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    Insider Secrets to Scale Your Business with Corporate Contracts with Latesha!

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    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | | Every Tuesday 
    Latesha Isbell Howard, aka The Savvy Diva, is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and mid-level Manager for a Fortune 500 company. This economic equity advocate and kingdom builder is passionate about empowering our communities through financial literacy and entrepreneurship.
    The mission of Latesha's company, Savvy Diva Enterprises, is to advance economic opportunities in communities of color by supporting minority women-owned businesses with advocacy, education, resources, and access to capital. Her vision is be the catalyst to close the racial wealth gap facing minority women.  Learn more at
    Meet the host: ?Sharvette Mitchell  helps high achieving service based women entrepreneurs position their expertise with a polished visual brand, increase visibility with speaking opportunities, build authority with a published book and convert more customers with elevated content marketing.  She does this with her signature Platform Builder group coaching program. 
    ?Learn more at her website,
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    ?Connect with Sharvette on Social Media:
    ? Hey girl hey! Hang out in the Facebook Group:
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    Elena Hercule Jean-Francois is the Owner and CEO of HJ Construction Group, Inc., focusing on subcontractor cost support and growth that drive increased profitability.
    Elena holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and a Master's in Construction Management from Florida International University. 
    She's a Goal-driven leader focused on strategic growth, process improvements, and building sustainable industry partnerships. She has diverse experience and expertise in overall project management, strategic planning, construction software implementation, and training that drive increased profitability, greater operational effectiveness, and efficiency, focusing on continuous improvement. 
    She worked as a Vice President for Medium Size Commercial Contractors, a Senior Project Manager and Project Manager for various public and private projects, including the prestigious luxury condo Las Olas River House towering over the Downtown Fort Lauderdale skyline standing an impressive 42 stories tall, The Symphony Towers, twin 22 Story Building in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, and many other projects in and around Broward County, FL. ______________________
    NABWIC's Vision: The Vision of the National Association of Black Women in Construction (NABWIC) is to build lasting strategic partnerships with first-rate organizations and individuals that will provide ground-breaking and innovative solutions for black women in construction and their respective communities.| NABWIC.ORG

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    The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #700 Tuesday, April 19th, 2022

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    It's a big celebration day at "The Hair Radio Morning Show".. Our LIVE broadcast #700.  Special Guests, Great Topics, Great Memories and More!  Surprise Guests.. 

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    5 tips on How to shift your thoughts to a healthier way of thinking

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    People often ask me how I stay motivated. Especially Entrepreneurs and I'm always honest with my answer for many many years it was easier said than done. As a business a business consultant I knew I had to practice what I preach so I worked really hard at being positive so much that I felt physically sick around toxic people with bad energy. I realized that being alone was much better and mental house cleaning really made a difference. During this time I learned how to really shift my mindset and it changed my life. 
    Today I want to share 5 tips that helped me in hopes that you can utilized these as well and become a more positive person and attract more positivity in both your growth and business. 

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    Consumer Trends Of 2022

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    Phillip Stutts and the team at Big Win Media have just released the most incredible data I have seen this year on how Overwhelmed, Influenced and Values-Driven consumers are reacting. 
    I deep dive into this report and look at the critical insights on the current consumer sentiment. 
    In the next few weeks I will deep dive into each catagory of consumer. 

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    Mending Creates Transformation

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    Are you struggling with something something that feels insurmountable? Do you feel broken? You're not alone. So many of us have felt like we have fallen to pieces. Mending those pieces is what will bring you transformation.

    Listen in with Steve and Robin and hear how her journey brought her revelation and transformation, and how you too can mend your broken pieces and change your life!

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    Something in me got BROKEN and no MATTER how HARD I try I CAN'T fix it Part III

    in Entrepreneur

    TALKING ABOUT: Something in me got BROKEN and no MATTER how HARD I try I CAN'T fix it.
    ? Is unity the solution to Critical Race Theory for African Americans? 
    ? What are some solutions to racism in this country? 
    ? How can changes in the laws and policies in this country solve racism? 
    ? What are some challenges you’ve faced as a Black leader?
     ? How will you prepare your son(s) and/or daughter(s) differently to deal with institutionalized racism in their lives and careers?

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    Financial Self-Care + 3 Power Money Moves for Women with Guest Renee Cohen

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    Renee is a financial planner for the modern woman. Her mission is to teach women the art of managing their money in a thoughtful and proactive way. Renee brings a highly relational approach to demystifying money for trailblazing women so they have a guilt-free personalized roadmap to confidently achieve the financial results they desire while enjoying their present life.
    Personal finance is a blend of science and art, logic, and emotion. The key to becoming financially confident is to master it all. The economy has changed very quickly, and that leads to a lot of chaos and fear-based decisions when it comes to our money. This one is for EVERY woman!
    Listen in or head over to our YouTube (link below) to watch this money-smart episode.
    Connect with Renee:
    Email: Online: LinkedIn: /in/PlanningWithRenee Facebook: Renee-Cohen-Northwestern-Mutual-737175416480480 Twitter: ReneeLori Like the show? Be sure to click the “Like” button, subscribe to WEE channel, and share it to your favorite social media!
    Are you a female entrepreneur who would like to join our amazing group of ladies and be featured on the Women Entrepreneurs show? Or are you an expert in your field and would like to be considered as one of our Expert Members? Then reach out to our group liaison Kelli Cooper at 
    Join the revolution!
    Join our Facebook group and like the page to stay connected with all the exciting announcements and the incredible women in our group.

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    Organizational Overview

    in Entrepreneur

    On this episode Dr, Byron Gillory who is the founder and CEO of Spartan 1 will be giving a general overview of what Spartan 1 is all about. 

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    3 Ways a Digital Detox Can Improve Your Mental Health

    in Entrepreneur

    In this episode: I talk about where I’ve been over the last few months and why I took a break from social media.
    I’ll also share three benefits of doing a social media detox. (1) Studies have shown that it can improve your overall mood. This is especially helpful for those who struggle with anxiety, stress, or depression. (2) You won’t feel as though you must compete with others in your newsfeed and you won’t have to worry about the fear of missing out. (3) You’ll be able to reconnect with yourself and live your life in the way that’s best for you.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop a comment or send me a message. I’m listening! 
    “I Help You Build the Brand Your Customers Will Trust”  

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    Co-op Advertising on Ning Network

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    The Rich and Rich Co-op Advertising Network
    Co-op advertising is another powerful too to market and advertise products and recieve a commission. Affiliate programs are a wonderful way to earn money online that is legitimate and is not a get rich quick scheme. Rich and Rich Homeopportunities have been doing affiliate marketing for years and you learn over time which programs are more favorable for your advertising and marketing. Affiliate marketing is like being that salesperson in the store that receives the highest commission because they speak of products that they love and that they recommend to family and friends. We began to join programs that sold products that we used and could accurately promote the products because of the passion about the product and the merchant.  We currently use it for our shops and affiliates.
    Wednesday April 27, 2022 we will have a Facebook live event on Facebook at   at 12 pm central.  We will be discussing how Co-op Advertising works for  a business, blog, or social media.  We will also discuss our affiliate program that is used for our affiliate portal  Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C.'s affiliate program  which pays 10% or more on sales from