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  • 01:51

    We are the Source of our Own Authority

    in Self Help

    We need to understand Self-Responsibility does not mean taking blame, falling on the sword and feeling guilty. Instead, the true sense of the term is explained well by the Higher Selves and it is none of those things.  The first time I did this show was on May 3, (2017) and there were technological problems and the broadcast was intermittent.  I'm redoing this show because it is enlightening and significant!  

  • 01:13

    Understanding The Twin Flame Dynamic

    in Self Help

    Shamika Smith, natural born intuitive and Indigo, will be discussing the twin flame dynamic in depth.

  • 00:40

    Enya Flack

    in Self Help

    Please welcome Enya Flack to Best Ever You. Enya Flack is the Beauty & Lifestyle Expert Television Personality for It’s a Glam Thing .com and It’s a Glam Thing TV. She travels the US appearing on morning and afternoon news and lifestyle shows to present what's trending, what's classic and what's new in Beauty. Enya is an influencer in the beauty world and model, actress and Host in the Entertainment World. You have seen Enya on Extra TV, CSI: Miami, Deal or No Deal and more!

  • 00:30

    [Success Unlimited] The 7 Keys to Being an Outstanding Leader

    in Self Help

    Do you have what it takes to be an exceptional leader? You know, the kind that inspires groups of people to do amazing things?
    In this episode corporate psychologist, Dr. Patricia Thompson, shares the 7 essential characteristics for consummate leadership. Then, she'll share some practical tips so that you can get started in further developing your ability to lead.
    This episode is based on her book, The Consummate Leader: a Holistic Guide to Inspiring Growth in Others...and in Yourself.

  • 01:01

    What is a Twin Flame? on The Spiritual Path w/Kim Gilster & Fleur Dubois

    in Self Help

    On today's show we will be revisiting the subect of twin flames and relationships in general. Questions answered will be what a twin flame is, what the purpose of a twin flame alignment is, what to do if you have a twin flame alignment to become as happy as you can be and experience love on every level in your life. Even if you are not a twin flame you can find out more about what you alingments may be and how to have the healthiest, most unconditonally loving relationships possible. It's probably not what you may think it is. 
    Please call in to listen live and/or ask questions or listen via Itunes to the recorded show. I love to answer questions because this show is to help you grow and become the best you that you can be. 
    Kim Gilster- The Spiritual Synergist 
    Kim is a life coach with a spiritual bent. She spent 10 years earning her master's degree in anthropology (human behavior). Those that have received her help swear by her. She is a wonderful, loving being. To find out more visit her website at: http://kimgilster.com 
    Fleur Dubois 
    She is an artist and an advanced student of Kim Gilster. She lives in England and is queer. 
    To Donate and Keep This show on Air: 
     please follow this link to the donation page. http://kimgilster.com/donations/

  • 01:00

    This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol

    in Self Help

    Our guest is Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol

  • 00:32

    GSMC Relationship Podcast Episode 68: Don't Make It So Hard (4-28-17)

    in Relationships

    John talks about how the relationship with your partrner is a safe haven to park your emotions. Having great sex starts with having a meaningful connection with your lover. Sharing emotions, quality time, respect, and good conversations all help keep romance alive. Do this as part of your daily routine and the love will be there when you want it...
    Follow the GSMC Relationship Podcast at: http://www.gsmcpodcast.com/relationship-podcast-1.html

  • 02:00

    AAU/LoveIsPower-VanessaLake-Esp. #02

    in Motivation

    EVERY WEDNESDAY "Love Is Power" airs, This week topic is "BEAUTIFULLY FLAWED" Join us June 21, 2017, @ 8 pm. Call in Number is 516-453-9957.
    Just last month, Cierra Thurman launched her book Sometimes the Breakup is the Blessing and her “Breakups & Breakthroughs” book tour.
    A couple months prior, I watched this beautiful young woman experience a difficult breakup on national television when she appeared on Steve Harvey Show. It was in that moment when I saw her sweet spirit. I believe your eyes are the windows to your soul and looking into Cierra’s eyes, I could see the issues that she had come through, I could see how vulnerable she really was, I could see the little girl inside who still needed to be healed.
    During our interview, you will get to see a side of Cierra that you have NEVER seen before. She will answer questions she has NEVER been asked before. But most importantly you will get a chance to peek into who this woman really is down to her core. We will take you on a journey of her life (some experiences you may even share) and how she has emerged Beautifully Flawed.
    Call in number 516-453-9957 Let's heal the world together.
    For more information please visit us today at www.wejfoundation.org
    ChevonnaRoger Johnson founder of the Whitney E. Johnson Foundation Inc. & All About Us (AAU) is dedicated to providing a platform that will help teens, young adults, and parents. Our media outlet consists of magazines, satellite TV and radio broadcasting that streams on iHeartRadio, Itunes & TuneIn. Mrs. Johnson is also the CEO/CFO of AAU Youth Magazine, Executive Producer of AAU Teen Talk TV & Radio.

  • 00:27

    The Badassery of Energy Pulls

    in Self Help

    We dive headlong into a badass conversation about creating with energy, as energy - energy pulls - what they've changed, why they've changed them and then a bunch of other non-linear stuff about energy that will open up your world.  Have you been trying to DO being here on this planet?  Are you a human DO-ing instead of a human BE-ing?  Gary Douglas says we refuse ease more dynamically than anything else on the planet -- is it time for something different?  Is it time to ask the quantum entanglements of the universe to begin working on your behalf?

  • 01:12

    You Are the Placebo! Mitchell Interviews Dr. Joe Dispenza

    in Self Help

    Purchase Joe’s Books & CD
    Dr. Joe Dispenza first caught the public’s eye as one of the scientists featured in the award-winning film What the BLEEP Do We Know!? Since that movie’s release in 2004, his work has expanded, deepened, and spiraled in several key directions—all of which reflect his passion on how people can use the neuroscience and quantum physics to not only heal illness but also to enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life. Dr. Joe is driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.
    As a teacher and lecturer, Dr. Joe has spoken in more than 26 countries on six continents, educating thousands of people in his trademarked easy-to-understand, compassionate style, about how to re-wire their brains and re-condition their bodies for lasting changes.
    (Re-broadcast from August 27, 2015)

  • 01:05

    There is Life After Layoff Show with Host Ali & Guest Sheree Knowles

    in Goals

    Welcome to the There is Life After Layoff Show with Host Ali and Special Guest Sheree Knowles, Founder & Chief Human Resources Officer of HR Knowledge Source LLC
    Episode Topic: "Are you tied to the money?"
    In this Episode Ali and Sheree discuss Sheree's intriguing story about how "chasing the money" in her career left her to question herself and her competencies...but at what cost?"
    Meet Sheree:  Sheree Knowles is a talented executive with over 22 years of human resources leadership. She is the Founder and Chief Human Resources Officer for HR Knowledge Source, a human capital consulting firm. She has served in senior-level roles for companies with regional and national geographic footprints. Her most recent role was as the Vice President of Human Resources for a $1B professional services firm in Atlanta, GA.  During her career in Human Resources, Sheree served in a regional role providing HR support in New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast territories.  She has also held national HR roles and provided support across the U.S. Sheree has worked in a variety of industries including professional services, insurance, litigation, technology, education, automotive, supply chain management and logistics. Prior to a career in Human Resources, Sheree worked in case management and supported several non-profit initiatives.
    The opinions expressed during this radio and podcast broadcast are for inspiration, information and motivational purposes.
    This show is a production of Up2Me Radio and to learn more about this show, the show host, special guest, and the station visit www.up2meradio.com
    Enjoy the show!  Like us on Facebook at Up2Me Radio and follow us on Twitter @Up2Meradio

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