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To those of you who are eligible to vote, you should take advantage of it. I'm not here to tell you who to vote for, Jay or Reese, or Ali may give you some suggestions. So many surveys are taken, so much research - and the market masters, the brand machine - don't be fooled into doing nothing. Support the candidate you want to win, for whatever reason. LIsten carefully. Donald Trump has been placed before us, so we can take a serious look at the politics that have an effect on our lives, this world. It is truly deeper than what the eyes are seeing, believe me. KINGS IN THE MORNING - The True eye opener. So many of us are fast asleep, when we should all wake up. 515-605-9376
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Hershel Myers Jr comes from good stock. You can tell by his text messages and his correspondence, he's a good guy. He's a family guy, and a man of God. Was in and out on the Ferguson Missouri Mike Brown ordeal, he's from the St... more

Here on the JKN, Delia Smith (our own Lady Cab Driver, The Corrector) tackles the problems that most people are talking about. She brings it to the table for open discussion. Now with her new co-hosts, Cortney Ann; from REAL N RAW... more

Do ants have names for each other, like we do? Yes, I know, I know - there are hundreds of species of ants all over the world - but look at us. How many Smiths are there? How many Martinez families, or Steins? LOTS. So it isn't too... more

If I am not mistaken, the pre-season of B-Ball is almost done with. There are a lot of people who take interest in these games, but I don't think the teams do. This is probably to shake the cobwebs off, and get a QUICKSCAN look of what the... more

You can feel the knowledge of the sports he brings to you. Trades, scores, you know – WHATS ON THE SPORTS AGENDA. The most complete and vivid sports review/commentary you can find, right here on the JKN with Derek Taylor... more

We enjoy putting the spotlight on some of our most talented people from our area!!..In our segment CELEBRATING OUR OWN we will focus on Playwrite..Director & Actor Fred Anthony Taylor..You may remember him from... more

Dedication is the word that comes to my mind, when it comes to Donald Grammer. Creative is another word - until I met this guy, I never was aware of the type of combinations and mixes DG puts together. This is a sooth groove. This... more

Ever have a premonition? A forethought? A vision? Ever? What about that in the opposite direction? Deja Vu? Dionne Warwick had a song called Deja Vu and Denzel Washington starred in the hit movie, Deja Vu. What is this all about?... more

Real-N-Raw Radio (10/22/2016): Motivating, inspirational, and emotional interview with Nate Williams. Nate Williams: Nathaniel Williams (Nate) is the President of Choices for Freedom, Inc., a nonprofit formed in Alameda County... more