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    Carlos Frazier, CPA

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    Carlos Frazier will be speaking about taxes, as well as other services his company provides

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    Shaun Simma - SFO CPA with Kevin & Dave on TBFS Radio

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    Guest Shaun Simma, CPA with Simma, Flottemesch & Orenstein, Ltd. joins hosts Kevin Hunter and David Ford on The Business Forum Show. Many business owners have never reached out to a CPA and don't know the benefits of having a talented number-cruncher in their business. Tune in to here Shaun Simma explain some of the key things he sees in the CPA business. 

    For more, see http://www.sfocpa.com/index.php

    Shaun is a NACVA certified business valuation expert counseling small businesses. He has over 20 years experience in helping small businesses and their owners keep up with the day to day changes in the tax laws, and assist them with maintaining accurate financials that can be used as a tool for guiding growth. Shaun leads the SF&O tax resolution department, assisting taxpayers in resolving outstanding balances and related issues with the IRS and state agencies.

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    Mario Ballesteros CPA - Are you building a business or did you just create a job

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    Mario Ballesteros is not only my husband but also a CPA who has worked as a Controller/CFO for many small to mid size companies.  He will be sharing with us areas where entrepreneurs/small business owners fail to take into consideration when building their business.

    Whether you are just launching your business, new to business or have been operating for years, you will what to hear what Mario says about how you can determine if you have a viable business that can be sold to fund your retirement.

    Mario has been asked to speak on this topic so much that we have created a series that will give you specific items to address if you want to cash in on the business you are building.

    Cashing Out - Start with the end in mind!

    This series will show you exactly what you need to do to make sure you can "Cash Out" at retirement...or sooner.

    Here are just a few of the topics of discussion:

    Foundation of a business

    The Business Plan

    Legal formation

    Plan for future growth

    Management Team

    Family members

    Internal team members

    External team members

    Investment in your business vs your lifestyle 

    Building a business that can run without you

    Best return on investment

    Client database/client retention

    Best client management systems

    Internal systems to increase client retention

    Join us to hear this and more.

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    Lets Talk CPa Exam

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    Updates for Yaeger FAR students --
    Yaeger CPA Review students, with 2012 FAR study materials, can still be prepared for the 2013 exams, if you listen carefully to Cindy and Phil do their review of each FAR module.  They will go over what has "no changes" to "major, must know, changes".  You don't need all new material, but you do need these UPDATES.
    This show will be archived, so make sure you listen to it before taking your next exam. 

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    Carlos F. Fraser, EA CPA

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    Fraser CPA, Inc can help individuals and businesses to save on taxes and build wealth.
    We prepare taxes for individuals (state and federal taxes), corporations, partnerships, non -profits, etates and trusts. To reduce processing time and to ensure a faster return, taxes are filed electronically online; we work with you every step of the way and can advise you on all tax related matters.

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    Lets Talk CPA Exam

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    Phil Yaeger, of Yaeger CPA Review, will discuss "must know" changes in the American Tax Relief Act for 2013, effective July 2013. All are invited to call in or email with questions to sonny@yaegercpareview.com  

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    Lets Talk CPA Exam

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    NASBA "Take 2".
    This is a Follow-Up to our March 6th show with NASBA.
    Phil Yaeger will host an educational show featuring special guests from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).
    Questions will be answered by representatives from NASBA's Accounting Licensing Library and CPAES departments. They will be taking phone calls to address your questions and concerns when preparing for the CPA exam.

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    Lets Talk CPA Exam

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    Phil Yaeger will host a educational show on How to Boost Your Test Performance on the CPA Exam.
    Featuring special guest Marc Schoen, Ph.D.
    Marc Schoen is the Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and Author of Why Your Survival Instinct is Killing You. Topics covered: Physiology of High Performance and Strengthening Problem and Decision Making Under Pressure. Managing Pressure Related Discomfort , Techniques to Improve Knowledge and Retention Methods to Enhance Test Performance and De-stressing Tools.
    Marc will be answering questions on ways to improve your psychic.

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    Why Didn't My CPA Tell Me About That???

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    Denise Griffitts interviews Diane Gardner, "Your Tax Coach".

    Did you know that taxes are our biggest expense?  And did you know that owning your own business - even a startup or sideline business - is the best tax shelter in America? Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to lesson your tax burden?

    If you are like most of us, taxes are not only your biggest single expense but also your biggest nightmare. Can you imagine what you would do with an extra $15,000 per year? Sadly, that is the average amount small business owners waste in taxes that they just don't have to pay.

    Diane Gardner, "Your Tax Coach" is the best selling author of 'Stand Apart' and Why Didn't My CPA Tell Me About That?'. She has been working in the accounting field with small businesses since 1982 and is the founder of Adept Business Solutions and Tax Pro Solutions which meet the needs of her clients by providing accounting and tax planning services.

    Diane will share timely tax information that business owners and entrepreneurs can put to work immediately.



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    Let's Talk CPA Exam

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    Phil Yaeger, of Yaeger CPA Review, will discuss frequently asked questions. He will be joined by Sonny Cox and John Pelicano. Together they will discuss concerns about taking, and studying for, the CPA exam. They will each bring their unique perspective into their responses. As always, call-ins are welcome.

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    Let's Talk CPA Exam

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    Phil Yaeger, of Yaeger CPA Review, will discuss typical questions often asked by CPA candidates. He will be joined by Sonny Cox and John Pelicano, both part of the Yaeger Team. Together they will discuss frequently asked questions and concerns about taking, and studying for, the CPA exam. They will each bring their unique perspective into their responses. As always, call-ins are welcome.

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