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    The Mystery of the Pyramids

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    Join us live to air when we investigate the mystery of the Pyramids especially in Bosnia!

    What healing powers to the pyramids have as well as electromagnetic properties?

    Bosnian Pyramids are the highest pyramids in the world and the first ones found in Europe. They are currently the most active archeological site in the world. 

    Dr. Sam Osmanagich become renowned expert on pyramids by investigating these structures in China, Mauritius, Egypt, Canary Islands, Peru, Guatemala, Bolivia, Honduras, Mexico and other countries. Osmanagich was admitted as a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences of Moscow, one of the most respected scientific institutions of the world. Osmanagich holds PhD in Mayan studies. He is a member of the Archeological Society of Alexandria and a Director of the Center for Archeology at the American University in Sarajevo.

    In 2005, dr. Sam Osmanagich discovered the first pyramids in Europe near the town of Visoko, Bosnia-Hercegovina. In 2008, Dr. Osmanagich hosted an archeological conference in Sarajevo which fueled controversy about his discovery, dividing the archeological community. Excavation on the vast complex has been ongoing and run by his non-profit foundation since 2006 compiling more and more evidence to validate his claims. To date, the excavation has yielded 5 pyramids of various sizes as well as a vast labyrinth of underground tunnels and a pyramid that is 30% larger than the largest structure of the Giza Plateau. Dr. Osmanagich is the principal investigator of this project which yielded some of the pioneering electromagnetic measurements in the pyramids.

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    Asket and the pyramids of Giza

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    The ship zoomed high into the sky and then became just as invisible as the one which brought me here and which had now invisibly remained behind, left in the tangle of rocks.
    Deep below, I recognised a sea in the early light of the approaching morning, which, in my estimation, could only be the Mediterranean Sea, which immediately also turned out to be correct.
    But the ship had already crossed over the sea and sank quickly down to Earth.
    I was able to discern gigantic pointed structures below us, which, shadowy in the morning light, stood deep below in the desert: pyramids.
    We plummeted down into Egypt - to the pyramids of Giza.
    But why, I did not yet know, because until then Asket had still not said a word to me about that.
    So I also did not know that this was to be the actual beginning of the mission which had been passed to me.
    I was not left unclear for very long about precisely which place the goal of this flight was to be, because, already in the next moment, the tempo of the descent diminished quite rapidly, without me feeling something myself.
    And now the sinking became a gentle floating, down to a great pyramid which I had very well in my memory from many pictures - the Pyramid of Giza.
    I recognised it by the gigantic "animal-human" which, as a statue, stood not far from the Great Pyramid.


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    Crystalline Pyramids

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     In 2012, a U.S. and French joint-research term discovered two giant pyramids, larger than those in Egypt, 2000 meters below the surface of the Bermuda Triangle, a discovery that was independently verified by teams from both countries.  Jason discusses what was described as on the ocean floor and other pyramids in the Atlantic that have been popping up since the 1970s!
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    What's So Great About the Egyptian Pyramids?

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    Did you know that many pyramids in Egypt were covered in white, red and black polished limestone?  This week on Conundrum with Cougar and Slider, we take you to Egypt and look into the mysteries surrounding not only the Great Pyramid, but many other pyramids along the Nile River.  Join us this Thursday, April 10th at 5:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Central, and 10:00 PM UK.

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    The Anunnaki (People from the Sky)–as Sumerians called the Nibirans who came to Earth--set out Earth’s pyramids on Earth at Giza and Tiahuanaco. At both Earth sites, the Anunnaki placed the pyramids exactly as they’d set out Mars’ pyramids just west of Alalu’s statue at Cyndonia.

    On both Mars and Giza, the Nibirans marked their pyramids’ entrances with statues. 
    Click link below for web radio commentary, an article and photos that’ll blow your conceptions.


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    Pyramids, Pyramids Everywhere on Earth!

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    Today I will be talking about the fact that we are beginning to realize that there are pyramids on every continent.  One of the ways we know this is from geologists studying the Earth's crust, and another way is from satellite imaging.  Most of them have been covered for thousands and thousands of years by soil and other vegetation, including trees. 
    There is clearly a lot of resistance to open disclosure of these pyramids, especially by the governments of the world and the established academic organizations. The question is WHY? We know there are pyramids in Egypt as well as in Mexico and Central America, but there is an enormous resistance to acceptance of pyramids elsewhere on the planet. Today we will talk about that.
    Host Lois Wetzel, MFA, authored two books thusfar, "Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives," and "EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!" Available on Amazon/Kindle

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    Friday FARcast- Bosnian Pyramids And Bigfoot

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    From the mysterious mounds of Bosnia where ancient pyramids seem to have been unearthed to the North American wild, where Bigfoot roams, we're exploring the far edges of history, science and the origins and nature of life on Terra.

    In the first hour, I'll be joined by Thomas Hughes, a man who claims that he has a telepathic connection with Bigfoot.  Hughes, who stands around 6'7 was struck by lightning when he was twenty-two and since then, he's had an ability to tap into psychic realms, including the minds of Bigfoot.  We'll find out a lot more about Sasquatch and Hughes experience with the mysterious Bigfoot.

    In hour number two, I'll be speaking with Dr. Sam Osmanagich, a Houston based, researcher from Bosnia who has published ten books on antrhopology including his two latest, "Ancient History From Beyond The Veil" and "Pyramids Around The World & Lost Pyramids Of Bosnia."  "Dr. Sam" as he likes to be called has been tunneling and excavating through what appears to be the largest pyramids on the planet.

    Join us as we go as far as the virtual airwaves and your sense of possibility will take us.



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    Natalie-Marie Hart Interviews Dr. Carmen Boulter about the Bosnian Pyramids

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    Dr Carmen Boulter is the creative fire behind The Pyramid Code. She is the Director, Producer, and writer of the series. Carmen has had an unshakable passion for Egypt traveling there 28 times. Through embassy support, Carmen did extensive research in the archives of the Egyptian Museum gaining official access to the Rare Books Library of the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University where the field notes of excavations done around the pyramids in the early 1900s are held. Carmen is the author of Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness. Over the past decade, Carmen has been a university professor developing online curriculum. Her latest achievement is Interactive-U.com, an online learning and social action network.






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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Tom Danheiser Coast to Coast AM Scoop & Clyde - Pyramids!

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    Celebrating our 2nd Year Anniversary with 2 Guests!

    First Guest:  Coast to Coast AM's producer Tom Danheiser joins us to share behind the scenes scoop of the very popular & syndicated show hosted by George Noory.  Paranormal, Ghosts, Aliens & Conspiracies - find out tonight how a producer from LA became part of the story!

    Second Guest:  Clyde Chafer, publisher of The Journey Magazine joins us to discuss the upcoming The Journey Expo featuring George Noory of Coast to Coast AM and the Pyramid!  Explore the world of Energy Healing under Pyramids to balance and inspire you. 

    Coast to Coast AM:  http://www.coasttocoastam.com

    The Journey Magazine:  http://www.thejourneymag.com


    Twitter:  @PsychicMelinda

    FB:  https://www.facebook.com/psychic.melinda

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     Jonette will be in Bosnia interviewing Dr. Semir Osmanagich, Ph.D. who in 2005 discovered a complex of pyramids including what is now recognized as the world’s largest pyramid—designated as the Pyramid of the Sun. The site was immediately recognized by Osmanagich for the exact orientation of the faces of the pyramid to the cardinal directions. Subsequent discoveries have revealed a large complex of other monuments and interconnecting tunnels. There are also unusual electromagnetic beams detected radiating from the Pyramid of the Sun. All of the structures are at least 12,000 years old with some radio carbon dating showing the pyramid to be at least 24,800 years old. The find is rocking the world of ancient history. Jonette is in Bosnia doing research in order to lead a spiritual tour there in the autumn of 2015.

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    The Secrets Of The Pyramids

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    Dr. Rita Louise will be joined on Just Energy Radio this week by Carmen Boulter to talk further about the mysteries of the pyramids.
    About Carmen Boulter
    Professor at the University of Calgary, Carmen Boulter presented accumulated evidence and research, which suggests to her that levitation and advanced knowledge were used to construct the numerous pyramids in ancient Egypt. Her past life recall as a child led her to seek physical evidence for her visions of temples, pyramids and ceremonies. This quest brought her to Egypt 23 times, where she conducted extensive academic research, and field work around the Great Pyramid.

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