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    Uplifting Monday.....Best in me

    in Music

    Tonight we are going to give God some praise.  If you were not able to make it to church, or you just need that extra encouragement; come praise with the Queens, on this uplifting Monday.  People may not see the best in you, but always remember that God always sees the best in each and every one of us.  Let's take this time to give God some praise, to get your week started.

    Tivona Elliott Clark

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    Uplifting The Black Man 2015

    in Radio

    Join PQW panel 4/12/15 at 3:00(pacific) 6:00(eastern) as we talk about and discuss uplifting Black Men! The IMPORTANCE of Loving ,Appreciating, Acknowledging & Supporting our Black Men!. Black Men have given, created and done so much! but with Society & Media unfair treatment of Black Men, its time to UPLIFT!

    Having taken a needed weekend off, the PQW family is back and ready to start things off with the needed celebration and analysis of Genuine Manhood. In spite of the numerous means and opponents to this needed element, we are going to continue to speak up and on it in spite of everything...

    Per usual, the following views and opinions are unedited and can be deemed flammable to ears, hearts, minds & egos of a ‘delicate’ nature. Listener’s digression and full body flame retardant armor is strongly advised. Standard issued Pepto Bismol is available for those with moderate or severe cases of heartburn...

    To those black businesses, artists and entrepreneurs abroad, looking to get put on or advertisement; your information must be sent to platinumqueen1@gmail.com. We take care of our own here as we all must stand up and represent. Also, comments, show topics and all things pertaining are most welcomed and will possibly be read on the air. We broadcast live each Sunday at 6PM Eastern Standard Time/3PM Pacific Standard Time. See you there...

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    Uplifting music

    in Self Help

     Hello world today on the WEGO SHOW  we talking about ways that making music and listing to music can be Uplifting, Motivational, Inspireing. Come Join the convo and bring up any other side topics you feel we should talk about call in # 516-387-1440

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Quirky and Uplifting

    in Fitness

    ONLY IN AMERICA-Brilliand, Quirky and uplifting things that could only happen here!

    Circa-1950, tractors do square dance.  An ad appeared featuring whirling tractors...Cleaning for a reason, vitamins for the soul.  Are there trees older than the pyramids. Are ukuleles even hotter than electric guitars.  Have you ever wondered if the Senate Chaplain scolds Congress.  Is a bloody mary a meal.  Yes, bald eagles do make public appearances.  Start the music, everyone out on the dance floor.  Did we pioneer the "selfie."


    Imagine 16 tractors on...etc.

    Give away "free" what you do for a...etc.

    A tree that is over 5,000 years old...etc.

    Save us from madness...etc.

    Who is "Thunder"...etc.

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    Goin 'N ;Women Inspiring & Uplifting Through Spoken-Words and Song

    in Christianity

    Tune in Sunday at 7:00 pm (6:00 pm Cst) With Goin 'N with Lisa Dixon her guest Georgia Jos and Kaliah Porter Two Women Inspiring & Uplifting Through Spoken-Words-Words and Songs.

    Listen in as we discuss the power of spoken word. Call in to listen live or ask questions. 347-857-3073

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    Your Grip Isn't Strong Enough

    in Religion

    Good afternoon beloved, can we have the honor of your presence on let's Talk Real Talk today with me Apostle Angela and Prophetess Carolyn King-Robertson at 7 p.m central and 8 p.m. est. Our topic today is "your grip is not strong enough." Sometimes we allow things, people and the cares of life to discourage us, but hold on-Hebrews 10:23
    Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. Come on let's talk

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    Stephen Simon Discusses Uplifting Films

    in Movies

    Legendary producer Stephen Simon, whose acclaimed movies include Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come, shares his picks for the most uplifting films of all time during this special episode. Simon will also talk about his new movie The Address of Happiness as well as Bringing Back the Old Hollywood, his latest book and current project.

    Simon’s other books are Spiritual Cinema and The Force Is With You, which explores over 70 movies that deal with such important topics as the nature of love, the meaning of life and death, the concept of time and space, and the visions of our future.

    In addition to the Academy Award Winning What Dreams May Come and the classic Somewhere in Time, Simon produced All the Right Moves and served as an executive producer on fan favorite Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. A veteran of many years in the movie business, Simon has also produced his share of non-spiritual movies, including Smokey and the Bandit, Murder by Death and Body of Evidence. 

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    Letting Go of Dead Weight

    in Religion

    Join us Apostle Angela Smith and Prophetess Carolyn King-Robertson on Let's Talk Real Talk on blog talk radio tomorrow Saturday April 11...7pm CST & 8 PM EST . This weeks topic " Letting Go Of The Dead Weight" 
    call in number ( 347 ) 205-9368 

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    Don't be caught naked

    in Religion

    Hello beloved, can we have the honor of your presence on Let's Talk Real Talk with me Apostle Angela and my co hoEvangelist Carolyn King-Robertsononn on Saturday 3/21/14 8:00 p.m. Eastern and 7:00 p.m. Central. We have a hot topic this week -Don't be caught naked. No prayer life...no worship...no spiritual feeding leaves us unclothed full of flesh for the enemy to infiltrate and gain ground. Call in and Let's talk (347)2059368 this show is sponsored by Unstoppable kingdom Ministries.

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    in Religion

     My co host Evangelist Carolyn King-Robertson and I will be talking about being kingdom minded! In this walk our mind's have to be transformed and we have to go after the kingdom! Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.Not only does repentance produce righteousness, but it also adds unto us the things we need.God wants to give us the Kingdom ( Luke 12:32) but we must be willing to receive the Kingdom by changing our lives. 

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    Uplifting Show on the Journey to Finding Love

    in Current Events

    Marion Baker, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and author of The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch:  Insight for Women Who Struggle to Find Lasting Love will be talking about her journey to love.  Marion had been struggling through years of internet dating to find someone to share her life with only to find herself back on the couch again searching once more.  As many in the healthcare professions, Marion then enrolled herself in a counselling program where she learned how to counsel but also learned more about herself and life lessons that were buried.  Today's show will be a fun and uplifting time to laugh and tell stories, yet perhaps, you will find a tip or two in the gems.

    How many people must you date until you find someone that stays?  Are you looking in all the wrong places?  Are you looking at all?  Are the things you are looking for superficial or parts of your soul and spirit that need nourishing?  How can you find peace?  There are millions of people out there but the right one may be so elusive.

    For more information and to purchase her book, visit:  www.thelimegreenplasticcoveredcouch..com