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Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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Urban Therapy is the new show that is aimed at finding solutions to large and small questions that fill our lives. Questions such as: Can a person expect to excel in life without the influence of a strong male figure? Why do I keep dating people who try to hurt me physically and/or emotionally? Why can't I keep a job? Is there a such thing as enough money? Why do I have to eat ice cream with my special spoon? (Seriously, no seriously people wonder about this stuff) We will often have guests on our shows that will help us out on various topics. Many of these guests may be somewhat unconventional, but all will be interesting. Listen and see!

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It's a serious situation that many couples and friends have faced.The goal of every living thing is to maximize their pleasure and minimize their pain. No one wants to be sick or have many health problems because that is never pleasurable. Choosing a mate or a friend is usually a pleasurable experience and building a life and/or companionship with them is definitely supposed to be pleasurable but can we stand the rain? Do we know how to be truly loyal in hard times? Would you be able to withstand your resolve and even be faithful if your spouse or significant other became inflicted with a serious, potentially long-term or fatal illness? Would you/could you be there and stay there? What if they required intensive attention and care? Would you adjust your schedule to accommodate them and their needs? What if they were unable to perform sexually or even physically? Would you slow down for them?
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There is something in all of our lives that we have been trying to give up or let go of for a while now. What is it? It could be smoking or drinking or drug use or gambling or sex, or lying or cheating or overeating or obsessing over a love... more

You just can't ride for every cause that's out there. There is only one of you.

Your conscience can tell you that everything is messed up or it can tell you that evrything is okay. The conscience often controls most of the things that we do. It's supposed to save us from danger. How come we get away from it at times it... more

Some of us can keep on keeping on and some of us fall down trying but at least they try.

Anybody can be narrow-minded. It's an easy thing to do and an easy way to be if you have limited understanding of a lot of things and strong convictions on a few things. Can it be a good thing sometimes or is it always bad AND a pain in the... more

Has our struggle been diminished by many of us trying to watch what we say about those who don't further our causes and struggle? Why do so many of us go along to get along? Is it helping?

Charles Barkley started it 1st many years ago with the whole "I'm not a role model" thing. I think that it was disgraceful thing then and I think that it is still now. Wemay not have to hold our famous people to unrealistic high standards, but is... more

Can you really speak things into existence? Good things? Bad things? Which things seem easier to speak into existence? Were those things gonna happen anyway or do we actually speak them into existence?

Do we always choose the best person to do the things that we want done in life? Repairs? Relationships? Employment? Would we be chosen if the criteria for things were based on who was truly better at things? Who determines who's... more

Whether we're talking about traditional roles as far as gender goes or we're talking about the differences between what the wealthy and privileged can get away with that broke people can't get away with, the fact remains the same. There really... more