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** There will be an apology issued to all Black Women who've been hurt by a Black man either emotionally or physically..In order for us to unify our people we must first make amends for the hurt we've caused to our Queens!!..We need to value each other to work together & press forward!!..But before that can happen many of us men need to acknowledge the damage we've done to the one's we're suppose to cherish & protect!!..On this week's show I invite Black Men to join us for this segment..Some don't agree with me doing this but it is necessary!!.. ** Then we turn our attention to BLACK ECONOMICS!!.. We take a closer look at our Communities..Cities and the Black Owned Businesses in your areas.. Points of Interest included * Where are the Black Business in the Community??.. * Improving our working relationships??.. * Better training??.. * Increase collaborations!!.. ** HOLISTIC HEALTH with Kamille Dawn Tirzah Join us as we talk with several Financial Professionals about the next step!!..I hope you join us!!.. Thank you!!.. Join TEAM DLW to take part in our UNITY MOVEMENT simply by promoting 2-3 local Black Owned Business in your Community..Come on our show & SHOUT THEM OUT!!!..LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!..We're waiting to hear from you..Call in at 515-605-9376
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