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Join Spiritual Medicine guru, Dr. Karen Kan, holistic physician and energy healer for this radio show so you can learn how to manifest health, happiness and prosperity and express your Soul's Mission, and in doing so, increase the Light and Love in the Universe! Dr. Karen interviews experts in energy healing, spiritual awakening, nutrition, Chinese medicine, Law of Attraction, prosperity and Consciousness. Dr. Karen's fans, students, and clients are Light Warriors - they are sensitive, loving souls, like Indigos, Crystals, Starseeds, Empaths, Hybrids, Walk-ins, and Earth Angels. Once a month, Dr. Karen does a free healing show where you can call in live (or use the chat) to get a mini-reading or mini-healing.

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When someone receives the terrifying diagnosis of cancer, there is almost an immediate thrust into making life-altering decisions and their life becomes immersed into fighting for their life by seeing medical doctor after medical doctor - one hastily made decision after another. Once treatment starts the whole body goes into survival mode just to get from minute to minute. Once treatment ends, they're often told that they can resume life just as it was before the diagnosis. Which more often times than not, causes time to stop dead in its tracks immediately after the diagnosis. For the survivor, there is no resuming life as before. They are often faced with new challenges such as fatigue, frustration, and overwhelm when they are trying to insert themselves back into ?normal? life routines. This is precisely why I am thrilled to have Dr. Katrina a Cox Cancer Freedom Consultant. As the director and founder of the Cancer Remission Mission and through her journey with Cancer Survivors she is witness to the growing global epidemic of cancer. Her calling at the Cancer Remission Mission is to empower survivors with the tools to ReCover their control, ReBuild their bodies and ReStore their lives so they can transform from survivors to thrivers. During this very necessary episode Katrina will cover things such as: Where a survivor can start to regain control Strategies on how to make an individualized plan to rebuild the body Talk about the emotional toll and how to develop strategies to restore For more information on Dr. Katrina Cox and her mission please visit www.equilibriumhealthcaresolutions.com Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy this episode!
  • by Dr Karen Kan
  • in Health
  • 01:30
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