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    DEC 5: Branding Makes The World Go Round - Nyn's Navigation

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    EVERY WEDNESDAY IN DECEMBER - Let Nyn Riffat of Nyn's Dreams help you navigate life's highway and give you the roadmap to BRANDING - since it does make the world go round!
    What a great way to start the month & our new series!  Nyn gets right to the heart of what branding really means and how you can create yours quickly & effectively. It's all about making sure your MESSAGE & STORY is CLEAR.  Maybe it's time you RE-BRAND yourself for a great 2019?
    Does your BRAND, MESSAGE & STORY have and do the following?
    1)  Clarity
    2)  Connection
    3)  Consistency
    4)  Communicate
    If you can't finish these sentences quickly & clearly...listen to the show twice & then it's time to make a change...you're leaving WAY too much business & money on the table!
    *  My product is for people who believe _____
    *  I will focus on people who want _____
    *  I promise that engaging with what I make will help you get ____
    Everything Home...the Transformational Show where we talk about LIFE * STUFF * BALANCE & promote Good People, doing Good Business & Good Things!
    LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & FOLLOW: with Host Michele Swinick - Great Guests, Giveaways & a Ginormous Resource of FREE Information for EVERYTHING HOME!
    WHAT'S YOUR 7 MINUTE STORY TO SHARE?  It's time you let the world know who you are & what you do!

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    Reimagine Traditional and Create Something Memorable

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    What could be more traditional than a Christmas Carol that has been sung and performed for centuries? It is never easy to reimagine somthing that is so culturally traditional. Banking is also a traditional part of the American and global marketplace. Music offers us a great example of taking something that is traditonal and familiar and reimagining it for our contemporary audiences. Conference quality information without the expense report. 

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    5 Habits to Avoid as a New Entrepreneur - 251

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    Are you ready to adopt a new way of thinking about business? Are you tired of feeling like you’ve been working so hard, but not getting anywhere? Chalene shares with you what she believes are the 5 most dangerous habits of new entrepreneurs. Some of these habits you may be able to resonate with, but don’t you worry… they are easier to break than you’d think!
    Here’s The System I Use Every Day to be
    More Organized & Crazy Productive:
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    Stop dieting & start living! 
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    The Dark Side of The Hustle

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    The Hustle or The Grind as its commonly called is a wide spread idea that if you are going to be a success as a business owner you just have to GRIND it out. The results of the hustle is that you experience FREEDOM, you get to live life on your terms, create your future, control your destiny, make tons of money, drive the fancy cars, build a huge following, help your clients, etc. 
    With social media today we see nothing but the glitz and glam of the fruits of our labor. We see the vacations, the cars, the happy family, and everyone living the dream. 
    What we don't hear about is the enormous toll that takes on our mind and body. We don't hear about the addiction, the divorce rates, the sacrifices, the loss of identity, the anxiety, and the stories of the vast majority of falures that tkae place in the world of entreprenuership. 
    Here are the stats 100 business that start
    20% are lost in the 1st year  80 business are left 30% are lost in years 2-5  56 business are left  28% are lost years 6- 9  30% go out of business after 10 yearas 10-19 businesses will survive out of 100 that start. So the odds are against us. This creates anxiety. Here are the facts about entreprenuers and the toll this path can take on your mental health. 
    Entrprenuers are 2X as likely to experience depression - 4X more as likely to have ADHD - 4X more likely to struggle with addiction - 10X more likely to struggle with bi-polar disorder. So these are real issues that very few of us are willing to talk about. CLICK HERE to watch our video episodes

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    Russell Price Morning Show

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    the big Night our.

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    New Report: Insights for Selling To Schools

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    Are you confused or frustrated about how to sell your educational products to schools? You’re not alone! The K-12 market has always been a challenging space to enter with unclear distribution channels for ed tech start-ups. But a new study by researchers at Harvard University reveals that there are new partnering options and that established channels are evolving. Another trend emerges: even as the industry relies on the traditional direct sales model, managers of ed tech companies are increasingly using hybrid channels, a variety of resources and methods to sell to schools. And, while the ed tech distribution landscape is evolving for suppliers, so is the environment for K-12 decision makers.  If gaining access to the K-12 market is important to you, listen to this 15-minute program. Host and education channel expert Glen McCandless interviews guest Jim McGarry, president of EDMarket Association (sponsor of the new distribution study) about key findings from this new study that you’ll want to hear!

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    South Florida Business Workshop: Increasing Sales Performance Workshop 3/22/18

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    The Marketing Plug gets to know Mr. David Reece, President of the National Sales Network- South Florida Chapter. He will be kicking off the Design Moves LLC's, South Florida Business Workshops, with topic in sales. Have a listen!

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    Innovation Is NEVER a Single Event - Mapping Innovation on #BBSradio

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    Breakthrough Radio is a global business radio show that delivers high impact & pioneering knowledge for leaders in business. Entrepreneurs, startups, sales/marketing/IT professionals join us every Monday.?
    Leadership Keynote, Fractional CMO, and Business Strategist, Michele Price brings you weekly access to the top minds to Master the Inner and Outer Game of business. 
    Greg Satell, author Mapping Innovation - a Playbook For Navigating a Disruptive Age.
    Stewart Rogers, Dir. Marketing Technology Venture Beat delivers you Breakthrough marketing technology tips every 2nd Monday.
    Follow us & ask your questions via twitter using #BBSradio.
     We love rewarding engagement. You are invited to visit radio show blog at www.thebreakthroughradio.com

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    How To Define and Discover Your Personal Brand

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    I've had a few people ask me what I mean about values and beliefs and how they help define your brand.  On this episode I'm sharing a few of my thoughts about this with you.  Values are what you consider important, your ethics your principles and standards of behaviour.  Beliefs are defined as an acceptance that a statement is true or something exists. Listen in to what I've got to say about values and beliefs and how they help you define and discover your brand.  I'll also discuss the four things that go into branding, based on this infographic from Dubyts Communications.

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    The Daily Deposit

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    live training