers abondant et que le problême avec l'argent sont Nos points de vues, et non pas un manque d'argent dans le monde?
    Nous allons aborder des astuces pragmatiques et simple dans ce show qui permettron de changer cela, si vous le souhaitez. . . 

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    in Family

    Tonight we are going to explore stress and education. How stressed are you about your child's education? How much stress is your child's school adding to your life? How stressed is your child when it comes to their education? How much stress is  school adding to your child's life? How much do all of the suppose to do's in education add to your family's stress level?

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