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    Personal Finances Educator

    in Lifestyle

    My guest today is Dr.Taffy Wagner, a personal finances educator and president of Own Your Health Care, LLC. She focuses  on pre-marital financial counseling.  http://taffywagner.com

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    Getting A Better Understanding of Your Personal Finances

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    Robin R. Haynes is a Baltimore, Maryland native.  Having worked in the financial industry for over a decade, she understands the growing need for basic financial literacy to be taught in a way that it can be understood by everyone.  Robin has a passion for helping others succeed financially not only by teaching  the basics of finances, but also by making sure that there is a thorough understanding of financial concepts and how they are applied to everyday living.


    Robin holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting from Morgan State University.  Her first published project entitled “The Fundamentals of Finances – Applied to Everyday Living” has been designed to help readers navigate the complicated and sometimes frightening world of finances. Along with her partnerships to combat financial illiteracy with organizations such as Dream Girls Mentoring Program, Operation Hope,  New Beginnings Youth Development & Coaching Program and Mt. Zion Baptist Christian School, Robin is an adjunct faculty member with Community College of Baltimore County teaching various financial topics such as personal finance, and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.  Robin is currently working on the second portion of the Fundamentals Series which is scheduled for release fall 2015, and is also preparing to obtain her CFP (Certified Financial Planning) certificate.

    Visit Robin at http://www.understandingfinances.org/

    Telephone: 443.214.2216

    Email: info@understandingfinances.org

    Skype: robin.haynes8

    Robin’s area of expertise: accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, business development, estate planning,  investments, life insurance, and retirement planning  

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    Handling mone

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    Bills and co-pays and reimbursements, OH MY! We're going to be talking all things "medical finances" on this episode of The Stupid Cancer Show. Join us as we welcome Jan Nielsen (Vice President, Access and Patient Support at Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions) for an in-depth discussion about life post-Obamacare, navigating patient finances, accessing help from Pharma on co-pays and more.

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    Kellie L. Morgan - Author - Kingdom Finances for Kingdm Bldg - NashvilleAAE

    in Christianity


    Kellie L. Morgan brings a fresh voice to the financial empowerment arena. She is an ordained minister, author, speaker and financial coach. She holds a BBA in Accounting and MA in Human Services Counseling. She is the founder of Kingdom Finances for Kingdom Building Ministry. Her passion is to encourage, evoke and empower others to become financially free, as well as establish an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. She is the author of Kingdom Finances for Kingdom Building.

    Her list of engagements include: Mt. Zion’s Annual Financial Summit, Operation Stand Down Financial Empowerment Summit, True Victory Church, Pretty Girls Ministry, Spirit and Life Ministries, No Time to Lose Ministries and Nashville Annual Women’s Conference.  She has also made appearances on The Renee Bobb Radio Show and LSR Talks Online Radio with Dr. Lorelle Rich.

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    Soul Management of Your Finances

    in Self Help

    Ever wonder what your soul thinks of the way you manage, or mismanage, the energy of your finances?

    If money is just energy, then could it be that your soul determines your strengths and challenges from the way you manage your financial affairs. In fact, have you ever thought that perhaps your soul has even charted your financial stressors as a way to inspire you to learn how to command the energy of the universe and even invites you to partner with it to come into harmony, body, mind, heart and soul?

    Won’t you join me today for the 3rd (of three) broadcasts during which we will bundle the baggage of your financial challenges; pave the way for you to listen to the voice of your soul so you can take advantage of the lessons your financial challenges present to you?

    Did you miss the Overview offered in the 1st Broadcast?  Click here to listen!

    …the 2nd Broadcast during which we tapped into your limiting beliefs, frozen feelings and physical manifestations all related to the way you manage your financial affairs? Click here to listen!

    Need more help? Call Cathryn at 612.710.7720 to schedule your FREE 15-minute Assessment!

    Want more information?  Visit Cathryn’s website at http://eftforyourinnerchild.com/




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    Talking Finances with Leighsa G

    in Entertainment

    Talking Finances w Leighsa G has the insite of what you need in order to save money, build wealth, become active in the stock market, obtaining good credit, and anything else you can think of to become a financial guru. 

    Topics include:

    Financial planning 
    Stocks and bonds
    Stock market investing
    Life &health insurance 
    Renting vs owning
    Credit Repair

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    Talking Finances With Leighsa G

    in Entertainment

    Talking Finances with Leighsa G...

    tips on improving your credit
    life insurance
    && much much more

    Tune in every Tuesday from 7:00-9:00 

    347-838-8809 earkandyradio.com

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    Relationships and Finances........That other "F" Word

    in Romance

    There’s nothing like a man’s authentic love for his woman. But is love enough to pay the bills?! Similar to love & sex, finances play a major part in relationships. Whether you’re in the romance stage or the commitment stage of a relationship, money has probably came up at some point in time. Finances are one of the top things that break up relationships and marriages. Because financial issues can stem way before you say “I Do”, should a man be financially stable before considering a relationship? How important do you think money is in a relationship? If a man is considered broke, can his relationship survive? Many men may claim that it’ll be nice if their woman treated them on dates. You know, pick up the tab sometimes. Or whomever asks, should be the one to pay. Should a woman hold her man down, if so, for how long? Are the rules different if you’re just dating vs if you’re married? Would you breakup with your spouse if they fell on financial trouble? Ultimately, does love prevail in the end? So many endless questions! Find out what After Hourz has to say about money and relationships! We want to hear from you! Listen! Call in! Share!

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    Talking Finances with Leighsa G

    in Entertainment

    Talking Finances with Leighsa G

    Tune in to Talking Finances with Leighsa G each and every Tuesday...  Some of the topics we will discuss are

    Income Taxes

    Life Insurance

    401K Plans

    Long term care insurance


    Property Insurance


    Owning Your Own Home

    How to get your credit score up up.


    If you would like to advertise your business on the radio, please contact us at earkandyradio@gmail.com...  Please visit our website www.earkandyradio.com


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    Self Clearing Your Karma for Finances and Business

    in Spirituality

    In this episode learn how to self-clear your financial and business karma. Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha gives the essence of Divine Transformation for one’s finances and business. Do you have a business and it not doing well? Do you want to start a business but have ran into challenges trying or simple just have a fear of doing it? Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha tells and shows you why you are having trouble and how to change this. Learn how to effect change on the soul level and get customers, clients, new business relationships and more.  

    Learn about soul marketing and how this little 3 minute practice can change your finances and business.  


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