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Truly a character on the positive sense, you can tell by his dialogue that J Ril is on the one, in fact he's on the one, the two, the three AND the four. He has a crew for you to do what he has to do. Momo B, Mr L E S, Dr Princess Odilia and the people who call in. A very very entertaining show if you're down for a display of quality. Jay King says J Ril is the best host on Blog Talk. J Ril is one polished performer with a great cast that he surrounds himself with. Check this show out.
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Gather around your radio to get the ultimate in broadcasting on the Internet. Multiple flavors, complicated situations, entertainment, information and comedy of all sorts with KINGS IN THE MORNING. This show has been going strong for... more

Join in on the views and opinions here by calling 347-205-9366. Every Tuesday here on the Jay King Network.

He started off on Fridays, after KINGS IN THE MORNING, Tony Brown from Detroit, with the mad tunes and spins and entertainment, the way you want it. 347-205-9366 or just simmer back on medium, and get a heavy bite of these... more

Don't under estimate the quality of a person's knowledge. Don't just look at someone and think you know they don't know, when in reality they do. Such is this show, full circle of intelligence in conversation. Come join a high level of... more

From the BASEMENT fame, comes Hershel Myers Jr. This is a true man of God with a real positive spirit and energy supreme. Hershel from the St Louis MO area, he is well experienced with life, and a dedicated family man. This all... more

Real Delia & cohost, Mr. DLW wish Network founder Jay King an early happy birthday & also we start celebrating Black History. Finally there will be a discussion about pros and cons of using Taxis or other ride services such as... more

There is NOTHING like it on the universe. Are there shows with poor taste? Yes, our poor taste, taste good. We have a variety of flavors and we come in all shapes and sizes. Your color? What color do you want, we can special order it.... more

This Sunday we will talk about Kobe Bryant Sitting out the Season and Is Stern to Blame for Current State of the Lakers? Join me and my co-host Larry Hines Call 347-205-9366 and or login into the chat room and make your... more

Ever get caught up in a game? You're watching baseball, or it's the 2nd half of an important football game. You and your high school coach bet on a boxing match or you and your wife are arguing on the stats of Tiger Woods. You wonder... more