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    in Spirituality

    Marrian Efua  will share with listeners and callers the importance of acceptance.  No its not a "cop out" it is about increasing your peace and harmony..  Jointhe conversation today ... 

  • Forgiveness versus Acceptance

    in Spirituality

    We’re all taught about the power of forgiveness. But, is it possible to move forward if you can’t forgive someone for an injustice they’ve inflicted upon you? Do you think that all things are forgivable, or are there certain things that should not be forgiven? Tune in this week as Lisa Jones and I discuss the healing power of forgiveness but also times when acceptance is okay when forgiving is not justified. My experience as a therapist has taught me that you can move forward without forgiving. There are times when acceptance is just as effective as forgiveness. In fact, acceptance creates the same kind of mental peace and closure that forgiveness provides. Tonight’s show is about the difference and the benefits. 

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    Angels I have come to KNOW that ACCEPTANCE is what makes Life easier, more fun, and alot less stressful!  Join me as I share with you my experiences of ACCEPTANCE over my Birthday Weekend which in turn affected me and my entire day.

    Angels, ACCEPTANCE makes life so much smoother and care free!  Join me for a great chat, powerful affirmations, and more right here @http://www.buzzardskorner.com



    bringing people back to themselve

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    Divine Guidance and Healing with your Angels ~ Acceptance

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    Hi come chat with Amy Clair! This week Amy will be continuing her series of teaching how to heal deep wounds from trauma and abuse. This week she will be talking about how to gain acceptance and how to own your story. Amy is an Intuitive and abuse survivor, she enjoys assisting people in their own lives with healing and giving them loving guidance from thier angels. She will be giving divine guidance and healing to those that call in. She also gives tools for healing and tools to have a healthy happy life!! Come join the fun and talk about the divine, miracles, love, friendship, relationships, career and healing. Please join the chat and call in!

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    Host, Joe discusses the topic, "Acceptance" with co-host, Gerry and John - a channeled perspective.

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    Tea Time with Tricia (Self Love and Self Acceptance)

    in Spirituality

    Tea Time with Tricia will be a show where me and a dear friend will discuss over a cup of tea hot topics surrounding innerstanding and personal growth. On this particular show we will discuss the barriers we have build up against self love and self acceptance. In raising awareness on these topics our mission is to share with everyone our experiences in hopes that one can find positive solution from it. We innerstand that a part of loving ourselves is knowing thyself. Join us in a two hour segment and lets join in enhancing awareness.

    Show Quote, “You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.”

    - Mandy Hale


    If you have any questions, what to talk with the host, or any featured guests, maybe you have suggestions, please email the show at enhancingawarenessradio@gmail.com

    ALSO be sure to like the shows Facebook page for daily Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/EnhancingAwareness

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Coerced Acceptance Of The Leftist Agenda

    in Politics Conservative

    Instead of rehashing the Iraq War, let’s face today’s much more serious threat from Iran - which is precisely why the media is ludicrously re-litigating the Iraq War; Another compare and contrast for you on this fine, sunny, warm Thursday evening/afternoon that will have you vomiting up your dinner in mere moments; The Democrats are all too happy to coerce acceptance of their agendas, because they have no other choice; Why does the Left kowtow to Islam?; LGBT extremists plan to blanket the country with laws that, behind the fig leaf of ‘anti-discrimination,’ will give the state the power to police speech and behaviors; and the growing danger of defining "hate speech".


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    Surrender and Acceptance and Answering Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    When given the circumstances and what is told to you by a psychic, for confirmation, it is time for acceptance and basically to surrender.  You can't hold onto a bad marriage.  Accept it and move on.  Surrender to whatever is placed in front of you.  That doesn't mean to give up in life it just means to surrender to a situation or relationship.  

    Revenge is not the answer. Being spiteful is not the answer.  Moving on anf finding the right relationship that works or the right career is the answer.  Letting go of your ego and accepting it is where you need to be. 

    I will talk in depth about this and I will also take your psychic questions. Remember, you cannot change someone and you cannot make someone love you. 

    If you want a detailed reading please contact me at http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs

    Readings are confidential on Kasamba and they can be by email readings or by phone readings through Kasamba site. 

    Love and Light, 




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    ~Freedom and Happiness Through Acceptance~

    in Spirituality

    For many of us, the season of winter, the time of rebirth through going deep within, is coming closer.  During this time of the year, concepts like love, peace, and harmony are ever more important.  Living in and from these states are freeing and create an everlasting feeling of happiness, inward and outward.  

    As we enter the month of December and prepare for the winter season that can be felt softly in the distance, this week's episode will help to shine a light on our journey within.  It will focus on the powerful idea on how true freedom and happiness can be found through acceptance.  The words freedom, happiness, and acceptance, as well as their meanings, will be looked at through spiritual pillars like, self-love, hope, and patience.  This beautiful and real-life idea will also be connected to the special Long Night FullMoon of the 6th and all the Earth and Cosmic vibrations that are happening in our time right now.  

    If you are ready to move your being into a space of true freedom and happiness, as we prepare deeply for the season of barren trees and cold and quite nights within, then join me for this special episode.

    Seeing you Thursday the 4th!
    Love, Peace, and Harmony, siempre~
    <3 <3 <3

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    Radical Self-Acceptance Will Change Your Destiny

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the importance of self-acceptance. God has made us all unique and wonderful.  We should give thanks to him for the gift of personhood.  You are accepted by God in Christ Jesus.  You must allow no other interpretation of your unique personhood to trample upon your spirit. Many,however,cannot accept themselves because they are fragile and unfamiliar with self-acceptance.  Jesus Christ became a curse on our behalf that we might receive ourselves anew.  We may enjoy radical self-acceptance in Jesus.

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    in Lifestyle

    Listen to professional life coaches Marti Hess and Sabine Starr talk about the 10th of the 10 Secrets to a Smooth Ride and find out how acceptance can bring empowerment, peace and moving forward into your life.