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BOYCOTT SEPT. 26th, 2016..EVERYTHING COMES TO A HAULT!!..EXTREME TIMES CALLS FOR EXTREME MEASURES!!..The senseless killing of Black people will not stop until Black Folks unite as one..Then & only then can we formulate plans that will take us out of our comfort zone..We will discuss these plans on this show..THIS IS OUR UNITY MOVEMENT & PLAN OF ACTION!!..If you want to be a part of the CHANGE tune in to give your input!!..Call in 515-605-9376.. This is the show on Blog Talk radio that focus on educating..elevating & motivating our listeners to a higher level of awareness & consciousness in order to Empower & Uplifting our Communities around the World. Our Topic Includes.. * UNITY MOVEMENT & PLAN OF ACTION with Nate Simpson Black Votes Matter * UPDATE FROM THE FAU with Hershel Daniels Junior Jr. * NFL SCORES * TEA TIME WITH Tish Imstillstanding Hammonds * BOYCOTT ON SEPT. 26th, 2016 EXTREME TIMES CALLS FOR EXTREME MEASURES When Darryl L Williams started doing the show, he brought in a few others, and it was no long just ME MYSELF AND I, but a "WE", so the show was - THE WAY WE SEE IT. After some changes, additions and attrition, the show became – TEAM DLW – because a good talk show requires a good team 515-605-9376. It covers a vast area of subjects and missions - get on the train
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So you don't forget - CONVERSATIONS WITH AMENTI comes on immediately after the FRC. Our new number of contact is 515 - 605 - 9376. She puts her spin on it all - call in, and contribute - AMENTI awaits you! but prior to... more

Welcome to the COOL CRITICS. Started back in August of 2011 - been a while, here we are in FALL/AUTUMN of 2016, and the topic this week - Here is a terrorist supposedly, who bombed New York and injured dozens, and he is still... more

Real-N-Raw Radio (RRR) is a talk show designed to be the common ground for ?we, the people?! Where all races, backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations, can come together and discuss the issue at hand strictly using their own personal... more

One thing you have to say about JGCD, Johnny "Graham Cracker" Davis, I know you haven't seen that in a while, but it is still prominent, is that he is committed. And that takes character. You can't be a stand up guy without it and he... more

Jay King couldn't be a hostage in a movie. Let me explain, wait - the new number is 515-605-9376, write it down for now. 515-605-9376 - Okay, Jay King couldn't be a movie star in a hostage movie, or a prisoner movie. Here's why - you... more

Get your ears ready, and grab your favorite flava. (Flavor for you IDK folks). From the crates of funk, and days when turn tables were the only wheels you ever needed to get your groove on, here he comes!!!! E MACK! Eric McAlister. He will... more

NEW AGE SPORTS, Sports talking with a flare. Excitement and coverage of the hottest events. LETS TALK SPORTS NATION!! – covering the universal world of game, and await your interaction – 515-605-9376. Join Tony... more

Officially FALL, or AUTUMN if you're liking it like that, but it's the same. Happened at about 10:30-ish eastern, which would make it 7:30-ish pacific, but it's here ya'll - and YOU MADE IT. Oh, by the way - 515 605 9376 is the... more

TOPICS TONIGHT ON #HONEYHUSH Don't Fall in Love With My Potential Love me where I am, not where you wish for me to be. The Better Sex Diet: How to Eat Your Way to A Strong Libido The attraction of emotional intercourse. The... more