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Our families are being torn apart by criminal rings operating in family and probate courts. Our food is unfit to eat. Our air is unfit to breathe, and our water contaminated from the pollution created by GMO's, herbicides, pesticides and fluoride. While we are made sick, those in government and the courts pave the way for the predators. We are under attack, but it isn't from unknown terrorists from the other side of the world. We know these people.....we elected them.

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Our guest is Milanne Rehor, a woman who has dedicated 20 years trying rescue the Abaco Spanish Colonial wild horses from their destructive circumstances on Great Abaco Island, in the Bahamas. But, the herd has been reduced to one last mare. Arkwild, Inc., is trying to save what is still here: the last mare (named "Nunki") and her future offspring. Their facebook page is HERE. This radio show is co-hosted by Debbie Coffey, Vice-President & Director of Wild Horse Affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette.
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Join us to day at 2:00pm CST as Rebecca Em Campbell, a true activist discusses the efforts by the public to thwart the installation of SMART meters in their city of Seattle. Along with hundreds of other city residents, Rebecca squared off with... more

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer Voices Carry for Animals is dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals. The Guests will be Laurie Gaston -Marshall Founder of Calling All Angels animal Advocacy,Animal Advocates of Fayette County Tx.... more

Marcia Southwick will co-host this show Join us as we discuss emerging news about the ongoing corruption and abuse in the probate system. Our elderly are more at risk than ever before as the systematic theft of estates and the abuse of... more

Please join Ruthie this Thursday July 24th, 2014 from 8-10 pm CST with GUEST: Jenny Beth Martin, Co-Founder and National Coordinator of the TEA Party Patriots. Jenny Beth will join the program at the top of the 9 O'clock hour Ruthie... more

ALERT! BLM to obliterate Wyoming wild horses! Wild Horse Freedom Federation warns of the impending eradication of Wyoming's wild horses. Our guest is CAROL WALKER, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom... more

Debbie Dahmer will host this show. Homeless people and homeless pets find each other and live on the streets together. Each comforts and protects the other. These attachments are profoundly emotional. With the help of Angel Hanz and... more

Connie Lee, founder of will join us at 7:30 pm CST to talk abut her organization. Hopefully we can develope a similar organization for addressing the rampant abuse of the elderly at the hands of predatory... more

Please join Ruthie this Thursday July 17th, 2014 8-10 pm CST with GUEST: LEE BRECHT - Lee will join the program at the top of the 9 O'clock hour. Lee is with Overpasses For America - Iowa As you know this weekend is the largest... more

Time rescheduled! The shows will be archived, so you can listen anytime. Our guest is KAREN SUSSMAN, who has served as president of the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB), the oldest wild... more

This show will be co-hosted by "The Dahmenator" (Debbie Dahmer) Please join us as we discuss shelters, and adopting pets. Howard Epstein joins us this evening from Los Angeles to talk about pet adoption and why some breeds may... more
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