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    Where Are the Men

    in Social Networking

    This Week on Real Men Speak, we are asking the question, Where Are the Men.

    Our conversation will take place in the Man Cave and we want to know about the status, situations and needs that produce a man.

     Do you think the male population is losing ground in the area of knowing what their role is?

    This is a discussion this Week On Real Men Speak

    I need help from all our listeners both male and female to resolve this issue, so please call it at 718-664-6891. Wednesday night at 7 PM

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    Empowering Men and Redefining Masculinity

    in Education


    Tune in to listen to Coach Michael Taylor as he is interviewed on The Love Journey podcast as he talks about how important it is for men to recognize that the roles of masculinity are changing and the changes are for the better.

    In this interview:

    He shares his own journey of overcoming divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure and a deep state of depression.
    He talks about the importance of redefining masculinity and supporting men in this process.
    He shares the Five Illusions of Manhood and how they cause so much pain and suffering in a mans life.
    He explains why healing your heart is so important and why healing your inner child can bring you joy.
    He explains why some men struggle with relationships and what they can do to create healthy ones.

    All this and much much more in this powerful presentation. Tune in right now!



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    The Sports Show for Men with Greg "Dj Sqwyd" Doss!

    in Sports

    Greg "Dj Sqwyd" Doss and various panelist meet to discuss all things sports! This is a Sports Show for people who aren't afraid to voice their opinions about Sports!!!

    Fridays at 4:00 pm EST/1:00 pm PST! The Call-in number is (347) 838-8420! OR Go to www.gregdoss.com and click “THE SPORTS SHOW FOR MEN” link.

    We’ll recap the Thursday Night’s Games in college and the NFL!
    We’ll look ahead to weekend’s game in college and the NFL!
    Are some coaches on the “hot-seat” after only 2 games?
    The injury bug is hitting early this season. Which teams will to stay the course until those players return?

    Matchup and Picks for the Weekend in College and the NFL.

    Greg "Dj Sqwyd" Doss and various panelist meet to talk sports! This is a Sports Show for people who aren't afraid to voice their opinions about Sports!!!

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    The Sports Show For Men With Greg "Dj Sqwyd" Doss!

    in Sports

    The Sports Show For Men With Greg "Dj Sqwyd" Doss!

    Tune in every Friday at 3:00 pm EST / 12:00 pm PST! Go to www.gregdoss.com and click on THE SPORTS SHOW FOR MEN link OR join the show LIVE by calling (347) 838-8420!

    All things sports!! You bring the topic, We'll cover it!! 

    Picks for the Weekend in College and the NFL.

    Greg "Dj Sqwyd" Doss and various panelist meet to talk sports! This is a Sports Show for people who aren't afraid to voice their opinions about Sports!!!

    Picks for the Weekend in College and the NFL.

    Greg "Dj Sqwyd" Doss and various panelist meet to talk sports! This is a Sports Show for people who aren't afraid to voice their opinions about Sports!!!

    Greg's Free Picks for Thursday! (For Entertainment purposes only)
    Louisville is smarting after two disappointing loses. Look for them to fight hard at home. Clemson is probably the class of the A.C.C., which doesn't say much, however they can score. Louisville really needs a win or the Head Coach may feel the pressure. Take Louisville and Clemson to go over 53..
    Division familiarity coupled with a motivated Kansas City Team that lost to Denver TWICE last year. Lots of running and two good defenses. Play the under. Denver vs Kansas City under 42

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    in Politics


    In this episode we will catch our subscribers and listeners up on our recent work in the field, as well as the Industrious Acts of other Moorish American Moslems.  There is SO MUCH work to be done, and ALI'S MEN has its arms ALL THE WAY IN IT.

    This episode we will report on the following events/projects:


    We will also address anti-governmental extremism masquerading as Moorish American ideology and best practices in combating it.  BRING YOUR NOTEPADS AND QUESTIONS.  TELL FRIENDS.  CALL IN.

  • What is Financial Advice For Men - FA4M Radio Show all about?

    in Finance

    Tonight we will summize what "Financial Advice For Men - FA4M Radio Show" will be all about. Our goal is to educate men of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of your generation FA4M is for you... On FA4M you will learn about the following;

    Health = True Wealth - Being healthy is the paramount foundation in reaching all your goals in life. Without health we are nothing, without health we will be limited to what we can achieve. Health above all else comes first on your goals (bucket list). What is true Health? Being sound of mind (positive outlook on life), using logic and critical thinking, feeding your body the proper nutrition to meet the demands of each day, excercise you mind and body which is vital, being aware of your emotional and spiritual needs , replenishing them as often required.
    Finances - Here on FA4M, you will learn about loans (mortgages, 2NDs, HELOCs, Hard Money, , FHA, VA, CON, JUMBO, DTI, APR & more), stocks, fiat currency/ies, precious metals, and much much more!!!
    Real Estate - You will learn about single family homes, multi-units, condos, townhomes, Lots and land, land development and much more...
    Technology - Network/IT, Telephony/VOIP, Structural Cabling Structure/SCS, iDAS, Electrical, Solar Power, programming & coding/Software, and much more.
    Career Paths - Talk about current career opportunities currently available and most beneficial to you...
    And much more - Topics that are relevent that will promote your well being.


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    Is The World Ready For "The School For Men"?

    in Education

    What would happen if there was a school designed specifically to support and empower men to create a new paradigm of masculinity on the planet?

    What if this school taught men to become more loving, more compassionate, more self introspective as well as more focused, productive and successful?

    What if the curriculum challenged men to break free from societal conditioning and allowed them to learn to become more authentic and self expressive, and in doing so, help them create self confidence, deeper relationships and a deep feeling of purpose and passion?

    If that school actually existed it could usher in a new masculine culture that could help eradicate a large portion of the societal ills that currently plague our world.

    Does such a school even exist?

    Now it does!

    Introducing The School For Men

    The School For Men is the brainchild of Mike Hrostoski and it is an innovative new approach to empowering men to embrace new and better ways of being a man.

    Join Coach Michael Taylor as he interviews Mike Hrostoski about his vision for The School For Men and how he plans on using this platform to encourage men around the globe to come together and create new ways of being and relating as men.

    To enroll now log on to: www.theschoolformen.com

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    "Men-strual Cycle"

    in Dads and Family

    Do men go through 'periods' of mood swings similar to women??

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    AuToPoD - The Wheel Men Show In 30

    in Automotive

    AuToPoD - The Wheel Men Show In 30 

    Cars, Trucks, Reviews, News, Motorsports, Commentary, and Comedy...  Delivered hot and fresh in 30 minutes or less, and always free! 

    Ford Focus RS, Lexus F, MazdaSpeed6, Performance Tech Racing Part 2, Rally Your Heart - for the Wounded Warrior Project.

    Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




    Thank you for downloading, and enjoy the show!  

  • Innovative Black Men

    in Relationships

    Innovative Black Men” Introducing original conversation and creative thinking on great ideas in relationships and dating. We will discuss innovative ways to reach your target market and how to expand your brand in business!

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    Geekcast X-men and Shield

    in Entertainment

    TV, more X-Men talk, and maybe Booster Gold ...

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