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    MindKiss Radio

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    General discuusions around things that matter and with people that matters.

  • LIVE!

    Avon Motivational Radio Show

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    This is a weekly Radio show which is designed to uplift and motivate Avon Representatives and assist them in taking their business to the next level.
    Whether you have been an Avon Representative a day or 50 years, this show has been designed to help you.
    Each week our guest will include Life coaches, Authors, Avon Representatives Leaders and Spiritual advisors. This is a show you don’t want to miss! Make sure you have a pen and paper at the computer when logging on!

  • Leveraging the Seat of Government - Washington, DC as the CEO of Me, Inc.

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    Many students and professionals think about a career in government. How do you do it?  Washington, DC is the city of change and transition. How does one in transition bring their great skills and navigate the internal networks of DC? Find out on this episode of Own Your Career.
    Vanessa Kermick is Rod's guest. Vanessa is the Assistant Vice President for Government Relations, handling the PAC, charitable giving, events, and programming for the GR office. Vanessa graduated from Wheaton College with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Government.

  • Legacy Forum: Money as capital is overrated when starting your business

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    Legacy Forum is on the Seika Network providing information that assist people in living their dreams. Children dream of greatness. Adults trade those dreams for an illusionary reality.
    This week's topic is "Money as capital is overrated when starting your business".
    We are here to stop the brainwashing and help people live a life worth remembering. A positively impactful legacy requires time freedom, economic empowerment, a support system, persistence, and a powerful belief. Our mission is to help enlighten people to the greatness within them and assist in providing the tools necessary for achievement. 
    The Legacy Forum is hosted by Robin and Harry Shivery.  Robin is a certified Yoga Instructor, Nerium Brand Partner and Certified Surgical Technologist. Checkout Robin's Facebook Page "Open Road Yoga with Robin".  Yoga provides numerous health benefits and Nerium provides the finest anti aging products with a part-time residual income earning method available to everyone. Harry is a retired Entrepreneur and a Martial Artist. Robin and Harry are dedicated to the principal of giving back.     

  • MLM After Hours

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    MLM After Hours  Monday Night 10:00PM Eastern Time
    Policies and Procedures, Rules, Regulations, Compliance... The MLM Industry has always been confusing and controversial in these areas and then some.   On the odd Mondays (1st, 3rd, 5th) of every month, at 10:00PM Eastern, we will host an Internet Radio show on Building Fortunes Radio to discuss common and current topics. We will rebroadcast shows on the even Monday nights (2nd and 4th) same time. This is sponsored by The MLMIA. http://www.mlmia.com
    Join in by calling in to 347-237-4097 at 10:00PM Eastern or by clicking on this link as the show starts.
    People that are familiar with controversial subjects will be on the show:  Keith Laggos, Len Clements, Doris Wood, Rey Pasinli, Mel Atwood, Peter Mingils, Michael Linden, Carol Leclerc and others.
    Join us Live!  On the phone or on the computer.
    http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com Look for MLM After Hours
    Building Fortunes Radio.... Learn how everyday people do extra ordinary things to build a fortune. http://pmmarketing-networkleads.com/ http://www.twitter.com/networkleads http://www.facebook.com/networkleads http://www.makingsalesorexcuses.com
    There are many aspects of this industry that change and evolve and need to be understood and explained.  If you want to increase your knowledge, Building Fortunes Radio can help. This special segment on MLM After Hours is worth scheduling in.

  • Get Wealthy! The Show To Help YOU Get IN The Game To Get Wealthy NOW.

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    Six-Figure Coach Wei Houng and Client Attraction Marketing Strategist Krista Magidson from The Life Oasis host this weekly show that discusses a variety of wealth building topics for entrepreneurs and ambitious career oriented people who are looking to make a change to finally get in the game to get wealthy NOW.  Every week there is a topic of discussion and/or and interview with an expert in how getting wealthy is not just for those who are already there.  Getting wealthy is everyone's right!  
    This week's topic:  Understanding the difference between Business Building Activities vs. Revenue Producing Activities.

  • Cross the T's and Dot the I's

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    Join Dan Collins a 30+ year verteran of Sales & Marketing in both the offline and online methods of ads. Dan will explore the different ways for a home based Entrepreneur to build their business. Weekly guests and LIVE call in show.


    in Real Estate

    We will explain how the program works the pros and cons.

  • Social Roles and Relationships

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    We are created for relationships.  Genesis 1:26-28 tells us plainly.... "Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
    Man was never meant to be alone but to have meaningful relationships with others and with God.  These next few episodes will deal with how we interact and relate to one another on a daily basis, looking at singles, the family, in the community and workplace.

  • Think And Grow Rich: Introduction

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    The book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of my all-time top 5.
    The book is the result of decades worth research into the science of success, on all levels. This is not a quick fix type of philosophy. So it is not for those type of people. It is for those who are serious about their personal development and desire to make positive changes in their lives: financially, mentally, spirituality, emotionally, physically-- every "eee."
    The book provides practical steps one must follow to figure out what one wants from life, practical steps to develop self-confidence, persistence, faith, strength, power, mastermind alliances, wealth, and so much more!
    Hosting this radio show is part of my journey to build my life to order (as instructed in the book). This brings me joy and is a way of walking myself through the formula to obtain what I desire!
    So... LET'S GO! Every morning tune in at 6:30AM.

  • Thinking and Acting Like the Boss

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    Do you feel pushed and pulled in all directions? Do you find that once you complete one task, 3 more pop up? Do you feel you don’t even have the time to delegate?  The truth is chaos does not have to be a way of life.
    Join us every Tuesday at 9:00am ET - on the radio for a 5 minute discussion regarding a real-world situation that busy professional and enterpreneurs face every day.
    After the 5 minute discussion, the phone lines are open for some Q&A
    If you want more information, why don’t we schedule an appointment,  where I get to know more about your unique situation. And then I will be happy to make recommendations on what your best steps are moving forward.  How does that sound? 
    Hi, my name is Laura Rose.  I am a speaker and author. I am an expert time and project management.
    I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs create effective systems so that they can comfortably delegate to others, be more profitable and have time to enjoy life even if they don’t have time to learn new technology or train their staff.  I have a knack for making big ideas into on time and profitable projects.
     At the end of the day, I give people peace of mind.
    Archives of these epis
    odes can be found at

  • Charles Hugh Smith: Get a Job, Build a Real Career &Defy a Bewildering Economy

    in Finance

    Author, economist  and Renaissance man Charles Hugh Smith is on a mission to bring common sense and sanity back to the world at large.  Smith, whoI started the Of Two Minds blog in May 2005, has been lauded by both mainstream and underground media as a voice of sanity and reason in an insane world.s.
    The blog is #7 in CNBC's top alternative financial sites, and is republished on numerous popular sites such as Zero Hedge, Financial Sense, and David Stockman’s Contra Corner. Charles is frequently interviewed by alternative media personalities such as Max Keiser, and am a contributing writer on peakprosperity.com.
    In this interview, Charles discusses his latest book, "Get A Job, Build A Real Career, and Defy A Bewildering Economy, " a look at the state of the employment in America, the impact of out-of-control higher education tuition, and the value of learning real skills.
    Charles Hugh Smith is an erudite, entertaining, and ultimately accessible intellectual who wiill examine closely held myths about the need for higher education in today's evolving economy.
    Check out Charles' blog at www.oftwominds.com

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    #292 Bess Yount, Gabie Boko, Peter Coleman, Nathan Jamail, Peter Harrison

    in Business

    Bess Yount leads Facebook's Small and Medium Business Community Engagement team at its HQ in Menlo Park, CA. She focuses on helping small businesses better understand how to use Facebook to connect and grow.
    Gabie Boko is the EVP of Marketing for Sage North America and has built her career in marketing, sales, and channel development with leading technology innovators. Gabie discusses the best way for small businesses to market to women, who as a demographic contribute $7 trillion a year to the U.S. economy in consumer and business spending.
    Peter Coleman is a professor as well as a consultant and NY State certified mediator whose clients include IBM, Citibank, and the UN. His new book is entitled Making Conflict Work. Peter teaches small businesses how to harness the power of conflict to drive success.
    Nathan Jamail works with organizations to create a coaching culture. His fourth and just realeased book is entitled "The Leadership Playbook". Nathan explains how small businesses can benefit from knowing the difference between coaching and managing.
    Peter Harrison is CEO of Snagajob, the leading hourly-focused talent management system with 50 million registered job seekers. He discusses how small businesses can easily use the Snagajob mobile app to quickly recruit hourly workers for their business.
    Sponsored by Sage and Nextiva.

  • Create Squeaky-Clean Pharma Ads

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    Tricks & Tips to Avoid FDA Letters
    Pharmaguy interviews Dale Cooke, Principal, PhillyCooke Consulting, who gives us a preview of the topics he will cover during a two-day interactive workshop -- "Building a World-Class Advertising and Promotion Review Program" -- in Philadelphia on October 15 and 16, 2014. He also will share a few tips on how to comply with recent FDA social media draft guidances.
    Face it: You need help. Make sure your promotional activities aren't magnets for FDA warning letters!  Questions/Topics of Discussion
    Can you provide a quick review of recent FDA social media draft guidelines? Some experts have said that these guidances raise many more questions than they answer. Can you give us a few examples? Will your workshop cover these guidelines in detail? What other topics will you cover in the workshop?

  • American Dream Launcher Radio: Our Story

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    On their inaugural episode of American Dream Launcher Radio, Steve Gordon and Dana Reeves share why they have joined forces and what they are doing to help entrepreneurs solve their most pressing and painful business problems.
    Steve, founder of American Dream Launcher, is a successful entrepreneur twenty-five years in the making. He sold his company in 2013 and has since shifted his focus to helping others achieve business success. Steve's refreshingly straightforward approach to business is reflected in his real-life accounts of the rollercoaster ride that is his life as an entrepreneur.
    Dana, American Dream Launcher's director of marketing, started her career twenty-five years ago in the building design and construction industry and, after a decade, took a sharp right turn into the dot-com and startup arena. She knew then that she had found her true professional home. Dana's 365-degree approach to marketing has helped dozens of entrepreneurs stop spinning their wheels and find their customers, build their brand, and grow their business.

  • Us Media Radio

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    Where relationships and technology collide. Candace Benson and Deborah Chaddock Brown talk about the latest in social media and technology for small business owners. 

  • BP Holdings Tax Management Review, Balley Price Holdings

    in Marketing

    En leser ber våre forbrukeren ekspert om hjelp etter HMRC justert hans-koden for åhente inn skyldte barn skattefradrag, men han insisterer han skylder noe
    HMRC sier det ikke vet om problemet du nevner om dokumenter ha blitt ødelagt.
    Det står at det kan se fra sin system at det opprinnelig tildelt du £545 skattekreditter i2003-04 basert på din arbeider mer enn 30 timer i uken med en inntekt av £29,452 ogvære ansvarlig for én person.
    Det sendte du prisen merknader i 2003. Dette bekreftet informasjonen det haddebasert prisen på og rådet deg rapportere endringer i omstendighetene. Det står at duble sendt en årlig gjennomgang varsel i 2004 sier at det ville automatisk fornye pris ogat du ikke trenger å gjøre noe hvis det var ingen endringer deres omstendigheter.Hadde det vært, du ville ha blitt fortalt, sier, at du trengte å kontakte den av juli 312004 skatt kreditt fornyelser fristen.

  • The Tiny House Solution - Call 619-768-2945

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss the Tiny House Solution.
    Are your tired of paying never ending rent ? Maybe you are behind on your mortagage payments. You might be faced with the possibility of starting over again, but you do not know how................if any of those questions pertain to you or anyone you know then I suggest you (and them) tune into our podcast today as we discuss the "Tiny House Solution".
    As usual feel free to call in @ 619-768-2945.

  • Marketing Pulpit - Charlotte (MPI-NC)

    in Marketing

    Tune in to Sharon Bennett, host of The Marketing Pulpit Radio Show, which airs each Tuesday at 10:30 am.  Today Sharon will explore “The Face of Domestic Violence”. She and her guest, Mike Sexton, Coordinator for the Domestic Violence Speaker’s Bureau, will address Domestic Violence, Workplace Domestic Violence and Personal Safety Plans.  Find out how you can help in supporting Domestic Violence initiatives.
    The Marketing Pulpit Radio Show is the creation of expert marketer, Robert Gatewood MBA, president of Gatewood Marketing.
    The show’s mission is to build strong businesses in the community in order to put people to work. The show provides crucial knowledge in the areas of sales, branding, pricing, media buying, Internet, social media, music, entertainment, franchising, networking, event planning, accounting, business development, workforce development, industry trends, business news and more. The show offers sponsorships, advertising, membership opportunities, and a robust website for its listeners and visitors.

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    25 - Interview with Dr. Jerry Duggar

    in Finance

    How is your health (or the lack thereof) costing you more money than you care to think about?
    What can you do to be healthier, increase productivity, save on health costs, and prosper financially?
    Join us as we discuss what is arguably the most precious commodity you have that ties in with time....your health!
    Jerry Duggar Bio:
    Dr. Jerry Duggar is a Holistic Chiropractor, Author, Speaker, Wellness Consultant, and Personal Health Mentor. He has a personal mission to help people reclaim their health and his unique approach to healing has helped thousands of people move forward in their pursuit of improved health and wellbeing.
    Over the past 15 years he has built a thriving private practice in Bountiful UT called I Am Wellness where he integrates chiropractic, nutrition, massage therapy, detoxification, weight loss, natural hormone balance, emotional release and various other modalities.
    Dr. Duggar has an amazing and beautiful wife named Tammie and 4 brilliant children ages 20, 18, 11, and 10. Dr. Duggar even sang in a barbershop quartet that won the 9 State Rocky Mountain District Gold Medal.
    Chris Miles Bio:
    Chris Miles, the "Cash Flow Expert," is a leading authority showing entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth TODAY spending time doing what they love most! He has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate.com, interviewed internationally on TV & radio, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples (http://www.moneyripples.com/) getting his clients fast, life-altering financial results.

  • The High Altitude Mentorship Show

    in Entrepreneur

    Have you ever sat 6 feet away from a person at the very moment their dream came true? I did, and it was one of the most incredible moments in my entire professional speaking career. Listen in as I tell the story of one entrepreneur's journey through sacrifice and perseverence, and how he got the opportunity of a lifetime from a real Shark!

  • The Business of Capitol Hill with Premier Lobbyist Tonya Saunders-Speed of WPC

    in Business

     Wealthy Sistas® Radio                                                                                                            Connecting Business with People, Stories, and Music
    THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Tonya Saunders-Speed, has an extensive background in federal government affairs. She is the Founding Principal of Washington Premier Group, a government relations and public policy firm.
    Wealthy Sistas® Radio, is a production of Wealthy Sistas® Media Group, Each week the host Deborah Hardnett interviews extraordinary business owners who share their real life, uncensored and uncut stories of triumphs and mishaps on their journey. Each show is packed with sound business concepts that offer solutions to business professionals globally. And is intertwined with some of the greatest R&B music of all time. Listeners will find Wealthy Sistas® Radio show both informative and inspirational and entertaining.
    Wealthy Sistas® Media Group – Promoting Positive People
    Learn more about our Host Deborah Hardnett and services at wealthysistasmedia.com

  • The Daily Deposit

    in Entrepreneur

    Global BANK Academy is the creation of Cheri Tree, one of the worlds leading experts on sales and sales training. Cheri has traveled the globe sharing the stage with some of the very best sales trainers including Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Damon John and Sir Richard Branson. Cheri recently accepted an invitation to speak and teach her B.A.N.K. Personality Assessment System at Harvard University.
    The DAILY Deposit Radio Show is the place where members of Global BANK Academy join together every day to plug into this world wide community and movement.

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