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  • Power Points of Prayer

    in Lifestyle

    For the best of the best in Prayer Teaching listen daily at 5:30!  Call a friend.  Share a miracle.

  • When will you elect a President like me - please - it's 4 our own good & world

    in Elections

    Wherever you are, either within or outside the political spectrum, you should have doubts, disappointments and the desire to correct the mess which is our political government and its politically appointed officials & elected representatives. I am neither of those nor ever intend to be one. I wish to serve our country and you as President. Please excuse such a big statement. I know it's important statement. It's almost audacious, almost preposterous, except for you and me, if only, you can weather my broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio - not for a moment compromising your views, but expanding on what is better. Although not bigger than conventional radio, Blog Talk Radio is the only medium open to me for a presently unknown and presently insignificant person. But, imagine, for this moment and more to come, Clinton vs. Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election: a person of the people ( not of a party ) VERSUS politics, PACs, political influence, political contributions, campaign banners, buttons and tv ads. 
    I am for everything better and good. I present myself without the aid of campaign financing or political endorsements. I come to you, as in the old days, by word of mouth and the ride by light of Paul Revere. 
    I am capable of this feat. The same may be said of you.
    I am thankful for your time and consideration...
    I am thankful for our country..
    ( c2it ) 
    i am Curtis Clinton, Curt Clinton & c2 

  • Interview with the team of Free the Mojave Dolphins from the Mirage Las Vegas

    in Environment

    The Mirage has a tourist trap called the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, though the public prefers the Dolphin Death Pool. These dolphins are subjected to the unforgiving Mojave sun as well as fumes from the highways surrounding Sin City. MGM properties are the largest owners on the Strip, and we will not let them get away with animal abuse any longer!
    Free the Mojave Dolphins
    Free the Mojave Dolphins Facebook
    Free the Mojave Dolphins Twitter
    More details to come!

  • Movie talk segment of a famous Bollywood MovieUmraoJaan-1981-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi

    in Entertainment

    Movie talk segment of a famous Bollywood Movie-Umraojaan-Released 1981-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi
    I will talk about the 1981 released famous Bollywood movie-Umrao Jaan film, directed by Muzaffar Ali.To see the whole movie before the show to be part of the discussion please go to the following you tube link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3JwIRye_lE
    If you want to ask questions related to the movie please let me know through the contact information on my website:
    If I am unable to answer any of your questions I will send it to the producer anddirector of the movie Muzaffar Ali to answer them. So friends please come in great numbers to listen to this episode full of Bollywood Masala Chat about this movie!!
    I am a Bollywood expert!!!
    This episode will also be not only educative but filled with fun talk. I believe in learning the fun way!!!
    Dr.Afshan Hashmi


    in Christianity


  • Dr. Steven Friedman of Acutonix Health Solutions on "Food Sensitivities"

    in Health

    For over two decades, Dr. Friedman has been practicing Chiropractic & Chinese Medicine. He began practicing in Beverly Hills, Calif, but has practiced in the Tampa, Lutz, Sarasota Florida areas for over twelve years. In his current South Tampa practice, he uses a unique assortment of techniques that combine Eastern & Western approaches to well-being, providing individualized treatment protocols for each patient
    Dr. Friedman would love to talk with you >  813-258-1545 Web address is www.DrFriedmanWellness.com  He is committed to helping people help themselves!
    Food Sensitivities is becoming more and more of interest to the general public and rightfully so. We are made according to Nature and we need to be eating as such. There are many reasons for Food Sensitivities & you will want to be sure to tune in to this informative Interview with Dr. Friedman. Please share with your loved ones and friends!  Dr. Friedman will be joining us again throughout these next several weeks with equally interesting topics. Be sure to stay tuned and remember these Interviews are Archived for 24/7 listening.
    Questions or to inquire about MindYourBodyandSpirit radio show and or our how you can become a part of our National/touching Int'l Healthy Referral Newspaper that began in 1989 call 216-533-2273   www.Scribd.com/HealthyReferral  www.HealthyReferral.com
    THANK YOU ALL for your continued support!!
           marchia & tom

  • Darwin to Hitler: Was Hitler Influenced by Social Darwinist ideology?

    in Politics

    The 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War has occasioned much discussion about  the nature of German militarism prior to the outbreak of hostilities in the sumer of 1914.  Coupled with this is the question of the link of Wilhemine Germany to the rise of Nazism and the perpetration of the Holocaust.  Join us for an hour long interview with Professor Richard Wiekart, author of the newly published From Darwin to Hitler:  Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics and Racism in Germany, when we will discuss these issues and in particular how Wilhemine Germany was involved in its own form of racist ideology which spurred hostilities in 1914.

  • Week 3 NFL Preview! Week 4 NCAA Football Preview! & Another MLB Update!

    in Sports

    I'll break down what to expect from the world of Football for this upcomming weekend! I got week 3 information for you in order for you to key on certain things to watch on Sunday. When it comes to Saturday, expect some more upsets as college football to this point has truly reared it's head showing the parity across the country! I'll break that down for you as well, especially the big time games this weekend! Of coarse, ANOTHER MLB UPDATE! OCTOBER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

  • Recent Sacred Ceremonies to Clear the Joints and Audios you will want to hear !

    in Spirituality

    The show that explores the unfolding miracles mysteries and mysticism through the sacred teachings of world renowned mystic Almine  
    Tonights show we discuss our experiences using Almine's  most recent sacred tools as a way to remove matrices and grids / belief systems and so forth 
    The profoundity is when you actually integrate what has occurred is beyond words 
    Also some Very interesting audios 

  • Becky Bookamiliar Club

    in Books

    BECKY, Host of Becky Bookamiliar Club is pleased to bring your great shows one episode at a time. You are cordially invited to come to her show by cslling (347) 205-9535 at the scheduled showtimes. Come one come all and see and hear what great author will be feathered on this great show. Every genre and all subject matter is open for discussion. Thursday is the day and 530pm est is the time. Come and enjoy the show

  • The So Called Nobody's with Host Ronnie Kokas

    in Entertainment

    My guest are people I meet along the way who aren't big time actors that are pursuing their dreams and how their battling with living in New York City and overcoming the obstacles.
    My first guest is Entrepreneur Arlene Brown -Mitchell and she will speak with me about her career, book and many other things like the upcoming film that is about to go into production soon staring yours truely me Ronnie Kokas! 
    You can check out the website at: http://arlenebrownnetwork.ezweb123.com                                                             Her book is available at http://amazon.com/Arlene-Brown/e/B00AAQBPNA                                                        Follow her on Facebook at:https://facebook.com/arlenebrownmedia2                                                                         Follow Her on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/arlenebrownmdia

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