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    Your Addiction May Be Causing You To Lose Out On Love...

    in Self Help

         Love itself is gentle, nourishing, nurturing, supporting and feels like a big, huge hug.  Who wouldn’t want that?
    Some of us though desperately wanting love, try to seek it outside of ourselves.  We tend to push it away – are afraid of love.  And, you know, fear is the opposite of love.  Just what does this thing called “love” have to do with addiction?  Find out on this show where love is and how to get it.
    Jyude can be reached at www.jyudeallbright.com  and  www.beingrecovered.net
    Facebook:     facebook.com/loveyouraddiction

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    Coach Chat with Shoya Zichy

    in Self Help

    Change your perspective, change your life.  For coaches and those interested in one of the fastest growing professions in the world today.  Coach Chat hooks you up with some of the world's leading coaches who share their expertise and give you tips and take-aways for expanding and improving your life and your business.

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    Birthplace of the Future

    in Motivation

    If you’ve ever thought that the present was unremarkable… that today was a bit stale… have you considered that to day may just be the birthday of your future… as a matter of fact, every day is the birth place of your future…

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    Monika Andreas - Yoga For The Seasoned Body

    in Self Help

    Cheri & Vicki have spent years developing their skills and techniques to support women over 45 to get through their Second Chapter with as much ease and joy as possible. July and August are "Summer Fitness" months.  We'll be having guests discussing different avenues to support your body and mind in becoming healthier to support you in your total emotional wellness. As Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioners, they are giving you the opportunity to get truly clear, so you can live your life with purpose and joy!
    Our guest this week is Monika Andreas, an amazing woman who is more than qualified to be instructing "Yoga For The Seasoned Body". She focuses on people with body limitations, which is usually seniors, however, not always.
    Monika invites you to come to one of her yoga classes. At the age of 73 and having had double hip replacement, she knows what a seasoned body feels like. She'll also be sharing the benefits of Yoga and why she is more than capable of assisting you in practicing Yoga in a way that will support you and your seasoned body.
    You can contact Monika at (702)331-2511 to reserve a space. Space is limited to only six people at a time. Email to ask questions about possibly taking a class:   monikaandreas3600@gmail.com. She is located in the Rancho and Sahara area.
    To help you with your Summer Fitness, be sure to check out Cheri and Vicki's Reconnective Healing® page on their website at www.queenbeebiz.com.  Cheri and Vicki are facilitating their processes with women before, during and after their Second Chapter.
    Join us for this special episode of Bee Talk.
    Contact us: info@queenbeebiz.com / www.queenbeebiz.com

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    in Motivation

    What Would You Do!!. If you worked on a project and gave it your all, to"NO AVAIL"!!!!. What do you do!!. Crawl into a hole and pull the dirt over your head and hide or "RISE ABOVE THE ASHES"!! STRONGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!!. We have two incredible and remarkable young girls/women. Diamond & Emerald Jackson, twins who defied the odds at birth but lived to tell their compelling story and share their music with the world. Great academia marks, 4.0 GPA, Honor Students, Christians, Volunteering in the community and "OH YES" RAPPERS!!!. Come and be a part of the "GREATNESS" at the Golden Corral @ 3502 W. Camp Wisdom Rd, Dallas @ 2:00 pm central time zone. Join me and Co-Host for the day, Gil Torrez, Ex FBI Agent, as we talk to Diamond & Emerald Jackson and spread their Awesome Message of, "NEVER GIVING UP ON YOUR DREAMS" On The Next "MOONDO WORLD" Radio Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-

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    Living Your Dreams

    in Motivation

    Gretta Thomas, the founder of Cords of Life Inc, along with 4 other panelists discuss how to  better understand the journey to your dream.  Every person on earth was born with a dream for his/her life.  But many times we allow our dreams to die in the prime of our life, because on the road to our dreams we are faced with obstacles, twists and turns.  But if  you understand the journey to your dream and what God is doing in your life, the less likely you are to abandon your dream.

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    Let's talk about loving your detours with Amy Oestreicher!

    in Motivation

    Amy Oestreicher is a PTSD peer-to-peer specialist, artist, author, writer for The Huffington Post, speaker for TEDx and RAINN, health advocate, survivor, award-winning actress, and playwright, eagerly sharing the lessons learned from trauma and has brought out the stories that unite us all through her writing, mixed media art, performance and inspirational speaking.
    As the writer, director and star of the Gutless & Grateful, her one-woman autobiographical musical, she's toured theatres across the country, earning accolades since it’s BroadwayWorld Award-nominated NYC debut.    As a visual artist, her works have been featured in esteemed solo exhibitions, and her mixed media  workshops emphasize creativity as an essential mindset. 
    To celebrate her own “beautiful detour”, Amy created the #LoveMyDetour campaign, to help others cope in the face of unexpected events. To improve student mental health, Amy developed a program combining mental health advocacy, sexual assault awareness, PTSD education and Broadway Theatre for college campuses. 
    Amy is currently touring the country with her one-woman musical, Gutless & Grateful, keynote presentations, workshops and signature talkbacks, with specialized versions for corporations, college campuses, survivors, healthcare professionals, and artists.  
    Connect with Amy at www.AmyOes.com 
    Learn to love yourself with our 2 Minutes 2 Happy practice at www.40DayLoveFest.com

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    L.I.T.E. Radio ~ How spiritual tools help you

    in Self Help

    Find out how spiritual tools assist you on your journey and what they don't do.

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    Morning Coffee - The Beach Can Calm Your Emotions (Replay)

    in Motivation

    If you missed the last episode this is your opportunity to catch up on some great information from Dr. Patty. How the beach can be a great place to have a little summertime getaway from the stress of your daily exisitence.
    7:30 am Wednesdays, "Morning Coffee," host Dr. Patty Fitzhugh:
    Grab a cuppa joe for your body, while Dr. Patty's inspirational messages fire-up your mind!

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    "Community Matters" This Week - 435

    in Self Help

    News Of The Week Show ~~ Please click on both these links to see our "News of the Week" for July - Week 1 from: LACP.org and NAASCA.org ~~ Join our founder and host, Bill Murray, co-hosts MJ Goyings, Carol D. Levine and other LACP & NAASCA family members, as they invite you to help them discuss the public safety and child abuse related news and crime stories of the week from each of our two national sister efforts, LA Community Policing and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. Every day we carry new articles based on current events on both our web sites. Look for them daily in the lower gray portion of our home pages. To make things easy, we collect them all together for this, our two hour long Sunday show .. where community call-in participation is always welcome!

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    The Holy Ghost Teaching Series

    in Motivation

    The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhead. He is a personage of spirit, without a body of flesh and bones. He is often referred to as the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of the Lord, or the Comforter.

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