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Don't under estimate the quality of a person's knowledge. Don't just look at someone and think you know they don't know, when in reality they do. Such is this show, full circle of intelligence in conversation. Come join a high level of awareness with great discussions on issues that surround the world in which we live. Eric Harris, and his brother Mark and their panel of experts, await you. Starting off the day is Renaissance Rappin'. And although ?rappin? is a negative term to a handful, before the genre of ?rap?, people use to say, let me ?RAP? to you, before rap music. And you can tell how far ?hip-hop? which is a cleaner name for ?rappin? has come, it's everywhere, to promote what to eat, what to drive, what make up to put on, where you shop for food consumption. You can never under estimate angles and marketing, and you can't under estimate Eric and Mark Harris, brothers with a cause, and the conversation to illustrate how sharp they can be when they dialogue with you. 347-205-9366 THEN – Hang on to your hats and prepare your EARS for the sound festival they will come to learn to appreciate. KINGS IN THE MORNING – we doin' it baby!! 347-205-9366 is the number for all the JAY KING NETWORK shows function from, so call in, and fall in – we will keep you rolling on the floor ROTF ballin'. Tickles to the brain, and schooling for the insane – you got to try us on, and see how well we fit. Tell your friends, spread the word to your relatives – its ON like POPCORN!
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Today The Real Delia and cohost Mr. DLW discuss The holiday some people call Columbus Day, but which is known by many other names and then ask the question . . .what are all these holidays really all about? Do we need to stop... more

Hope you all had a good weekend. I know I did. Life can be good, in fact life is good ya know? It's MONDAY, and we're asking you to enjoy the show today. Uh-oh I forgot, Robert Redwine is on the show, I think - you never know with... more

THE LAKERS MAYBE BETTER THAN YOU THINK-REBROADCAST FROM 10-11-2014 The Laker Gurl has been a little quiet lately. Maybe it's because BASKETBALL practice is in it's early season, and people are wondering WHAT... more

This is the show on Blog Talk, which kicked off the whole approach. The Way I See It with Jay King. Jay was the original host and from time to time, he'll pop in and throw in his two cents. Relationships, racial divide, sports, political... more

Funky beats, a rhythm that will keep you moving and meditating. One of the better CONNECTIONS you're find on the Internet. Donald Grammer cuts, blends, mixes jazz fusion, like no one else. Music is the universal language. When you have a... more

After the school shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, there have been other shootings, some drive bys, and a RECENT SCHOOL SHOOTING that at the time of these writing had one person killed several injured with the shooter in captivity, Ben... more

Real-N-Raw Radio (RRR) is a talk show designed to be the common ground for ?we, the people?! Where all races, backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations, can come together and discuss the issue at hand strictly using their own personal... more

If you know Johnny Davis, you know he's a good guy, now. He wasn't that way when he was young, and you know what? No one probably could have told him he was going to have a show where he would be throwing down the jamms.... more

Robert Redwine is like JEB BUSH in FLORIDA for the PRESIDENTIAL race - - - NOT DOING SO WELL IN HIS HOMETOWN, HOME STATE. All kidding aside - "what I just said". Redwine needs to have FRESH NEW MATERIAL - I... more