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    Interview with international recording artist Donnell London

    in Goals

    Donnell London teamed up with European producer Renalds Trakims and created the hit single “Aint Havin It”  “The song "Ain't Havin It" is based on past experiences I went through in a relationship. It is also mixed with the experiences of some friends of mine that went through a similar issue in their relationship. It's that endless cycle of a good person being hurt by a bad person. Of course once that good person starts doing well for themselves the bad person realizes they messed up and wants to fix what they have broken, but by this time it's too late. This track was created by European producer Renalds Trakims. The beat really caught my attention when I heard it because it was like no other beat I had ever written to. I immediately knew from hearing it one time that it had potential to become a good  song.”says Donnell. The song has a real edgy pop feel to it. When you hear it, you will instantly have the words “What you mean?” stuck in your head.  Donnell London is a humble individual who is business minded, multi-talented, caring father that is considered to be a ladies man. He’s always had a passion for art.

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    Family Values with Kristin Michelle "Halftime Jump Start"

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    Entrepreneurship is on the rise. Whether you are a full-time, part-time or aspiring entrepreneur, you want people to know your business exists, right? Right. So join us for this power-packed show that will make the second half of 2016 way better than your first half in business.
    Tiffany Bethea is a minister of the gospel and marketing and branding expert with an infectious passion for growth and vitality. In the past 10 years plus she has worked with everyone from mega-ministries, startup companies, authors, speakers, non-profits, and for profit organizations. It is her joy to connect with entrepreneurs and business leaders whose mission is tied to serving the world and helping to impact lives. 
    If you desire more sales, more customers, more event attendees or more revenue for your business, you want to tune in!

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    Avril Somerville - Are You Still Living YOUR Journey of Life on Purpose?

    in Motivation

    Join us this evening for a candid conversation with  Avril Somerville as she revisits this theme shared a year ago; A Journey of Life on Purpose - with a twist! Writer, essayist, and poet Avril Somerville was born in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Her family migrated to Brooklyn, New York when she was just ten years old. She attended the public schools of Brooklyn, the South Bronx, and Harlem in New York City. Somerville is a first-generation college graduate of Swarthmore College and obtained her Master of Business Administration from PSU Smeal College.
    She is a writer and teacher who speaks quite capably on matters that transcend religion, class, race, and gender, and is especially vocal on writing as a tool for personal transformation.  Avril Somerville writes about creativity, love, womanhood, community, race, and identity through personal essays and poetry. Her writing is intelligent, yet accessible and fluid. In A Journey Of Life On Purpose, Somerville offers inspiration and insight on matters of purpose, creativity, meaning, empathy, transparency, and authenticity beyond the traditional worlds of work and career. She maintains that regardless of what we call ourselves, we all have gifts to bring that should leave the world better than how we found it when we came.
    Avril lives with her family in a quiet suburb bordering the City of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.
    Join us and be EMPOWERED by the thoughts and words from an amazing Kingdom Ambassador, Avril Somerville!

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    Constance Arnold - Success - It's Not About You - Gary D. Hines

    in Self Help

    Gary D. Hines is the Founder, Director and Producer of Sounds of Blackness -Music that inspires and brings people together. He is a 3-time grammy winner and for the past 40 years he has recorded, performed, toured, written for and appeared with: Prince, Stevie Wonder, Quincey Jones, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Sting just to name a few. He will share how to deal with rejection in business, the 4 P's of success and how to maintain your vision during tough times. He will also share about his new release - ROYALTY.

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    Independence Day- Embracing Freedom

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    Todays show "Independence Day- Embracing Freedom"  will speak about being liberated in your single life. Listeners will learn how to embrace freedom in a world of expectations.
    This show is a three part series (Loving the Single Me) that tackles issues of the heart and provides strategies for singles to unleash love into the world.
    Applying all of our core elements listeners will be called to act by putting on joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control in their own personal lives and become love unleashed into the world. 

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    Sgt. Will Williams & Bam Rubenstein talk 4th and Shannon Rae talks music

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    Independence Day Weekend Special: Veterans, First Sergeant Will Williams & Bam Rubenstein; Musician, Shanon Rae
    Join us live on Sunday, July 3, for an Independence Day Weekend Special.
    Joining us from Round Rock, TX, Veteran First Sergeant Will Williams, a friend of the program and the winner of multiple awards for his service in the community (in addition to his multiple medals during his military service), joins us to talk about the July 4th Parade and many of the ways YOU can get involved in helping the community.
    Also, Veteran Bam Rubenstein will talk about the Jewish War Veterans.  The Jewish War Veterans was established over 100 years ago and Bam will fill us in on it's history, as well as what's happening with the Austin Post.
    Plus, musician, Shanon Rae, joins us from California and we'll be playing some of her original music from a new CD she just released.
    And MORE!

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    EPS 36: Expect the Unexpected: bringing peace, healing and hope... RB

    in Motivation

    Bill Philipps is the author of Expect the Unexpected and is known for being one of the world’s youngest psychic mediums. He has appeared on the Dr. Phil show and has helped countless individuals deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information and beautiful messages which heal and bring a sense of peace. Visit him online at http://www.billphilipps.com/.  
    Create, Track and Manifest your passions... one intention at a time at unitedintentions.org
    If you want to be a guest on the show.. please email Jennifer at jennifer.kramer@unitedintentions.org

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    If you own, rent, or lease a legitimate, free-standing, detached private home or a moderately sized private residential estate in America, please, be assured that it is well worth the pause. In fact, it’s well worth the parking!
    The reason is that, as a legitimate private home decision maker in relation, on occasion, there are special home projects which you are going to need enlisting the support of contractors. But, there may be a few hidden gaps you may not be aware of. This could mean that you may make a hiring decision with all good intents, but the situation can turn out nothing like you planned.
    The episodes of this show are strictly geared towards exposing faulty approaches which to you may appear “proper” or “civil” by virtue of how frequently they have been practiced. However, through the revealing episodes of this show to see these practices and their potential evils for what they truly are!
    Please, do not miss this conclusion of this very candid 3-Part series! Pass the word!
    Attention: Here is a bit of encouraging info about the host of this controversial show:
    *Special note: This show, unlike most BTR shows, isn’t normally of a call-in nature. However, if there’s something you’d like to share or something you’d like for me to address on this show, please, feel completely free to email: ministryofthehome@gmail.com  or to write me at:
    R.B. Roberts 609 SW 150th St – Unit 66144 - Burien, WA 98166 
    Please, remember that this ministry is premised on serving you.  Challenges?  E-mail!
    Prepared & Published by R.B. Roberts in association with HGRBS 

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    Ignite the Fire of Your Confident with Sharon AsktheCoach Parker

    in Motivation

    Join the I Am Confident Community with Sharon AsktheCoach Parker Weekly on Ignite the Fire of Your Confidence! 
    I recently discovered something about myself and my situation “I AM CONFIDENT!”  After years of praying, fasting, reading, working, going to seminars, workshops, conferences seeing doctors, lawyers, therapists, psychiatrist I finally got it “I AM CONFIDENT!” Confident in what? ME!  Confident is who? ME!  Confident in when? NOW! I AM CONFIDENT seminars and workshops serious is a built in self-method of overcoming, walking through and making it to the other side to reach the goal: ME, I AM CONFIDENT! 

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    Spiritual law of Healing~~Shekinah's blessing!

    in Self Help

    a self-help and spirituality resource focusing on healing & health from indigenous and mystical traditions.  Diva Brenda Kelly will guide us in yearly, monthly & daily Feng Shui for yourself & home--including Flying Stars, 24 mountain stars & elemental luck of Earth, Heaven and the Human Being. Pathfinder (Canku Woksape) will share spiritual healing technologies of holistic, indigenous and mystical sources--including Reiki, Universal & Spiritual Laws, the Seven Arrows, ethnomedicine & shamanism, spiritual interpreting & relationship with the Mystic, Real World. Find out more about us:  http://www.pathfinder1111.moonfruit.com/# and like our Aloha Healers Network community facebook page!  Mahalo

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