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Our families are being torn apart by criminal rings operating in family and probate courts. Our food is unfit to eat. Our air is unfit to breathe, and our water contaminated from the pollution created by GMO's, herbicides, pesticides and fluoride. While we are made sick, those in government and the courts pave the way for the predators. We are under attack, but it isn't from unknown terrorists from the other side of the world. We know these people.....we elected them.

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The Victims and Their Families - of Illegal Immigration Are Being Forgotten GUEST Bonnie Eggle - Bonnie will join the show at 9 pm While the games regarding illegal immigration continue to be played in Washington DC and by... more

Join us this evening as Ken Ditkowsky discusses the case that resulted in him being sanctioned by unbiquitous BAR Association. Why? Ken actually tried to represent his client against the kangaroo probate court. We can't have that! Ken... more

Tonight's guest is Ginger Kathrens, Director of The Cloud Foundation. On March 24, The Cloud Foundation received an anonymous tip that BLM had rounded up and removed 41 free-roaming horses from public lands in northern Wyoming.... more

Please Join Michael and I as we discuss the issue! There is a question that needs to be answered about the children of illegal immigrants that have been raised in this country, but the answer is not citizenship and amnesty. We... more

Florida bill SB 670 moved through the Florida Senate this last week. The bill would provide protection from accountability and responsibility for owners and investors in nursing homes. In the end, it would also limit the amount that could... more

Please call in the last half hour of this 2 hour show if you'd like to ask questions. Tonight's guests include: Marjorie Farabee, Director of Wild Burro Affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Equine Manager of Todd Mission Ranch (home of... more

My brother Mike has been in approximately 13 institutions over the years as Chevron Workman's Compensation insists that Mike be with professionals. None of these institutions (including a community based center) has... more

Please join Ruthie this Thursday March 27th, 2014 8-10 pm CST KENT TERRY - Brother of slain Border Agent Brian Terry Kent Terry will join the show at the top of the 9:00 O'clock Hour Kent has been my guest previously - it was heart... more

Mike Cutler joins us for some real talk on the immigration situation. BIO for Mike Cutler: My career with the former INS spanned some 30 years. I began my career as an Immigration Inspector, assigned to John F. Kennedy... more

Join us tonight as we discuss various laws that are surfacing in several states that address the targeting and exploitation of elderly individuals who have sizeable assets. This exploitation is NOT done by family members or friends. It is... more
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