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For those who know me know that I'm no stranger to LifeWave acupuncture patches. These tiny little patches gave me energy and pain relief when nothing else could (many years ago when I had fibromyalia). So I was pretty excited to hear that LifeWave just released a "happy patch" called Nirvana. And get this..there are NO drugs and NO chemicals and NO stimulants. It even comes with a supplement that supports healthy endorphin production. Ang get this.. the supplement contains a very high virbational seaweed extract. Lucky for us we have the creator of the patch and CEO of LifeWave David Schdmit giving us a behind-the-scenes interview to tell us all about it! Join us to learn: How Nirvana works with your energetic and physical body's system to help boost your mood Who is - and isn't - a good fit for the Nirvana patch and I will even share what has happened for me so far since using it! Be sure to join us live to have your questions answered live by David himself!
  • by Dr Karen Kan
  • in Health
  • 01:30
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