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    Get your red-hot neuroscience (and consciousness) advice right here!

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    It's back! BEabove Leadership's semi-annual neuroscience, consciousness and coaching advice show. Bring us your biggest challenges and we'll see if we have any helpful advice, based on what we understand about the brain. Open to coaches, leaders and curious people in general. Call in with questions or send them in advance to ann@beaboveleadership.com. 

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    An executive order that awakened the "OTHER" minorities in this country!

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    Link to the Executive Order on the Travel ban and Muslim ban of 7 majority Muslim based countries.
    We will discuss the ramifications of it all.

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    How #Kindness Can Achieve Riches For You with Bernadette Boas

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    Today is all about #Kindness on today's show, and how it can help you achieve riches in your career, business and life. 
    Bernadette Boas is known as a ‘ball of fire’ coach, consultant, change agent and author, who inspires, motivates and equips women with the mindset and skill set needed to achieve success and prosperity in their life and business.
    Listen weekly on Shedding the Bitch.com or iTunes.

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    "Can We Handle The Truth"

    in Motivation

    I know we've heard that famous line from that awesome actor, Jack Nicholson- "You can't handle the truth!" That line is so powerful. Truth is something we say we want but many times don't want to face. In this new podcast episode we talk about why we deny truth, what happens when we deny truth and ways to live in truth. Enjoy the new inspiration and don't forget to share with others!
    Facebook: Liv Beyond with Dino and Nikei Salas
    **Sponsored by Dino's Dent Deception www.dinosdentrepair.com 
    **Sponsored by Nikei S Salas Holistic Coaching www.nssholisticlifecoaching.com

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    ~SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO~ with special guest Light Language Healer Bryan Rawls

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    This week we have Light Language Speaker/Healer Witch, and Psychic Medium Bryan Rawls-Dolzer joining us on ~SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO~ to take your calls. He will be helping you with any Psychic question you have or to get you a message from his guides to help you clear any blocks or struggles you are having! 
    Call in early as the show lines always fill up quickly! CALL IN # IS 713-955-0562
    Tune in/call in This THURSDAY FEB 16TH at 7pm pst/10pm est 
    Please share to help others!
    FB link to the show is www.facebook.com/groups/answersbyspirit
    Tahsha Renee is your host. She is a Motivational Speaker/Healer and Psychic and can be found by going to https://www.facebook.com/tahsharenee/ or emailing her at beyourownhero@tahsharenee.com 

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    Body Positivity: Fat love, sex and relationships with Substantia Jones

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    This week, Rock and Spectre are joined by Substantia Jones, founder of The Adipositivity Project, to talk about fat love, sex and relationships, body acceptance, the spirals of weight loss and weight gain and the multi-billion dollar industries they support, feminism and f**kyouism!
    Some more about Adipositivity and our guest:
    The Adipositivity Project aims to promote the acceptance of benign human size variation and encourage discussion of body politics, not by listing the merits of big people, or detailing examples of excellence (these things are easily seen all around us), but rather through a visual display of fat physicality. The sort that's normally unseen. The hope is to broaden definitions of physical beauty. Literally.
    Substantia Jones is the founder of and photographer for the photo-activism campaign, The Adipositivity Project, and runs both FatPeopleFlippingYouOff.com and UppityFatty.com. She has spoken about body politics on NPR, Sirius/XM, and The Pacifica Radio Network, as well as on radio stations in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. She's also the producer and host of the four-part radio series PolitiSIZE on WBAI-FM in New York City. She’s contributed to books by Random House, Seal Press, Ten Speed Press, and Vignette, and lectures internationally at colleges and universities.

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    The Manna Principle Your Keys to a More Abundant Life

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    This week we will be listening to Coach DeCarlo A. Eskridge who will be discussing “The Manna Principle Your Keys to a More Abundant Life.”  Coach DeCarlo is a business owner, life-coach/trainer, host of an Internet Radio Talk show “Live Your Greatness,” motivational speaker, certified  hypnotherapist, certified N.L.P. practitioner, author, and ordained minister. DeCarlo is very proud to have authored and published several books through his company NU DAE Enterprises where he serves as President and CEO.
    A prolific teacher and encourager, Coach DeCarlo reads over 50 books a year, and listens to countless hours of audio programs.  He is a certified success coach through Franklin Covey, a certified Bill Gove speaker who has earned advanced honors at Toastmasters International, and an ordained minister with over 30 years of biblical study and training.
    Coach DeCarlo has been imbued with an inexhaustible, unyielding, and unrelenting thirst and hunger for knowledge.  His mission is to travel the globe teaching, empowering, inspiring, and transforming the lives of others with the truths he has   discovered in order that every person recognizes who he or she is, what he or she can accomplish, and that they live it!
    Coach DeCarlo is married with two stepsons. His lovely wife Amanda, Executive Vice President and Public Relations Manager of NU DAE Enterprises, works collaboratively with him as a licensed counselor, spiritual life-coach/ trainer, motivational speaker and co-author. www.decarloeskridge.com

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    TREATMENT and RECOVERY: Emotional Fitness

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    Show Topic:  Emotional health is one of the most important tenets of a successful recovery. We spend 90% of our treatment experience focusing on identifying, exploring, analyzing, examining, issues that we then need to learn to emotionally cope with, live with, accept, and if possible resolve in a manner where moving forward, the issues no longer impact our daily lives, decision making, or behavior. Let's go over ten steps to emotional fitness.
    Show Segments:  Recap / News / Sports,  Show Topic, Recovery Support Tim

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    Create Your Life with Tasha Chen: Are You Addicted to Your Story?

    in Self Help

    Are you Addicted to the story you tell yourself about your life or your circumstances?
    And more importantly how does that story keep you trapped in re-creating more of the same (all the things you don't want)? Join Tasha Chen on Tuesday, February 14 with special guests Greg Boudle and PJ Dixon and let's SET YOU FREE!
    Learn how to overcome the obstacles YOU create in life. What to do to get out of your head and into your heart How to live with EASE vs Obligation! The episode goes live at 8:30 AM Eastern. Listen by phone at (347) 945-7246.

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    Negative People in Your Life and How They Effect You and Your Success.

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    Negative People in Your Life?  How they impact you and your success. Estephan Montero and I will discuss the impact negative people can have on your success and things you can do to overcome those individuals.
    My guest today is an eight-year Veteran as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, Estephan Montero graduated from the State University at Farmingdale, NY with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2011. Intrigued with finance and investing from a young age, Estephan was always eager to help his friends and family with their investment questions and concerns. When he began his professional career, he was offered a position as a Stock Broker, where he excelled, but he did not feel personally connected with his clients. When he joined as a Financial Advisor, he knew his career path was chosen. Now guided by his Army core values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage, Estephan is afforded the ability and the resources to give each of his clients the time and attention needed to discover and achieve their financial goals.
    YPI P.E.A.K. "Radio over the E.D.G.E." will spotlight human resources, workforce preparation, and topics relating to management and leadership.  The show's core focus is on the recognition, understanding, and development of human potential.  Hosted by YPI Consultants founder and President, Joann Venezia.
    Contact YPI Consultants - 631-320-0217 / info@ypiconsultants.com / Send your comments to peak@ypiconsultants.com

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    The Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing

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    The Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing Through Bodywork and Movement empowers you to take charge of your own health and unlock the body’s ability to heal itself.
    Self-Healing is body-mind work. The Self-Healing Method combines massage, movement and breathing education, visualization and, for those who need it, vision improvement training. The development of kinesthetic awareness is fundamental to Self-Healing.
    The Self-Healing Method is comprehensive and integrated, combining movement education, therapeutic massage, self-massage, passive movement, gentle movement exercises, breathing, visualization, and vision training.
    Today Meir will be sharing wih us how his method works and about his upcoming classes. Check out his schedule of classes on www.self-healing.org.

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