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This is the show on Blog Talk, which kicked off the whole approach. The Way I See It with Jay King. Jay was the original host and from time to time, he'll pop in and throw in his two cents. Relationships, racial divide, sports, political views. The new host is Darryl L Williams. 347-205-9366 (the # for all the shows here on the JKN) The archives of THE WAY I SEE IT are available in the demand section for Jay King, but now here's TEAM DLW on the JKN. This is information and education on the serious side. Darryl L Williams shows you LOVE and gives you HAPPINESS. Interviews, music - entermation. (Entertainment & Information). If there is some YOU want to roll your sleeves up and have at it - 347-205-9366. Questions are welcomed, because if you don't ask, how are you going to get the answer? Sometimes opinions may give YOU that extra edge you need to reach your destination. 347-205-9366. And don't feel bad, every time I hear the words Love & Happiness, I can't help but think of Al Green, too -
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Funky beats, a rhythm that will keep you moving and meditating. One of the better CONNECTIONS you're find on the Internet. Donald Grammer cuts, blends, mixes jazz fusion, like no one else. Music is the universal language. When you... more

Have you heard of the COOL CRITICS? Wait until you hear this show. History shows were people are drinking their own urine for health benefits and improved skin conditioning. We were supposed to talk NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS and... more

A guy who truly has a good heart and is easy to get along with. JGCD puts his "spin" on different artists, like Donna Summer or Karyn White (see it's with a Y, not an E), he may do some Rick James or dig deep in the crates to find some... more

What are these guys going to do today? January 30 2015? The world has seen almost a full month of this two thousand fifteen year, with eleven more months to go for a lot of us, but some, you'll see. And you haven't heard all of what... more

Get your ears ready, and grab your favorite flava. (Flavor for you IDK folks). From the crates of funk, and days when turn tables were the only wheels you ever needed to get your groove on, here he comes!!!! E MACK! Eric McAlister. He will... more

Now on every THURSDAY at 2pm pacific / 5pm EASTERN, it's the union of Dave Tolliver from MEN AT LARGE fame, J Milly and L Garth. FULL BELLY RADIO has it all. Excitement and information, Entertainment and education, all you... more

Wouldn't it be funny, if it hasn't happened already that Robert Redwine quit the show. Like he always says, he's about to break up some "stuff" - He then insults Johnny Davis, tells Darryl L Williams how terrible a guy he thinks he is because... more