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Get your weekly horoscope, up to date astrology topics, and chat about what's up in that crazy, wild sky with your favorite star child-oh yeah, Zoe Moon. Thursday nights at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific.

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It's our last week of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer and our last week of July, what still needs to be left behind, rekindled from the past or reworked in the ongoing situation? Mercury will help rethink things while Venus takes up new residence in Leo and starts a new chapter with love and income, women and beauty interests. Mars is quite active here in the week ahead stimulating lots of passion or anger and motivating us to do soemthing about love or income, women or beauty. While the Sun goes at it with Uranus for some real shake-ups, shockers, surprises, or excitement. Tune in, here how your sign sits in the mix.
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While Mercury was Retrograde in Leo each astrology sign was reworking, releasing or rekindling things with lovers or children, creatie projects or recreational pursuits in different areas of life. In the week ahead Mercury... more

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Mercury Retrogrades in Leo this week and meets up with Mars so we are going to have some real activity with our exit, return to the past or reworking of ongoing scenarios and Leo themes. Mars will then go on to challenge Uranus on... more

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We have a Gemini New Moon in our week ahead opening up all kinds of new opportunities for sales, writing, interviews, talks, offers, and more. We also have the ruler of this sign, Mercury, heading into Cancer where he'll be ruled by the... more

I'm covering what is going on in our week ahead astrologically so tune in, hear how youur zodiac signs horoscopes are looking!

Full Moons are emotional, Scorpio Full Moon's are tsunamis. We are reaching an epic peak with something herei in the week ahead and it's about financial, sexual, reproducitve, divorce, death, birth, triangles, jealousy, manipulations, power, or... more