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    Encore: When the Chasm Seems to Wide~The Healing Powers of Grief and Gratitude

    in Self Help

    Life Interrupted Radio welcomes Carole Marie Downing is the author of Singing Beyond Sorrow – A Year of Grief, Gratitude, and Grace, which was written in the year following the death of her husband from cancer in 2012. The book chronicles her personal journey with grief and the process of navigating life as a young widow with a six-year-old son. In this insightful interview Carole shares with us:
    The gift of finding gratitude in each day, even in the midst of loss. Acknowledging and feeling grief in order to make room for joy. Focusing on small steps in the present moment that lead us to embrace life again. You can learn more about Carole and Singing Beyond Sorrow – A Year of Grief, Gratitude, and Grace at cmdowning.com
    @ssayler @GratefulCoach

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    Talk Time with Terry DeRon: Relationship killing behaviors

    in Relationships

    Terry and the crew will discuss behaviors that destroy relationships and how to avoid them.

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    In His Own Words - Paul - Pt. 1

    in Self Help

    Paul will describe his role in promoting the misunderstandings of the higher heart consciousness infusion, and suggest hwo we can help bring the concept to a higher state of balance and understanding

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    #51 Changing your world - Guest: Cynthia M. Ruiz

    in Motivation

    We all have the ability to influence our environment. Many of us don't realize how a simple word of encouragement or even a word spoken out of anger can quickly change a situation. Learning to develop self-awareness gives you the responsibility to be true to who you are, as well as allows you to positively impact the world around you. You are a world-changer. You are a leader.
    Author and Los Angeles City Commissioner, Cynthia M Ruiz is a leader in her community as well as a mentor for inner city women. She shares her personal story of overcoming adversity and ways that she pushed beyond her glass ceiling. She gives wisdom in ways others can do the same.  CynthiaMRuiz.com @CynthiaMRuiz
    For more information about James Miller visit:  www.JamesMillerLifeology.com.  Subscribe to this Podcast and to YouTube channel: JamesMillerLifeology where you will receive daily lessons. At JamesMillerLifeology.com you may enroll in the Lifeology Academy courses created specifically for successful people like you. Consult with James to simplify and transform your life.
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    Making Inspired Choices With Coach Linda - 24 What Are You Grateful For?

    in Self Help

    SHOW TOPIC:  It's Coach Linda's 1st Anniversary Show & it's all about a season of grattitude!  Join her and her special guest Mr Lonnie Williams discuss 2016 in review.  Also expect some of her past guests to stop by and share some of what they're most grateful for as 2016 comes to a close.
    HOST BIO:  Linda Stephens-Jones, CCLC, ACC, provides Christian-based life coaching to individuals & small groups live or via teleconference & Skype across the U.S. & globally. She specializes in helping women to overcome and effectively manage major challenges such as relationship issues, grief, divorce, careers, self-doubt, or lack of purpose.  Her clients discover their strengths & spiritual gifts, gain clarity & start focusing on what matters most to them.  
    GUEST BIO:  Mr. Lonnie Williams.  Retired Sr Vice President of Scientific & Commercial Systems Corporation (SCSC).  Mr. Williams’ stellar record includes managing cross-functional staffs of up to 300 people, from equipment, facilities & transportation to human resources, public safety & training. He is a retired Army LTC, with over 20 years of honorable service with the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Through Mr. Williams’ extensive travels, he has visited or worked on six continents & all but four states in the U.S.!  He is a man with a great faith in God and love of his family, serving, loving and giving wholeheartedly in all of his current endeavors and ministries.  

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    Three Ways to Leverage Law of Attraction and Short Cut Your Way to Finding Love

    in Self Help

    Cindie Chavez is the Love and Magic Coach. Cindie partners with clients to help them regain their self-love and their self-power, to attract their soul mates, create stronger marriages and relationships, find their life purpose, create new businesses and grow existing ones, heal broken hearts, resolve conflicts in relationships, find and develop a spiritual practice that works for them, and gain clarity about the next step to take on their personal journey.
    Cindie is going to join us to talk about three simple ways to find love. Simple being the key word. We have a tendency to make everything more complicated than it needs to be. Finding love is no exception. Cindie is going to walk us through finding love without the stress, drama, and dread a lot of people experience while dating.

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    Min. King Samir Shabazz: Black Survival General Civilization Class

    in Motivation

    Min. King Samir Shabazz: Black Survival General Civilization Class
    Peace and Black Power Family,
    Welcome to the Black Survival and General Civilization Class hosted weekly by the National Minister of Defense of the Black Riders Liberation Party Min King Samir Shabazz broadcasting live weekly on Do Tha Knowledge Radio. This class we will be dealing with a degree of Black survival and general civilization class. This series is designed for those among us who seek to prepare themselves for the inevitable task of emergency preparedness emergency response and survival against the harsh conditions and demands associated with living off the grid. Join us every Wednesday at 1:30pm PST 3:30pm CST 4:30pm EST. Call in live to phone number 515-605-9360 and press 1 with your questions and comments for the host or our premiere guest. Here is the link to listen remotely: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/11/02/min-king-samir-shabazz-black-survival-general-civilization-class

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    Dream Theme Thursday!

    in Motivation

    Dream and See. See and Learn. Learn and incorporate. Incorporate and grow. Grow and change. Dreams can be the bigest part of us giving the everyday us a message or two. What do our dreams mean and what do and why do we have them? Give me your dreams and lets see what they say together. Inbox me or put your dreams right on this page and we will talk about it on Dream Theme Thursday! It is a world of information that we never thought to take on and look at in this way. Tune in and join in on the conversation tomorrow morning at 5:30, PST!

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    SF #273 - When People Piss You Off

    in Motivation

    There are annoying people everywhere in the world and what are you supposed to do when one crosses you while crossing your path?  You’ve got it together.  You’re kind to people.  Not much gets under your skin.  But, every once in awhile, somebody just pushes your button.  Grabbing you by the collar they take you off your high and drag you down to their low.  What do you do then?  When, through no fault of your own, you’re suddenly angry and ready to retaliate.  What can you do... When People Piss You Off!?
    Mordant & Kirsten open the show with tales of irascible ire and irritation.  From people cutting them off in traffic to cursing them out in the parking lot, both your favorite Success Freaks have had their hands full with keeping their tempers while under duress.  Did they manage to do it?  Sometimes, but not always.  Listen in to this episode and get an earful on how to deal with these stressful in-your-face situations.  Sometimes the answer is taking a breath.  Sometimes, it’s trying to see the “other guy’s” point of view.  Or sometimes… you just gotta move on.  Find out for yourself what to do… When People Piss You Off.
    Producer: Mike Woodard Success Freaks on iTunes

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    How To Have a Great First Date

    in Self Help

    Sick of awkward first dates? Tune into Fantasy Dating Radio on Wednesday, November 30, at 5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Eastern to hear Offline Dating Expert, Camille Virginia, share secrets to first date success.
    Camille will give tips on where to go, what to do, what to wear and what to share. We'll talk first date do's and don'ts and provide tips on everything from planning the date to following up.
    Camille Virginia is an OFFline dating expert, giving singles who are burned out with online dating the skills + confidence to find their match in the real world. Get her free gift How to Attract the Right Guy in Under 30 Seconds (without saying a word) at www.MasterOfflineDating.com/FantasyDating.
    Got a question or a story to share? Call 323-870-3965 ask the expert live on the air.
    We dare you.
    About Fantasy Dating: Fantasy Dating provides singles with an alternative to scrolling endless online dating profiles by challenging them to dare to date in real life. Like in other Fantasy Sports, players form leagues, set stakes and compete against each other to earn points. But when they Fantasy Date, they earn points by dating.

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    The Soul Matrix: Give YourSelf Permission, the Anthology

    in Self Help

    This program features author Priya Rana Kapoor and Soul Matrix host, Pauline Capalbo. 
    44 stories about life changes, risk taking, permission, and successful outcomes. Priya and Pauline speak with the contributors of this book about their challenges and how taking risks and giving themselves permission to thrive made all the difference.
    This book is available on Amazon. 

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