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Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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Urban Therapy with Sun is a movement that is focused on the improvement of physical and mental health. We hold regular exercise sessions, teach about better and healthier foods and the evils of GMO and high fructose corn syrup, processed foods etc. We charter field trips and constantly stress communication, fellowship and consistency. We cover every social topic that you can imagine from an intelligent, insightful, hood perspective. Love, family, health, sex, jobs, self-improvement and our youth are always on deck. The Daily Gogetemism Show is a shorter daily affirmation show that covers the same as UTWS. Legacy of s Nation is the movement that represents the Aboriginal Community of North and South America and the Caribbean Islands. Those are Black people to you and I.

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Life ain't like it is on the show Good Times. If most people are down long enough, they're gonna make a move. That move can have dire consequences.
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Bad kids can get in the way and that's a terrible thing to say and an even worse way to feel. What makes a child hard to deal with? Is it that they're spoiled? Is it's the parent's fault? Can they be turned around? Will it be too late? Wht can we... more

England has the 5th larget economy in the world and is currently planning to leave the EU. How does this affect Europe? What are their actions saying to us aboriginals? What could we do to separate ourselves from those who don't help... more

This is a follow up to yesterday's show about living under someone's roof. This time we'll talking about when the parties involved agree that things are messed up. The only question is who gets to stay and who has to leave.

We can't always have our own place. Sometimes we have to share living space. Whether we've moved back in with our parents, or have moved to a new town and have to live with friends for a while or whatever, we need a place to stay. Many... more

When people see children acting out, being rude, talking out of turn, running wild and acting undisciplined, they might say that they don't have no home training. Is that the case though? Could it be that they do have home training, but the... more

Raisng kids. Making money Making yourself happy Pleasing yourself sexually Supporting your family Building your self esteem Avoiding Conflict Moving up in your career Educating yourself Making friends Loving yourself All of these... more

Some people know that their people love them and some people claim that their people never cared about them. Is there evidence to support both? Maybe. Maybe not. Can the way you think determine whether you think someone loves you or... more

Knowing who and what you're dealing with is no easy thing to do. Sometimes giving your all falls short. Sometimes giving your least may be too much. It all depends on your feelings about the matter.

People complain all the time about what people that they deal with bring to the table and whether it's significant. Should you be an asshole just because you contribute more finacially than someone else?

No matter where you've been, you can always go home, but can you go back to the way that you used to feel? The way that you used to think? That's not easy.