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    Apriori Beauty Radio - conversation with Cathy Curtis-Nebeck

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    Network marketing is often perceived as a risky business, pushing people to sell and forcing them to invest in high costs of inventory; however, that’s not always the case, especially when it comes to Apriori Beauty and our motto of “Use, Love, Share.” Instead, network marketing allows you the financial freedom and time freedom to actually enjoy your life while earning an income at the same time. Tune in to Apriori Beauty this month as Executive Director Cathy Curtis-Nebeck, who’s been successful in the world of network marketing for over 38 years, discuss the misconceptions of mlm companies and how its benefits outweigh that of your typical 9-5 “J-O-B.”

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    Beauty Chat

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    Overview of services offered by Rosa's Resources & Beauty Chat Radio show.

    Conversation :
    2. Salon visits
    3. MONAT
    4. Services by Roas's Resources
    5. Domestic violence

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    Apriori Beauty Radio - conversation with Sue Forster

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    It’s one thing to care about a cause, it’s another to take action. Apriori Beauty Founder and Team Leader Sue Forster has played an essential role in growing Foundation Apriority by helping raise awareness and funds in support of different causes. Tune into Apriori Beauty Radio this month as Susan Twellman speaks with Sue about the passion behind her driven focus, what Foundation Apriority is doing to help others, and the power network marketing holds in making a difference for those in need. 

  • The Beauty of Singleness Part II

    in Christianity

    For all our single ladies, this show is for you! Join us as we conclude our latest series on "The Beauty of Singleness". Dr. Harris will not only teach you the beauty of the being single and what singleness really means through the eyes of God, but will address many hot button issues. As usual, get ready to hear the truth, share some laughs and transform the way you look at your beauty,as well as your worth as a single woman. 

    Beauty of The Woman will air this and every Wednesday at 2:00pm at www.blogtalkradio.com/beautyofthewoman. Today's show link is below:


    Follow The Beauty of The Woman show and like us on Facebook at facebook.com/BeautyOfTheWomanSocial. Want to get involved or have a question for Dr. Harris? Email us at BeautyOfTheWoman@gmail.com.

    Spread the word to another woman and continue to join us in this journey of inspiration, transformation and break-through (in the way you and carry yourself as a woman).

    For media inquiries, interviews, speaking engagements, events, more information, or how you can give to Dr. Harris’ SMART Girls Academy, a private school for girls internationally from grades K-12, please contact Brittany Snyder at brittanymsnyder@gmail.com.

    Love & Blessings

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    Apriori Beauty Radio - conversation with the first Punta Cana winners

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    Tune in to Apriori Beauty Radio this month for a special Punta Cana edition. Listen as Apriori Beauty's co-owners/founders Susan Twellman and Elizabeth Vervynck are joined by the first Punta Cana winners Natalie Walsh, Gina Fort, Lisa Adam and Susan Shaheen. They'll be discussing how Apriori Beauty's incentive trip motivated them to grow their business and how they stayed focused and on track with earning a free stay at a 5-star, all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean with Apriori Beauty!

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    Apriori Beauty Radio - conversation with Mary Beth Thornton

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    Some people look at life’s hurdles as good excuses to not go through with something, while others see it as a challenge they’re willing to conquer. When you put your mind to it, anything is possible and no one exemplifies that saying more than Apriori Beauty’s newest Manager, Mary Beth Thornton. Signing up with Apriori Beauty back in 2013, Mary Beth worked her business occasionally, but didn’t take hold of it till the spring of 2015 when she promoted to Team Leader and Manager in less than two months. Tune in to Apriori Beauty Radio this July as Susan Twellman discuses with Mary Beth the motivation behind her recent business success, her plans to further grow her business, and the role she foresees network marketing playing in her life.

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    Apriori Beauty Radio - conversation with Olivia Fusilli

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    When it comes to the life of a college student, time is always of the essence. Your schedule is packed with classes, papers, and study groups and when you do have free time, the last thing you want to do is spend it working a minimum wage job. But, school and text books are costly and students are often required to take on at least one job to help cover expenses. The beauty with network marketing is that it allows students to mold their own work schedule with the potential to earn an unlimited income. Instead of earning $7/hr folding clothes, they have the freedom to set their own schedule and work from home, the coffee shop, or even on campus in between classes. Join us this month on Apriori Beauty Radio as Susan Twellman discusses with Team Leader Olivia Fusilli from New York the benefits of doing network marketing while in college and how she’s able to successfully balance her growing Apriori Beauty business while being a full-time student.

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    Beauty in the QUEENS

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    QUEENS TIMES TWO on the show Tiffany Christina and Susan Miceli.   Tiffany Christina is a longtime resident of Aurora, Illinois. Her pageant career started in 1999 at the Miss Illinois USA pageant. She has since competed in the Miss. and Mrs. Illinois United States, Mrs. Illinois International, US Sophisticate, International Sophisticate, Petite Illinois, Tiara Magazine Humanitarian Model, and American Elegance system. She has choreographed national opening number for the United States All World Beauties were she is also the lifetime ambassador awarded in 2003. Tiffany’s most recent national title was Ms. American Elegance Woman 2013-14 then crowned Ms. Elegance International 2015 Tiffany is also the current reigning Mrs. Kane County Illinois Royalty International and is competing at the Miss Royalty International pageant in August of 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin vying for the title of Mrs. Royalty International. She has won numerous awards for her community service on a corporate and personal level.  One of Tiffany’s favorite quotes is Winston Churchill “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.  Susan Miceli is a resident of Danville Illinois. Her pageant career started back in 2001 at the local county fair. She since has competed in the Miss Illinois America Preliminaries, Miss Illinois USA, Miss and Mrs. Illinois International and the American Elegance system. She is a director and pageant producer as well. She currently serves as the Executive Director for the Miss Springfest Pageant. Susan also is the current reigning Ms. Elegance International Woman 2016. She has won numerous awards for her community service endeavors. Her platform C.A.R.E to Serve: Putting Passion into Action.

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    Pro Beauty

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    Discussing all thing in the Beauty Industry

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    Pro Beauty

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    Discussing all thing in the Beauty Industry

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    Pro Beauty

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    Discussing all thing in the Beauty Industry