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    Who is Dr Simone Ravicz? Interview by Jeffrey Miller

    in Self Help

    REPEAT BROADCAST: Get to know Dr Simone Ravicz and what to expect from Dr Simone Shows!
    Dr Simone Ravicz, The Business and Life Brain Coach joins with Her Co-Host, Jeffrey Miller, The Hypnotic Interventionist to discuss not only Her NEW SHOW on The I AM Network.
    Meet Dr Simone Ravicz, Platinum Partner http://www.theiamradiotvnetwork.com/platinum-partners/dr-simone-ravicz/
    Join us www.22s.com/interactive/theiamnetwork
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    CAPBuilder Talk w/Marc Parham - The Business of Educating Our Youth

    in Self Help

    Join me for this episode of CAPBuilder Talk where we will discuss The Business of Educating Our Youth. My guest will be Andrea Carter, Founder & Executive director, Mosaic Schools, Indiana and Artesius Miller, Founder & Executive Director, Utopian Academy for the Arts, Georgia.
    TOPIC:  The Business of Educating Our Youth
    Andrea Carter – Her Story Artesius Miller – His Story The State of Our Education System Today New Ways to Educate Our Youth What You Can Do To Help With Your Childs Education

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    How to be Irresistible?

    in Relationships

    How do you become Irresistible? Actually what is the term Irresistible? 
    Google Defines Irresistibility as being too attractive and tempting to be resisted. Another definition is to be too powerful or convincing to be resisted. Hmmm.... I wonder about this definition and how it relates to relationships or winning a great partner or that awesome job! Too powerful... Too Attractive...What is too much? What is too little? Actually, What is the right balance of irresistibility? 
    My guest Don Dodds from M16 Marketing which their Motto is Building Better Relationships will help us to get to the bottom of having the balance of being Irresistible. Plus, Guess what he is brining on his brothers to help the conversation to explode!
    I can't wait to interview and talk to these awesome men about being irresistible. I know you want to join the conversation! Whether you are single, newly married, in a committed or non committal relationship this conversation will be for you!
    Join us at 9pm EST tonight on BlogTalkRadio or Check us out on TIMNALIVE.COM
    Dial 347-989-0749 to get this conversation started!
    See You later!

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    power of perception thought leaders Marcia Bennett,

    in Motivation

    Marcia Bennett, a Millennial Thought Leader, challenges us to course correct in life as many times as you need. She reminds us that success is not a destination; but merely a journey. Through obstacles, challenges, and accomplishments, Marcia inspires us to take control of our thoughts and actions. She embodies the spirit of resiliency- demonstrating that the ultimate challenge we face is not succeeding, but rising to the top when it seems impossible. For her, achievement and excellence are only byproducts of belief.

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    Why Inclusive Compassion Is Essential To Healthy Relationships

    in Self Help

    Join Daniel along with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, as they dive into how defining compassion can increase the effectiveness and longevity of our relationships!
    As a relationship consultant, speaker and author, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor. provides urgent and ongoing care for individuals, couples, companies, and even the United States Marines. She works with the partners, exes, adult children, and co-workers of chronically difficult people. She calls them “Hijackals™” and defines them as “people who hijack relationships for their own purposes while relentless scavenging them for power, status, and control.
    Dr. Shaler offers the insights, strategies, and support you need to reclaim hope, confidence--and your sanity--when dealing with the constant uncertainty and jaw-dropping behaviors of Hijackals in your life, at home and at work.  She is the author of sixteen books, including the new ebook series, Escaping the Hijackal Trap: The Definitive Guide to Dealing with Difficult People.
    You can learn more and subscribe to her newsletter at www.ForRelationshipHelp.com  

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    RealitySpirituality Radio - Ask Rebecca Anything!

    in Self Help

    Topic: It's not your fault...you were PROGRAMMED for unhappiness!
    Rebecca L. Norrington is first and foremost a student of the Universe and ITs Laws. She is a “self-proclaimed” Happiness Specialist. Call in LIVE (646) 564-9619 to receive answers to your questions. In addition to answering questions you will learn how to:
    Experience more Peace and Contentment in Your Life Raise your Personal Vibration Change your Perspective Flow rather than Resist Empower Self Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, along with decades of education on topics from Spirituality to Human Behavior. Rebecca is also a Radio & TV Personality, Author, Speaker, Fitness Instructor and Reiki Practitioner.
    RealitySpirituality Radio focuses our moment by moment experience and how to add to your happiness - regardless of your circumstances. RealitySpirituality Radio is heard every Sunday at 7 AM (PST).
    Archived shows available to listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realityspirituality
    Email: info@rebeccanorrington.com

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    in Goals

    Great stop! This is especially so if you are someone who either owns, rents, or leases your private home here in the United States. Succinctly, this includes you in the number of private home decision makers in our part of the world. So, no doubt about it, if this applies to you, invariably you will benefit enormously just through tuning in. Thanks for being here.
    Off the bat, you are going to realize that we pull no punches in any of our episodes. That is to be expected when you land here. We are very assertive and aggressive about our approach to contract-related home maintenance and improvement projects. Quite a few things we incorporate are strategically designed to force and to enforce changes in faulty approaches to authorizing contract-related work. And, you are more than welcome to pull over for the duration! Hop on in! The weather is just fine!
    Attention: Here is a bit of encouraging info about the host of this controversial show:
    *Special note: This show, unlike most BTR shows, isn’t normally of a call-in nature. However, if there’s something you’d like to share or something you’d like for me to address on this show, please, feel completely free to email: ministryofthehome@gmail.com  or to write me at:
    R.B. Roberts 609 SW 150th St – Unit 66144 - Burien, WA 98166 
    Please, remember that this ministry is premised on serving you.  Challenges?  E-mail!
    Prepared & Published by R.B. Roberts in association with HGRBS 

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    Inspired Rebel Radio with Victoria Haffer - Episode 4

    in Motivation

    CEO and Founder of MSB Coaching and Pure BodyLove Events Melissa Binkley joins Victoria in this episode of Inspired Rebel Radio to talk about how you can break tap into intuitive intelligence, break through Perfectionist Paralysis so they share their purpose and gifts on platforms throughout the world and live a truly magical life.
    In this episode;
    How to believe in Magic
    Why finding Gratitude is vital to your success
    How sharing your story builds trust and authenticity.
    How three minutes of peace on a daily basis will transform your life.
    How to visualize your most spectacular future.
    Melissa Binkley is the CEO and Founder of MSB Coaching and Pure BodyLove Events. She is also the creator and founder of The Love Society and Intuitive Intelligence Academy™  She is Certified Master Transformation Specialist, Soulistic™ Mentor, Best- Selling Author and Holistic Health Coach, and a dynamic Inspirational and Intuitive Speaker. She is the the master of revived mindset, soul-guided living and bodylove. Known for her ability to transcend limiting beliefs, she uses several techniques that fuse science, whole brain learning, personal development, and the quantum field. In 2014 Melissa developed her own mode of Spiritual Transformational Process called Intuitive Intelligence™ that is changing the way coaches, healers, and speakers connect with their audiences and transform lives through this new healing modality.
    To learn more about Melissa, visit
    Website: http://melissabinkley.com/
    Join Melissa on her free Webinar 'How to Book 5 Speaking Engagements in 30 Days'
    Link to sign up: https://melissasbinkley.leadpages.co/speaking-webinar-opt-in/

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    The New Paradigm for Being Guided, and Working with Angels

    in Self Help

    Wide Awakening Radio with Jennifer Hough
    Topic: The New Paradigm for Being Guided, and Working with Angels
    Join Jennifer Hough for an amazing journey into awakening and truly integrating with your higher realms spiritually and discover:
    3 Ways to go direct
    How to see guides and angels
    What do guides and angels really look like?  
    The Wide Awakening is a show all about remembering who you are, waking up to your unlimitedness, and creating Heaven on Earth by starting with your life. If you are ready for ease, flow, joy and connection...and to hear some of the most forward thinking teachers and inspirers of our time then it is time to come to Wide Awakening Radio. For more radio show information, sign up for our show reminders at http://www.thewideawakening.com/radio

  • 02:37

    Why 'Innocent Flirting' is a Waste of Everyone's Time

    in Relationships

    'Upfront & Straightforward' Host Alan Roger Currie leads another one of his 'Open Forum Discussion' topics, with this one centering on the concept of 'innocent flirting'
    Alan Roger Currie on Amazon
    Alan Roger Currie on Audible.com
    Alan Roger Currie's Main Website
    Alan Roger Currie on Wikipedia.org

  • 02:04

    Higher Consciousness: "The Rules of Life between Lives"

    in Self Help

    Higher Consciousness is a program that focuses on the physical as well as metaphysical, cultural, political and spiritual dimensions. All shows are archived; the shows are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.Link:www.blogtalkradio.com/blogtalkradiooyindeenterprises 
    TOPIC:     "The Rules of Life between Lives"
    GUEST:     Professor Jamela Franklin,  Ed.M., M.A.
    TIME:         7:00-9:00 PM
    DATE:        May 30, 2016
    The Cycles of Soul Existence  As Soul, we are eternal. Most of us go through cycles of existence in the universe that can be termed as"Before Life", "Lives", "Inter Life", and "After Life". All of these cycles of Soul Existence effect us profoundly. http://www.healpastlives.com/future/rule/ruintrlf.htm
    We will discuss each stage in depth.
    Professor Jamela Franklin, Ed.M., M.A.
    www.oyindeenterprises.com info@oyindeenterprises.com   (770)  882-7347

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