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    Nicole Goux Returns!

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    Dave Baker catches up with his partner in crime, Nicole Goux!

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    Ep 207: Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen on Career Mapping for Success

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    Join Pleasance Silicki of BookJourneys Radio interview author Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen about the writing and publishing of her book, Make Your Mark: The Smart Nonprofit Professional’s Guide to Career Mapping for Success. 
    As a talent management and staffing expert with twenty years of experience matching employers with talented professionals in the nonprofit sector, Nurys knows all too well, the benefits of making one's mark in his or her career. She's a recognized expert in career mapping and building and is often invited to facilitate workshops. She is the brains behind the "I Love My Job" campaign which was launched in 2012. Know all about her work and what she has to teach in Make Your Mark. 
    Read more and download the transcript: Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen on The Author Incubator

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    Author Penny Altmann on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT
    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)
    Viki Winterton interviews Penny Altmann! 
    By profession, Penny is a portrait artist, however, since she was very young, she has enjoyed writing. Penny has written three children’s books, which she confesses she wrote them just so she could illustrate them and hopes one day to get them all published.
    Penny talks about her latest book, Anna’s War, which seemed to write itself and so Penny decided now was the time to take the plunge and get it out there!

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    Conversations with Sapphire J Blue chats with Author William Jones

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    The Ex-Con, Voodoo Priest, Goddess, and the African King In this day and age, seeing black comic book characters isn’t at all uncommon. In fact, every year we see more and more black superheroes and heroines on television, on the big screen and in the comic books themselves. 
    But this wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t so long ago that black superheroes were few and far between, and the ones that were around had some questionable origins and storylines. In this book, William Jones, founder of Afrofuturism Network, breaks down the origins of four black comic book characters – Luke Cage, Papa Midnite, Storm, and Black Panther – and analyzes their representation throughout comic book history. Whether you’re a long-time lover of comics, an established or aspiring creator or a new and casual fan you’ll find something new as you read about the untold stories of these heroes and get a feel for the future of diversity and representation in the comic book medium.

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    Writing Great Romance- Michigan Avenue Media -Host Marsha Casper Cook

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    Please join Marsha Casper Cook on August 21 at 4EST 3 CST 2 MT 1 PST when she welcomes Leigh Michaels. It's going to be a terrific show!
    Leigh Michaels is the author of more than 100 books, including contemporary romance novels,  historical romance novels, and non-fiction books. More than 35 million copies of her romance novels have been published. Six of her books have been finalists for Best Traditional Romance novel in the RITA contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America. She has received two Reviewer's Choice awards from Romantic Times (RT Book Reviews).
    Her work has been translated and published in 120 countries in more than 25 languages, including Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Africaans, Arabic, Indonesian, and Chinese.
    She is the author of On Writing Romance, published by Writers Digest Books, Writing the Romance Novel, Creating Romantic Characters, and Writing Between the Sexes. She has produced audio programs and written magazine articles on subjects of interest to writers in general. She blogs on reading, writing, and the Regency historical period at http://leighmichaels.blogspot.com. She also writes local history books.
    She teaches romance writing on the Internet at Gotham Writers' Workshop.
    For more about Michigan Avenue Media http://www.marshacaspercook.com

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    S6 E24 Final Farewell with Trisha J. Wooldridge

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    This is the final episode of The 9th Story Podcast. Thank you all so very much for being a part of this journey with us. Our good friend and horror author Trisha J. Wooldridge is here with us today to help send us off.
    This may be the end of The 9th Story Podcast, but it is not the end of our adventures. We are cooking up plenty of new projects including a brand new podcast. You can find the full show notes for this episode here:

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    Your Story is Your Legacy

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    Mimi Emmanuel joins us from Australia to talk about creating a legacy. How we live our life is our legacy. As authors, what we write is our legacy. We cover all the elements of what it means to leave your impression on this world, for now, and always, no matter what path you choose in life. We also talk about book launching and promoting. Mimi is the author of numerous books, including Live Your Best Life and The Holy Grail of Book Launching. The Holy Grail of Book Launching is a step-by-step guide for getting your book noticed before and after you publish. This is the same process she used when launching her best selling and award-winning books. The pictorial that goes along with this show offers a glimpse into my legacy with The Purple Caterpillar, The Alien Transcripts and Weird Combinations of Food Women Crave, and More ... Written by Two Men, and Janet Coursey's The Secrets of Time.

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    Kenyatta Blake Is COOL, Conscious Of Obedient Living

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    Kenyatta Blake - his name is "Cool," but his message is serious; and the message is: “Each and every one of us must be Conscious Of Obedient Living to perfect our Christian walk.”
    Presented in a laid back and "cool" conversational style, this epic and evangelistic personal Christian growth guide will take you on an explorative journey in learning how to WALK MORE IN RIGHTEOUSNESS.
    Cool Blake is a native of the Eastern coast of the U.S.A. and a current resident of the mountain state of Colorado. He is a happily married father of two.
    Dedicated to strengthening his brothers and sisters in Christ, Cool Blake is full of purpose with the passion of giving back and the commitment of spreading the doctrine of the Lord to the body of Christ with a focus on obedient and righteous living for the Kingdom of God.
    When you have read Areas Identified: 7 Aspects of Consciousness to a Righteous Mindset, you will find that this is the game-changer that you have been looking for.   There will be no more excuses of not having the information that you need to change your life.  You should stick to the protocols that make up God’s kingdom which are found in this book and commit to the regimen that follows in the next sentences; attend church, study the word of God, bible study, and stay in prayer.
    Cool’s name is an acronym for Conscious Of Obedient Living.      
    Visit him at: www.facebook.com/kenyatta.blake.92

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    Fathers, Food & Memoir: How to Write & Market a Food Memoir

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    Fathers, Food & Memoir with Dawn Lerman & Crystal-lee Quibell discusses how to write a memoir that includes recipes and family memories. Dawn also shares how she began writing for the New York Times as a food columnist & secured her literary agent.
    Dawn Lerman is the author of My Fat Dad. A certified nutrition expert and contributor to the New York Times Well Blog, as well as the founder of the Magnificent Mommies, a company specializing in personal, corporate and school-based education.
    Crystal-Lee Quibell is the host of Literary Speaking, a weekly podcast dedicated to helping writers learn from best-selling authors, literary agents, and publishers. Founder of The Magical Writers Group, a private teaching forum for writers specifically focused on memoir. She is a champion for the written word, student of publishing and an obsessive book collector with a serious case of wanderlust. A self-described mermaid and witchy woman for life, she believes that life is better with books, chocolate, and the occasional cheese board. Her upcoming essay is to be featured in the forthcoming book, The Magic Of Memoir: Inspiration for the Writer's Journey. 

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    What is Love?

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    Is it feelings and emotions?  Is love simply caring for someone.  Is Loving showing consideration and thoughtfulness to another human being?  
    Should we love purposely or by default?  Should we continue to be kind and love those who don't show us love?  
    Why is Love important?  This show is about LOVING in action.  In creating the course, An Extreme LOVING Experience! people said, "there is already too much emphasis about loving self".  "When we love ourselves too much, it takes away from loving God".  How many of you agree with these statements?  
    You and I - we were born from love!  We signed an invisible contract at our birth to love ourselves.  It is your birthright to love who you are and what you are about.  And, get this - loving yourself is not a special occasion, or a one-time event - it is a daily journey because as you grow in love with you, the world will love you too.
    Know this, self-love is not believing you are better than someone else, it not excusing your mistakes and human flaws; it is simply taking great care of the inner you.  Another benefit of Loving self - the better you care for, appreciate and love yourself grows more love to share with others.  Think on this:  How is it possible for you and me to love someone else if we don't love or even like who we are?
    An Extreme LOVING Experience is a simple reminder the importance of self-kindliness, self-care and self-love.  So -  love you and spread the love on purpose.
    This is the First loving, heart-warming Heart Pump-up eposide.  Heart Pump-ups are designed to inspire - not to impress - to keep you in your own way loving self and loving those you touch.
    Your Host, TR  - Share the love to Be Blessed With Love Always!

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    Where Did Some Well Known Authors Get Their Ideas

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    Writing Ideas
    Dr. Skyler Madison Fontana shares an interesting array of stories on how some well known writer's got their ideas   She sites examples from Neil Gaiman to Mathew Weiner who created Mad Me. She also shares her journey how she came to pursue her calling.  From this, she is helping people to find, develop and write their stories.
    Finding your story is a journey of discovery.  This is what she help writers and aspiring writers to in her Creative Writer's Way Workshops .  While many writers may have an idea or concept for their story, it is often not developed or clarified enough to enable them to fully write and finish the story.  Skyler helps you tap into your creative potential.
    Find more at: http://skylermadison.com/where-did-some-well-know-writers-get-their-ideas/