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    How To Evict The Narcissist From Your Head And Move On With Your Life - Part 2

    in Relationships

    Can we break free of the ongoing painful thoughts that can be so tortuous?
    Ones that …
    Bring us to our knees.
    Strip our Life-force.
    And leave us feeling so empty, broken and alone that we wonder how we can live, love and trust again.
    The answer is “YES!”
    Let me explain to you, with a deep dive into “how to” in Part 2. 
    Read along and join the conversation on the blog here. 

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    Rasheid Edwards: Creative Mind and Energy for Manifestation

    in Self Help

    Join Constance and her guest Rasheid Edwards, Author, Speaker, Coach -www.mentalinfinity.com Coach Rasheid will share the role our minds and energy play in manifestation and using The Law of Attraction. You will learn the process of how to change your mind and begin creating the blueprint for your life and how to use creative energy to align with the manifestation that you desire. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of how to unblock and change negative energy and begin using The Law of Attraction through intention and attention. http://loaradionetwork.com/constance-arnold

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    Willpower, Self-Care and Adult ADD / ADHD

    in Self Help

    Alan Brown joins Tara McGillicuddy this week on ADHD Support Talk Radio. Tara and Alan will be discussing some important issues related to Willpower, Self-Care and Adult ADD / ADHD.
    Learn more about Alan Brown at:http://addcrusher.com/
    Learn more about the ADHD Support Talk Community at: http://www.patreon.com/adhdsupport
    ADHD Support Talk Radio host Tara McGillicuddy is an internationally recognized ADD / ADHD expert. She is also a top ADHD Coach the founder of ADDClasses.com.
    Learn more about Tara McGillicuddy at: http://www.taramcgillicuddy.com/
    ADDClasses.com the leading resource for virtual ADD / ADHD Support and Education. It provides free Teleseminars and Webinars and has an extensive audio library with more than 150 hours of courses. It also offers more in depth support programs for adults with ADD / ADHD.
    Learn more at : http//www.addclasses.com 

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    Reality Check: Who's Creating Yours?

    in Self Help

    Do you find yourself waking up day after day just going through the motions of life dreaming of the day when it's not just alarm. snooze. alarm. traffic. work. traffic. tv. bed. repeat?  Do you roll your eyes at "those people" who always seem to "have it all together" and who are "living it up" both on Facebook and off?
    Whether you're the eye-roller who has settled for the reality life seems to have handed you or you're the person on the receiving end of the eye-roll, the truth of the matter is - YOU - have the power to create your days and your nights and put an end to the cycle once and for all.
    Curious to find out how?  Think it can't be done?  Already doing it?  This show is for you regardless of what phase of the eye-roll you're in.  Join Lori and Danica as they run diagnostics on your reality and discuss how to live at the CAUSE of your life, rather than at the EFFECT of it!
    Lori Foster is a consultant, personal coach and mentor.  She has a passion for personal development, resiliency of the human spirit and living from a place of gratitude.  She encourages people to "DIVE IN" to the depths of fulfillment to elude shallow living.
    contact@lorifostercoaching.com   www.lorifostercoaching.com
    Danica Trebel, founder of Reality Rehab at UnlearningU, helps families turn their messes into messages. Knowing first-hand the power of the spoken and unspoken word, she’s an expert in helping parents interpret their teens, helping teens deal with their parents and eliminating eye-rolls all together by making a few simple shifts in communication and perspectives.

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    Can Addicts Heal from the Shame and Partners Heal from the Pain with CTC

    in Self Help

    Carol the Coach will be interviewing Milton Magness and Marsha Means who will talking about their new book, Real Hope, True Freedom: Understanding and Coping With Sex Addiction. This book is filled with a conslidation of over 4,000 questions submitted to people who needed to understand the truth on multiple topics related to sexual addicion. This book helps readers understand the reality of sex addiction and to know that recovery is posssible!

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    Enlightening Life with Jennifer Hoffman, inspiring info, readings, and more

    in Motivation

    Welcome to the Enlightening Life radio show, a resource for spiritual and self empowerment, presented by Jennifer Hoffman, top selling author, intuitive energy alchemist and energy savante, spiritual teacher, and your resource for rich, happy and successful high vibe living. In this 90 minute show I will be providing you with resources to enlighten your life, including discussion of our weekly newsletter topics. Since 2003 I have written the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter, whose 2 million+ weekly readers call its messages highly accurate and timely. This venue allows me to add another dimension to the information I receive. I welcome your calls and questions and will also provide free short readings on the show. I hope you visit us regularly and use this resource to find help and peace on your spiritual path. Listen each Wednesday at 8PM US Central time or check out our archives. Visit my website at www.urielheals.com and www.enlighteninglife.com. Thank you for being here. Many blessings.

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    How to Help a Spouse | K8930

    in Self Help

    Website – http://www.fhu.com
    Complimentary – http://antidoteforall.com
    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K170206.html
    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device
    Host: Roy Masters Roy discussed how Israel has been saved from destruction. Roy discussed learning not to be upset by anything. Calls:
    Tina says, "My adult children are so lost. How can I help them?" Claire has a husband that drinks, smokes and is lazy.

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    Clearing The Clutter From Your Desk

    in Self Help

    Did you know that the 2nd Monday in January is Clear Your Desk Day?  As you start the New Year do you need to clear clutter off your desk?  Join me and Felicia Wallace Benton as she shares how you can create an organized office.
    As the owner of Designing Your Vision, she uses her skills as an Interior Designer to help clients to see the full potential and most effective way to use their space.  She has designed spaces changing her client’s interiors from ordinary to Extraordinary. Whether it is the Kitchen, Bathroom or an Office, Felicia provides her clients with that unique look that they are looking for. 
    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you

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    The Rational Male: An Interview with Author & Blogger Rollo Tomassi

    in Relationships

    'Upfront & Straightforward' Host Alan Roger Currie interviews popular Blogger Rollo Tomassi, Author of 'The Rational Male' about the Alpha males vs. Beta males and the Hypergamous nature of women
    Rollo Tomassi's Blog
    'The Rational Male' by Rollo Tomassi
    'The Rational Male - Preventive Medicine' by Rollo Tomassi
    Alan Roger Currie's Main Website
    Alan Roger Currie's Audiobooks
    How to get a FREE Audiobook when you sign up for a 30-Day RISK FREE Trial with Audible.com
    Alan Roger Currie on Wikipedia.org

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    For EFT Practitioners: Can You Make REAL Money Doing What You Love?

    in Self Help

    I hear from so many EFT Practitioners who would love to be making a living using their people skills and being of service to others. Are you one of them? You have a yearning to make a difference in the world. But FEAR is holding you back – you’re not sure you’re good enough, or you think others have way more experience than you do. And you are terrified of marketing your services. Don’t worry; we will go over “sales misconceptions”.
    When you are doing what you love AND making a great income at the same time, you have a REAL business. It’s not a business when you are undercharging for your services or giving away your time for free. In today’s program you will discover the 5 blocks to creating a successful EFT Practice and what to do instead. We’ll do some tapping around your fears.
    I teach my business coaching clients how to offer programs that facilitate transformation for their clients (rather than trading hours for dollars). Think about it. How much change does the client get when you do one session, or maybe 3? What if you worked with that client in a 6 month Program, instead?  They would achieve a transformation in their life, and perhaps in their self-esteem, their health, their relationships, and so much more.
    HOST: Business Success and Empowerment Coach Judy Wolvington shows you how to build a thriving and joyful business, with all the clients and income you desire based on your unique gifts. As a Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Judy skillfully helps you remove your blocks to success, so you can make REAL money doing what you love. Judy has 3 FREE GIFTS for you called Your Dream Biz Blueprint. To claim yours simply visit www.UnleashYourDreamBiz.com.

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    AstroEnergy Astrology Show -February 14 2017 - Love Talk ?

    in Self Help

    Shelley discusses the current astrological aspects, and gives FREE READINGS to callers at 347-994-3365.
    Intuitive astrologer Shelley Overton discusses the planets currently and what is coming up for us astrologically. Shelley is taking callers' questions. Call in at 347-994-3365 early.
    Shelley Overton has been studying astrology for 30+ years, and a professional astrologer for 20. Shelley can help you find your birth triggers, the best times to initiate projects and when you will have an easier time relating, and finding love. Shelley helps you through the tough times.
    You can get a private reading here:
    Contact Shelley at shelley@astrologerangel.com
    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram: ASTROLOGERANGEL
    YouTube: Artful Shelley