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    PMPK Live Streaming

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    PMPK Live Streaming

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    The Ignorance Equation- We're Going To Have A Streaming Party Tonight!

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    Is Binge Watching good for you? Is Network TV going the way of the Flintstones? Is there something to be said for having to actually wait for next weeks episode?

    This week we talk Cable/Network Television VS. Streaming Platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Online Programming. Special Guest: From the Hilarious Hulu Series QuickDraw, The Original Geico Cavemen himself, John Lehr and from the podcast Hey Watch This, The King of TV, Paul Goebel.

    And Cecily McMillan stops in with her bi-weekly Occupy Update.

    So tune in Sunday for all The Audio Spoilers we can Instantly Stream Directly into your Impatient Little EarHoles!

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    What Should You Be Streaming Roundup- Part 1

    in Entertainment

    Join Marcus Blake and Brendan Smith and Guests as we talk about What You Should be Streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.  Finding all the hidden treasures on streams is one the things we do at That Nerd Show. We like to suggest things to watch that you may not be aware of or have forgotten. Listen to the show at 10pm @thatnerdshow.com


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    RTU: #232 - Streaming/Recording LIVE Thursday May 21st at 10pm

    in Sports

    Ready to Unload: With Cal & Sanpete

    May is American Stroke Awareness Month (promoted by the National Stroke Association)... go to http://www.strokeassociation.org/ for more information and become a Stroke Hero... learn to spot stroke signs and act quickly... it might make the difference between life and death!

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    RTU:  #232 - Streaming/Recording LIVE Thursday May 21st at 10pm

    Main Course:We're going to spread the wealth here tonight with Mets and Yankees talk, Rangers playoff talk, Jets and Giants talk...hell, we'll even mention the Knicks. 

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    MLM After Hours TAMM Awards Technology changes and streaming TV

    in Business

    MLM After Hours TAMM Awards Technology changes and streaming TV.

    MLM After Hours on MLM Current Events!

    MLM After Hours is rebroadcast every 2nd and 4th Monday even
    You can find original broadcasts and archived broadcasts on Building Fortunes Radio www.buildingfortunesradio.com

    MLMIA www.mlmia.com and MLMIA Radio  www.mlmiaradio.com

    Join Peter Mingils, Doris Wood, Rey Pasinli, Len Clements, Michael Linden, and Carol LeClerc for another great hour of MLM After Hours.

    If you are in MLM or Multilevel Marketing or Direct Sales, or Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, you will want to listen in.

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    test Streaming Alexis

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    test Streaming Alexis

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    In Short Order -- Robert Jones, Live Streaming CEO

    in Health

    November 2-8 is LDN Awareness Week.  The 2014 LDN AIIC Conference is raising awareness about a ground-breaking drug (LDN) that has proven beneficial in treating over 175 health conditions

    Physicians, patients and experts from all over the world will gather in Las Vegas this November at a major conference to discuss and raise awareness about a ground-breaking drug that can help eradicate pain for those affected by a range of autoimmune diseases and conditions.

    The LDN 2014 AIIC Conference 2014 will take place on the 7th and 8th November at the MEET in Las Vegas with a number of high profile medical experts confirmed to speak.

    Doctors around the world are now starting to realize the benefits of using LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) to treat a range of conditions from Crohn’s and HIV to MS, ME, Lyme, arthritis, infertility and more.

     LDN has traditionally been used in higher doses (50mg) to treat drug/alcohol addicts but, since the 1980s, doctors have prescribed it in lower doses (3-4.5mg), and it is currently helping over a quarter of a million people worldwide suffering from a range of autoimmune conditions.

     As a result, and to raise awareness of how other people could be helped, the LDN Research Trust was set up in 2004.

     LDN works as an opiate antagonist, inhibiting natural endorphins thus forcing the body to produce more which, in turn, reduces painful symptoms and improves well-being and those using it have experienced a huge improvement in their conditions, with some disappearing altogether.

     The LDN 2014 AIIC Conference 2014 will include expert presenters and­ panelists, all streamed live.


    Issued on behalf of LDN Research

    Contact: Linda Elesgood – contact@ldnresearchtrust.org

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    Stiletto Says: Episode 10 - Keep It Spicy!

    in Entertainment

    Stiletto opens up about keeping things spicy and the innovation of Live Streaming via Meerkat.  Bringing in the new month of June.. Stiletto style!  

    Stiletto discusses the subject of sex which has been prominent in the online world.  Stiletto shares her experiences being online and dealing with this touchy subject and meeting new friends, she discusses their views on the matter of sex and live streaming.

    Featuring music by S-Mack from HollaBlack Entertainment

    Live calls will be taken throughout the night so join in by calling 646-564-9576.


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    The LNPshow S1E27 #ReVerb

    in Entertainment

    Join Ted Hicks (Dad, Husband & Son) as he moderates the #LNPShow that discusses the latest trends and game changers in parenting, technology, education, sports & product reviews.

    805pm Andrew Maltin – CEO of the Hang With live video streaming app.

    825pm Holly Carney – Author of Wicked NOT.

    840pm Kirk Burkhalter, Professor of Law & Retired NYPD Detective - shares law enforcement best practices.

    Tune in LIVE every WEDNESDAY at 8PM ET/ 5PM PT. To call in and be a part of the experience or listen via your mobile phone - Dial 347-857-1947.  Stream us 24/7 at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/happyhournetwork to listen!

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    Deep Paper Cut

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    You are listening to Deep Paper Cut from John and Toni Rakestraw, produced by StreamingMurder.com.
    Our books are available at Amazon.com

    It was a deep paper cut and I take blood thinners… the blood dripped all over the FAO Schwarz catalog by accident, but a few days later I got the items I’d dripped on. I kept trying to do it again and again… nothing! I then took a needle with me on a city bus and faked tripping and fell into one of the other passengers--they screamed, I said sorry and had more blood to drip… it worked again. I discovered that you need a different person’s blood each time. Too bad the blood bank locks its blood safe too well. I’ve tried. Maybe the hospital will work… am I a vampire?

    We hope to see you next time here on the internet at Streaming Murder!

    Find Streaming Murder Broadcasted on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes and YouTube.

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    Our books are available on Amazon.com for your reading pleasure.

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    Love As a Lifestyle (Continued)

    in Spirituality

    Urban Glory Radio formely known as Faith Class Radio is back witb power packed, rich content. Reverend Breland (@RevBreland) takes us on a journey of biblical concepts and principles to live by in the new and improved Urban Glory Radio. Follow us on Twitter: @urban_glory Like us on Facebook: Urban Glory Campaigns For Prayer Call 202.709.PC4U