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    The Investor's CPA Daniel Greene 0n The Real Estate Investor Hour w/ Pete Asmus

    in Real Estate

    The Investor's CPA Daniel Greene 0n The Real Estate Investor Hour with Pete Asmus

    As host of The REI Hour, Pete has interviewed politicians, community leaders, Miss California, celebrities and real estate investors who should be celebrities (they are in their eyes!) just to name a few.  Because of Pete's personality and desire to make it entertaining his natural inclination is to position you as a rock star.  He realized early on the better his guests feel the better they would do, so he started focusing on really what made them. Pete understood there are a ton of people doing what ever profession his guest was doing, but everyone has something that makes them Different.  

    "Our goal was to create a show that was real, meaning the opportunities were real, the investors were real and the strategies were real. Everyone we bring on we interview prior and make sure they are a good fit." -Pete Asmus 

    When you're on the Real Estate Hour with Pete Asmus, he pumps you up so much you get off the radio in a full sprint.  It's like drinking 15 cups of of the strongest espresso you can find and adding purpose into it.

    Listen to The REAL ESTATE Investing Hour with Pete Asmus every Wednesday from 10-11am Pacific 

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    You don't know beans about your IRS matter, why?

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    After 35 years and thousands of IRS cases, I can show you what you don't know. You can call Steph at 713-774-4467 or download from our free advice tab our guide to solvng your own IRS problems. go to http://www.taxproblem.org.

    Yes for 35 years and thousands of real tax situations I have learned more than anyone I know can ever learn in one lifetime.

    Even if you have a representative, find out what you don't know and how you can be throwing money away.


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    You're not afraid of the IRS are you?

    in Legal

    When you understand how people think and operate you tend to be less afraid. Don't be a victim of your fear. Knowing how the IRS handles your tax return and various matters with their agency will help you gain confidence i dealing with them by yourself or through your representative. Don't be fooled by inexperienced representatives who will tell you what you want to hear, ad then fail at what you think they were trying to accomplish. I see it all the time. After 35 years and thousands of tax cases, I know the IRS like the back of my hand. Download our free advice pdf at http://www.taxproblem.org and call Steph at 713-774-4467 so we can see what exactly needs to be done to help you avoid an audit or collection action or resolve any IRS matter.

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    What you don't know about the IRS will definately hurt you.

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    After 35 years and thousands of successful IRS cases, I know how to avoid an audit and how to make sure the IRS doesn't overcharge you or take unwanted collection action. Join me on my show M-F 8-8:30pm ctl. You can also go to our website at www.taxproblem.org and download our free guide. You can call Seph at 713-774-4467 to evaluate what you should do.

    Don't be a victim of the IRS or these so called debt relief companies who promise anything just to get your money.


  • What has the IRS done for me lately- you may want to ask.

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    Most people I talk to with an IRS problem either has had someone at the IRS or someone not at the IRS try to help them. Yet they still have the problem. Why is that? Most of the people we talk to at the IRS don't have the skills or experience to offer you the best possible help. Most people who try to help people with IRS problems don't have the knowledge or experience either. Dealing with the IRS requires many years of direct experience. Most people rely on internet guides or books written about representing people before the IRS. The IRS knows that this information does not arm you the way experience dealing with their proceedures directly does. After 35 years and thousands of successful tax cases, I know how to most effectively resolve your IRS situation.

    You can go to my site at www.taxproblem.org and download our free 74 page guide, or call Steph at 713-774-4467

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    Do you know what the IRS has on you?

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    After 35 years and thousands of successful tax cases, I have learned that every tax payer should not rely on the letters the IRS sends them, or what they are told over the phone. We all need to know how to deal administratively with the IRS. Even before you elect to hire someone, you must know what you are up against and if that company knows exactly how to solve your IRS problem. That disqualifies over 90% of the companies out there who what to help you. Learn more from my free download at www.taxproblem.org then what you have learned paying people to help you. Or call Steph at 713-774-4467 to set up a consultation so I can explain to you what you absolutely need to know!. For now, call my radio show (dial from a land line 646-716-9193 and ask questions M-F from 8:00-8:30PM CTL time.

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    How to make he IRS work for you

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    After 35 years and thousands of successful tax cases, I can show you how to get from the IRS what you need and not be a victim of the IRS or people who take your money and just follow what they read on the internet. Download my free pdf guide on representing yourself so you know what we and other people should do. Call Steph at 713-774-4467 to set up a consultation. For now call 646-716-9193 and ask questions on my show or chat with me.

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    Yes your bank account will get levied, even if you have a payment plan

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    There are strick rules for what constitutes a payment plan on back taxes with the IRS. Many people are misguided into thinking that they are in a plan when they are not. They find out the hard way when they are levied. Learn how to avoid IRS problems. You can chose to resolve them yourself or hire someone ike us with over 35 years of experience with thousands of successful tax cases. Download our free IRS do it yourself guide in pdf form. Go to www.taxproblem.org under the free advice tab. Call Stephanie at 713-774-4467 and set up a consultation 

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    Let's not continue to be victims of what we are led to believe about IRS issues

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    No matter who we hire, or what we read, over 90% of us don't really have a clue about what really is needed for IRS protection, collections, audit, etc. Go to http://www.taxproblem.org and download my free advice pdf. Call Stephanie at 713-774-4467 to evaluate your situation. For now just tell everyone you know M-F 8-8:30p central they can log on and call the show.

    After 35 years and thousands of tax cases I can show you how to make sure you take a proactive approach to your tax situation

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    Cincinnati Business Talk #219 Al Pearlman, CPA, 2015 Tax Planning

    in Business

    Cincinnati Business Talk highlights the positive side of Cincinnati area businesses. We will be talking to CEOs who have won awards, innovated with new products and services.

    Today's guest is Al Pearlman, CPA at Partner at Smith Pearlman.  Al will share his perspectives and insights on current HOT business issues in the area of Tax Planning for 2015.

    The show streamed live on Friday January 16th at 4 PM. Listen to this link: http://tobtr.com/s/7096425

    You can listen to the show on Apple iTunes as a Podcast. You can add the podcast at:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss

    You can add Cincy-Business-Talk as an RSS feed to your Outlook email program. The exact feed http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss

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    Don't be a victim of the IRS

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    Don't be a victim of the IRS or representatives who lack years of IRS experience. I can show you what you need to consider, despite what you currently believe, or what you read on the internet. Free download at http://www.taxproblem.org