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    Community Mediation: Empowerment and Dialogue

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    During the month of July, please enjoy these previously recorded shows. We will return live every Tuesday night beginning August 5, 2014. Enjoy the summer!

    In many communities around the country there are community mediation centers supported by volunteer mediators.  Community Boards of San Francisco is the oldest community mediation center in the country, started in 1976.  The philosophy of community mediation centers is to empower community members to resolve their own disputes rather than resorting to courts or other outsiders to do it for them. Participants in mediation have found that the process helps them feel heard, and increases their understanding of themselves and the other person as well.  Community Boards has handled thousands of cases in its 36 year history, and has helped 85% of those who use their mediation services reach a successful agreement.

    Cordell Wesselink, is Mediation Program Manager of Community Boards. He has a Master’s Degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding from California State University at Dominguez Hills. He is a mediator and facilitator, and also teaches meeting facilitation skills for Community Board.

    Zena Zumeta, internationally known as both a mediator and trainer of mediators. She is president of the Mediation Training & Consultation Institute, Zena Zumeta Mediation Services, and The Collaborative Workplace in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Zena is a lawyer and a former president of the Academy of Family Mediators.

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    Narrative Mediation: Loosening the grip of conflict

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    Narrative mediation is a culturally focused practice that is based upon the notion that our lives are shaped by the stories that people tell about us and by the stories that we tell ourselves. The goal of the narrative mediator is to co-author stories that highlight strengths and competencies, rather than conflict. It helps people separate themselves from conflict-saturated stories and gives them the opportunity to re-author relationships in more peaceful, cooperative, and respectful ways. From this alternative position, the resolution of conflict can often happen much more smoothly and effectively than in traditional problem-solving approaches.

    Dr. Gerald Monk is a Professor in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology at San Diego State University and has a primary role in training Marriage and Family Therapists. Gerald is a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist in California and a mediator and trainer in collaborative divorce practices and a conflict resolution consultant in health care. Gerald worked as a psychologist and mediator in New Zealand for fifteen years prior to moving to the United States in 2000.

    For more Information:  Dr. Gerald Monk

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    Free Mediation for Bloggers

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    This is a free meditation for bloggers, writers and those that inspire to become one. We blog for the greater good. We are Social Storypreneurs and Social Entreprenuers that want to change the world thorugh our blogs. 

    Enjoy and please visit our site to let know if you were inspired. 



    Bobby & Stacey 

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    Use Mediation to Resolve Disputes

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    Today we will discuss how to mediate a dispute. What is mediation, you ask?  Mediation is a process of bringing people together to meet and talk about what is bothering them, and to do so in a civil, productive manner.  The goal of mediation is for the parties to agree upon a reasonable compromise between their positions and move on with their lives.  The overarching goal is to foster improved harmonious relationships for all persons involved.  

    In each of our Harmony Keys broadcasts, we talk about what we call the three harmony words:  LISTEN, LEARN, and LOVE.  These three action words play an integral role in mediation.  You might say, "Oh no, Dr. Joan!  Love cannot be part of mediation because there is usually so much anger tied up in the dispute."

    Yes, there can be anger and anxiety and a whole host of other negative emotions mixed up in a disagreement.  But listen to this broadcast to find out why LOVE is indeed a key element of mediation.  You'll find the answer at the end of the Mediation Segment.

    If you are experiencing relationship issues at home, at work, or at play, then listen to all of the Harmony Keys podcasts to hear Dr. Joan describe alternative solutions. Follow along as she presents keys for harmony. 

    A portion of each program is devoted to the reading of Dr. Joan's published stories about human disputes.  She is currently reading from her first novel Gra Im Thu! I Love You!  The story is about two Irish families who find themselves intermarrying, although they are poles apart in the areas of religion and politics. Tune in and listen to the story, as the O'Grady and Gwynn families learn to solve their potato encounters and develop a method for whipping up delicious mashed potatoes.  Find out how diversity and harmony can live in the same house.

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    Describing the Mediation Process with Mediation Panel

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    The following panel discusses their experience as divorce mediators and how to help, educate and empower individuals at various stages of the divorce process:
    Mediator Barb North of Win Win Training and Mediation has been mediating for over 20 years and has a particular expertise in conflict management training and mediation in sensitive areas, including divorce mediation.  Her website is www.winwintraining.com
    Beth Esrey is a private mediator working with families in conflict who want to resolve differences respectfully, privately and effectively.  Her website is www.esreymediation.com. 
    Jennifer Safian has a private practice as a divorce and family mediator in NYC. In addition to working with people going through divorce, Jennifer mediates  trial separations, separations, pre nups and post nups, post divorce as well as other family conflicts.  Her website is www.safianmediation.com.   

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    The Drama of Mediation: Debra Oliver

    in Education

    Debra Oliver, founder of Common Ground Mediation Services, truly exemplifies what it means to be at the frontlines of mediation. She comes from a background that the rest of us read about in novels or see in the movies. Born in Hollywood, CA to her own version of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, she studied at the Julliard School of the Performing Arts, Drama Division then spent time traveling, studying Eastern philosophy and having a family. She also lead a San Francisco theater company and hosted a weekly radio show about consciousness-raising.

    Debra discovered mediation in 1989 and knew she had found her calling. She handles complex and eventful cases many mediators only dream of - including situations like that portrayed in Robert Redford's film, The Milagro Bean Field War. From mediating with gang membes and police offices to handling explosive divorce cases, her's is an exciting and fulfilling practice.

    Listen for her story about how a pecan pie restored justice to a terrorized family. This show promises to surprise and inspire you. 

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    Elder Care Mediation

    in Caregiving

    On today's show, I am pleased to welcome Doris Haas and Bonnie Para from Elder Care Mediation in Florida to our show.  Doris and Bonnie are both Florida Supreme Court Mediators with extensive experience in senior care. 
    Families are complex entities, and it is not unusual for submerged anger or conflict to boil up in times of stress. Siblings can often find it difficult to work together to help their aging parents, especially when there is unresolved conflict between them.  It can feel impossible to think about being together to make decisions regarding the well-being of their parents. Hence the need for Elder Care Mediation! 
    Our episode on Tuesday will surround the importance of Elder Care Mediation and why having an objective third person involved in the process is beneficial to everyone. Through our conversation with Doris and Bonnie, we will all learn how to 'Be A Healthy Careiver!'

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    Mediation and the Art of Leadership with Gina Rae Hendrickson

    in Training

    Gina Hendrickson, Trainer, Speaker, Negotiation Coach and founder of ACCORD Mediation Services shares the benefits of leadership strategies to effectively implement team work mindsets in the workplace.

    As the founder of ACCORD Mediation Services, Gina has been a professional negotiator for over eighteen years for a variety of industries, from hi-tech to health care.  ACCORD Mediation Services provides training and coaching for developing core competencies in negotiation and conflict for leadership in today's challenging workplace. 

    Results have been managers that provide leadership for helping employees work productively together, reengage with their job, and improve performance. High level negotiators improve their sales and contract negotiations. Teams synergistically work together by leveraging their strengths and having productive dialogue.

    Listen in to learn Gina's expertise.

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    Empathy in Mediation

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    Journey to Empathy



    Empathy in Mediation with Martin Golder interview by Mary Damianakis

    Empathy is a way of relating to others around you that recognizes the oneness of a common humanity. Sympathy is felt for the 'other'.

    The journey that I have been on is from a somewhat sociopathic approach to my fellow beings in which I came to recognize that empathy was about the most powerful tool in the human spectrum.  Mechanical empathy is a way to apply empathy in a situation in which you may not feel it. Gradually the practice of mechanical empathy shifts the practitioner into a truly empathic person. The brain plasticity responds to practice, practice, practice by shifting the 'going through the motions' into a true and easy feeling of genuine oneness with all life forms.


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    Mediation Station - Deep Talk, Deeper Understanding

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    The Texas Conflict Coach radio program's mission is to raise awareness and educate the general public and our communities about conflict resolution and peace building. In doing so, we are collaborating with Mediation Station in Toronto, Canada to encourage deeper understanding through meaningful talk and deeper listening when we find ourselves in conflict. Join us as we introduce Gregg Fenten, Founder and Host of his 9 year live, radio program, Mediation Station on CHHA 1610 AM Voces Latinas.

    Gregg works as a transformation consultant doing mediation, facilitation, training, conflict coaching, mentoring and consulting work focused on relationship and societal transformation.

    Currently, Gregg’s professional activities include working at the Family Law Information Centre at the Family Courts in Toronto, Canada, as a coach with the York University Certificate in Dispute Resolution Program, as a Dispute Resolution Educator with the York University Advanced Certificate Program and as a consultant/trainer on the “Turning Things Around” Project assisting youth focused from the Somali, Caribbean and South Asian communities with skills and knowledge regarding conflict, violence and safety experiences and issues in the community.

    In addition, Gregg produces and hosts a weekly radio program called Mediation Station on CHHA 1610 AM Voces Latinas performed live in English each Sunday from 8 to 9 p.m. EST in Toronto, Canada and also coordinates a community mediation walk-in service each Monday.  Gregg utilizes his extensive work experience as a mediator and case manager to provide high quality services using a compassionate approach.
    Please contact Gregg at (1)-647-227-4734 and greggf@primus.ca for more information.

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    What is divorce mediation?

    in Legal

    This podcast will explore the use of mediation in a divorce proceeding and will also discuss the “pros” and “cons” in using mediation.

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