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It's back to business as we prepare for an exciting week starting with the BROTHAS IN SUPPORT OF (Million Woman March 20 Year Reunion) Conference Call....It's time for our REAL BLACK MEN to CHECK IN!!..Some of our guest will include * Fred Hampton Jr. Black Panther Activist * Shakiji Abdul Sr. Executive Director of A&R at Tranzformaz Music Group * Kasim Allah Recording Artist * Fella Soul Recording Artist * Pastor Andre Burson * And many other Strong Concious Brothas!!.. Topics of Discussion will include.. ** ARE YOU CONCIOUS OR UNCONCIOUS!!!.. ** FIGHT BACK!!.. ** STATS & FACTS with Vernetta Kiser ** PROTECT & RESPECT OUR QUEENS..SO THEY CAN DO THEIR THING!!.. ** SET THE EXAMPLE!!.. This is the show on Blog Talk radio that focus on educating..elevating & motivating our listeners to a higher level of awareness & consciousness in order to Empower & Uplifting our Communities around the World!!..Join TEAM DLW to take part in our UNITY MOVEMENT simply by promoting 2-3 local Black Owned Business in your Community..Come on our show & SHOUT THEM OUT!!!..LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!..We're waiting to hear from you..Call in at 515-605-9376..OR you can give your time as a volunteer or coordinator of the Million Woman March Email teamdlw@sbcglobal.net www.facebook.com/teamdlw/
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