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    Episode 21: Adult Coloring

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    Benefits of Adult Coloring according to the AMA
    Helps Dementia and alzheimer's patients engage with the outside world
    Lowers blood pressure
    Helps bring to focus
    Helps deal with PTSD and anesity
    Mindfulness (by switching off the brain)
    Lets you express your creativity
    Helps with motor skills and vision
    Harkens back to simplier times
    Utilized both hemispohers of the brain at once
    According to the American Art Therapy Association, adult coloring is beneficial because the process of making and creating artwork is used to "explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem."

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    The Power in Letting Go, Pushing Passed Failure, & Investing in Your Own Dreams

    in Motivation

    Spring has officially sprung and in this episode Nancy talks about spring cleaning your life (in real life and on social media). Sometimes in order for the flowers to bloom you have to cut away the weeds. This week, Nancy shares her own personal experience about the power in letting go certain relationships, finding your tribe, pushing passed failure, and the importance of investing in your own dreams.
    About The Podcast:
    The Empowherment Hour is a podcast dedicated to the woman ready to take charge of her life, live in her purpose, and be unapologetically authentic. Hosted by Nancy Ruffin, award winning author, mamipreneur, and committed empowerment specialist. Nancy is determined to see women unleash the power and live up to their fullest potential.
    As the self-proclaimed Latina Oprah, Nancy's goal is to share her secrets on discovering your purpose, living intentionally, chasing your dreams and learning to balance it all! If you’re ready to make a change and start living on purpose then you’re in the right place. 
    Connect with Nancy on social medai:
    Instagram: @iamnancyruffin
    Twiiter: @iamnancyruffin
    Facebook: @nancyarroyoruffin

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    More Money + More Happy w/Sarah Von Bargen

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    Welcome to Reset and Renew with your Hosts Rakale and Chara! In this episode of Reset and Renew we will take a look at money and happiness! Our special guest Sarah Von Bargen has a dynamic system for creating more money and more happiness and she will be sharing with us powerful tools to help you simultaneously shift your relationship with money while creating true happiness. Let's dispel the myths that money and happiness are exclusive experiences that can never be united! Tune in + call in at 619.393.6444. 
    Inspired to create a more abundant life? Sign up for Sarah's freebie course here

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    Get your red-hot neuroscience (and consciousness) advice right here!

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    It's back! BEabove Leadership's semi-annual neuroscience, consciousness and coaching advice show. Bring us your biggest challenges and we'll see if we have any helpful advice, based on what we understand about the brain. Open to coaches, leaders and curious people in general. Call in with questions or send them in advance to ann@beaboveleadership.com. 

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    A Talk With Ishah Whipple As She Whips Our Faith Back To The Throne Of God

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    She's a true  a servant of Christ, wife, mother of 4, blogger and an author. Just scratching the surface when it comes to the things God has in store for her ministry. 

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    Can a gay man & a straight man really be friends? Coming out in a black home...

    in Motivation

    Many people beleive that a gay man and a straight man cannot be friends.  The assumption is that either the gay man secretly desires the straight friend or the straight friend is secretly gay.  Do you feel this way?  Is this your situation? 
    Also, we will be addressing the realities of "coming out" in a black home.
    It's going to be a GOOD one!
    Let's talk about it!

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    Author Geneen Roth & Gangaji Talk Food, Body Image & Self-acceptance

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    Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you looked too fat or too thin? Does the way you feel in your body ever feel frustrating or even intolerable? This month Gangaji is joined by author Geneen Roth. She is known to millions by her New York Times #1 Bestseller Women, Food and God. Together they get at the root of this sometimes painful relationship we have between our self-worth, what we look like and our relationship with food.
    brought to you by VividLife.me

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    Conversations With PASSION! Teal Swan

    in Self Help

    We hope you enjoy this interview with Hay House Author, YouTube Sensation and Emotional Expert, Teal Swan.

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    Heart Songs

    in Self Help

    Beautiful music for the soul. 
    Today's featured performer is Musical Spa.  http://musicalspa.com

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    Spirit Speaks with Special Guest Tiffany Keefer and Fred Greaves

    in Self Help

    Host Lois T Martin-Psychic Numerologist www.loistmartin.com email: numberpsychic@yahoo.com 518-989-6349-Co-host
    Erin Koczur-Psychic Medium,  Reiki Master. www.erinkoczur.com 954-299-5610
    JoAnna Garfi McNally-Psychic Medium joannagmcnally@yahoo.com 845-210-7460
    Tiffany Lynette Keefer is an INTUITIVE DNA HEALER Energy Healing is the art of balancing the human energy field and it works on every level of your life—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Tiffany is a natural born intuitive healer of all emotional mental and spiritual diseases, a RNA light activator, and does DNA reconstruction .She is a clear Pure Love vessel the Light Surfer to Ignite, and activate the body within the mind, and connect the heart at your soul Cellular level.She is equipped with all the telepathic capabilities to read and scan the blood cells tissues and organs within the body, and she communicates telepathically with energies of all natures.  You can Facebook her; Tiffany Keefer, e-mail tiffany@intuitivedhealer.com, or www.intuitivednahealer.com 
    Fred Greaves:  Creator of The Twin Flame Project. Fred’s mission to connect the two (3D and 5worlds D).  He spent years becoming spiritual and understanding how the world universe works.  He met his Twin who he knew as Sheryl began to awaken him from the other side of the veil.  He and his Twin Flame built a bridge between the 5th and 3rd Dimention. Fred is more than capable of putting you in touch with relatives, or friends who have passed on. Even higher beings that are here, to so lovingly guide us. He now experiences daily, things that were once thought to be impossible…for more information go to www.thelove-connection.com - www.thetwinflameproject.com.

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    Interview With Dr. Jeffrey S. Rosenthal : Plastic Surgeon:Silhouette Instalift:

    in Self Help

    Dr. Jeffrey S. Rosenthal has been in private practice since 1985 with offices in Fairfield, Connecticut and New York City. He is an accomplished artist, lecturer, national medical book reviewer and a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Rosenthal has served as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Bridgeport Hospital, is a Board Member of the Connecticut Society of Plastic Surgeons and is known for his compassion, dedication to his patients along with his unique ability to meld art and science together.Patients have traveled far and wide to seek his unique abilities and to access the two qualities that make his surgery so distinctive: “Artist and Plastic Surgeon.” Selected as the “Best Plastic Surgeon in Fairfield County”, “Top Plastic Surgeon” in Connecticut and “Top Surgeon in America” are just a few honors he has received.“The objective is to bring a smile to each patient’s face. It is important to listen to their personal desires so that I can release both their inner sparkle and outer beauty.”Dr. Rosenthal has successfully utilized and combined his talents as a national and international artist, painter, photographer, poet, writer, illustrator, inventor and sculptor with his years of surgical experience. He is recognized for his talented artistry both inside and outside of medicine, having had art exhibits in France, Connecticut and New York.  He utilizes his trained eyes and talented hands to improve upon and preserve the beauty of all of his patients; yielding a naturally refreshed appearance.Additional information about Dr. Rosenthal and his procedures are found at:
                                 www.artofplasticsurgery.com RosenthalCosmetic@gmail.com 203-335-3223

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