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Our families are being torn apart by criminal rings operating in family and probate courts. Our food is unfit to eat. Our air is unfit to breathe, and our water contaminated from the pollution created by GMO's, herbicides, pesticides and fluoride. While we are made sick, those in government and the courts pave the way for the predators. We are under attack, but it isn't from unknown terrorists from the other side of the world. We know these people.....we elected them.

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Hosted by Debbie Dahmer Guest: Matt Dominiguez- Public Policy Manager for the Humane Society of the United States Farm Animal Protection Campaign.. GAG ORDER With "ag gag" bills, Big Ag seeks to stifle reform Inside windowless barns, sows chewed the bars of their gestation crates, confined so tightly that they couldn't even turn around. Brown puddles had formed from a diarrhea outbreak. And piles of dead piglets were being gutted—so that their intestines could be fed to their mothers. These images would have remained hidden there in Owensboro, Kentucky, if HSUS undercover investigators hadn't videotaped the dark reality. It was hard to watch, but critical: The feeding of pigs to pigs violated state law. Other practices seemed to violate human decency. ?At the end of the day,? an investigator reported, a sow ?started making the worst sound I have heard since I started working [here]. I ran to her and she had gotten her nose in between the leverage bar that opens and closes the feed trough and a bar on her cage. … [She] scraped her nose about an inch long [leaving] her mouth bleeding.? If proposed ?ag gag? laws are passed, moments like these will stay concealed from the American public. Introduced in state legislatures around the country the last few years at the behest of the meat, dairy and egg industry, the bills seek to criminalize whistleblowing by making it illegal to take video or photos on factory farms or to seek employment for the purpose of exposing abuse and food safety problems. They also sometimes require mandatory reporting with impossibly short timelines so that whistleblowers must ?out? themselves and no pattern of abuse can be documented.
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In February 2014, Jon Massey was convicted of molesting his girlfriend's daughter "Ruby". Massey in a Jefferson County, New York court room. Facing a 25 year to life sentence, Massey committed suicide on his way to the prison and died... more

Join us this evening as we expose the persecution and false charges levied against Cary Crittendon in California. Cary is currently held at Elmwood Correctional Facility charged with parole violations (non-specific). A May 4th... more

Guest: Carole Herman After a three-year uphill battle with apathetic officials, files that mysteriously disappeared, several closures of her Aunt's case with no action, and a pattern of stonewalling by state agencies created to protect patients from... more

Our guest is Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation who will talk about BLM's plans to sterilize wild horses, the many deaths of the recently captured Wyoming "checkerboard" wild horses, the BLM's... more

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer Guest will be Sarah Hanneken- ALDF - Animal League Defense Fund Law Clerk. Sarah will discuss her experience of going to law school and pursuing a career in animal law. And Sarah will also discuss the... more

Neil Shelton joins us this evening to discuss parental alienation at the hands of corrupt family courts. Also joining us is Raquel Okayay who who has investigated and written about the bias of family courts in favor of those with the most... more

Dr. Toby Watson Dr. Watson is the Clinical Director of Associated Psychological Health Services and he is the former Chief Supervising Psychologist for the State of Wisconsin-Dept. of Corrections-KMCI, and the former Executive... more

Tonight's radio show will be hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation Our guest tonight is Erik Molvar, M.S., Sagebrush Sea Campaign Director for WildEarth Guardians. Erik Molvar joined... more

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer Guests will be Cindy Marx-Sander Co-founder Community Action for Animals & Patrice Gilgan Elder Abuse Gerald's Story Be A Voice for the Voiceless.. We are their only hope to carry on.. STAND... more

Guests: Sylvia Hooper & Dorin Matthews Co-founders of Foster Parents Advocacy FPA Foundation is taking on the system in an effort to stop the forced drugging of foster children. It works to change the U.S.... more
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