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    Smart Accounting for Small Businesses

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    Join MGN Radio as we chat with Octavia Conner, CEO and Founder of Smart Accounting, LLC. Octavia will share the key aspects about accounting, taxes, profit and losses that every entrepreneur should know about when starting and growing their small business. With over 14 years of professional bookkeeping experience Octavia coaches and consults business owners on how to implement smart money management techniques that enable them to enjoy more money, more time and peace of mind. Octavia is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. She has a certification of completion in Project Management and Business Management.  Join us as we chat about the numbers.  Saturday, Oct. 11th at 12:00 noon EST.

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    Accounting and Tax Issues for NYC Startups

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    On October 29, at Noon, my guest will be Anil Melwani, President of 212 Tax & Accounting Services.   212 Tax is a full service C.P.A. firm servicing the tax, accounting and consulting needs of individuals and businesses in the tri-state area. Their business clients span across several different industries including hospitality, nightlife, real estate, attorneys, doctors, and dentists.  They are large enough to handle the many accounting and tax issues that can arise at any time throughout the year. Yet they are pleased to always offer the personalized service that clients should expect from their accountant.

    With a passion for helping businesses reach their next level, their goal is to provide financial leadership, guidance and advice that you can really use to help you grow your business and become more successful. 212 Tax actively advises business owners on many issues outside the standard accounting relationship and in many cases serves as an outsourced CFO, handling business accounting services including bookkeeping, payroll and sales tax preparation. Additionally, they help individual clients understand how to proactively plan for the future

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    Not for Profit Accounting Update - Paul Shifrin and Lori Burghauser

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    Not for Profit Accounting Update - Paul Shifrin and Lori Burghauser

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    Accounting and Tax Update

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    This session will provide a preview of changes to the not-for-profit accounting framework and lease accounting that are currently under consideration, and provide guidance on revenue recognition issues unique to not-for-profits.  Presented by: Mike Lynch and Lori Burghauser, SC&H Group

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    Zen's Accounting Services...Taxes and What Your Missing

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    If you cannot come to the studio for the LIVE recording of this show, call 646.200.4679 at 2pm EST. Claim every penny you are supposed to have...don't miss this FREE information! Remember, if you come to the studio, the wine tasting will be immediately after the recordings. Here's the direct link to the show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/meloni/2015/02/07/ceo-zazenza-smith-on-protecting-yourself-your-money-information-tax-session. The video of the show will be released next week.

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    #8: Small business accounting & bookkeeping basics with Jessica Mishra

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    I recently sat down with my good friend Jessica Mishra who happens to be a smarty-pants CPA. Jessica is also a holistic health coach and a registered yoga teacher, so she's no stranger to running a small business as well as the nuts and bolts of keeping order with all things financial in business.

    Listen in and then submit any additional questions you have for Jessica via the Build a Badass Business Facebook group. We'll dive a bit deeper and answer your questions in a future, follow-up episode with Jessica.


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    How to Start and Operate an Accounting Practice

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    What better time then now, when everyone is scurrying to get documents to file taxes, to have an interview with someone who owns an Accounting Practice.  It's a busy time a year now, but my guest Octavia Connors of Smart Accounting Services LLC, has been preparing and networking all year.  Hear her story of starting her successing Accounting Firm.

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    How the Accounting World is Changing With New Technology: AICPA 2014 Conference

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    This week, go with Rob Chandler as he takes his feet to the street at the AICPA 2014 conference to interview key leaders in the accounting world. This week’s show covers key technologies that accountants can use to better automate their business. 

    Businesses are able to streamline their companies with a new type of accountant. This is called a progressive accountant. These types of professionals help businesses not only organize their finances but they bring new streamlined online tools through the cloud that allows them to better organize their communication and financials.

    Scott L. Zarret

    Doug Sleeter

    Peter Cullen

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    Tax Accounting Strategies For Your Business

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    Bill and Rick discuss the importance of accounting principles with guest Sharon Masler of the accounting firm of Masler & Associates, and why having an accountant on your small business team is so critically important. Ms. Masler will speak to issues that run the gamut from basic tax advantage awareness, which small and large business owners need to be aware of, to her firm's ability to represent business owners in an IRS tax audit and what should and should not be done if you receive notice of an audit. This is a unique opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to access tax strategies that command their full attention in an effort to take advantage of legitimate tax deductions and future tax planning for their businesses.

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    How Good Is Free Accounting Software and Is It User Friendly?

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    Profiling: Wave, Free Accounting Software.

    There are 3 elements to making a Small Business successful: Money, Management and Marketing.

    Of the 3, Accounting is the most challenge for Small Business Owners/Entreprenuers is the least popular and the most diffcult. 

    Don't miss my conversation with returning guest Stefanie Krutilek Of The Krutilek Group and Scott Zandbergen,  Vice President of Product Management Of Wave.com."

    "We're here to set you free:

    Wave makes it easy to be your own boss. Just do what you're good at, and lean on Wave's smart online software for help with invoicing, accounting and payroll," https://www.waveapps.com/.


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    Accounting and Tax Issues for the Hospitality Industry

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    My guest will be Anil Melwani.  Anil is  President of Armel Tax & Accounting Services.  Prior to founding the firm in 2008, Anil saw business from both the inside and out. He served as Vice President at Armel Enterprises Inc., an importer & distributor of home furnishings, where he oversaw the finances and operations of a successful small business for five years. His duties included budgeting, forecasting, and inventory control, meeting with merchandise managers of major retailers, and traveling to Asia to develop and source new products. Prior to that, Anil, a graduate of Babson College, worked for the accounting firms Deloitte & Touche and Weiser LLP. During that time he was an integral part of the audit engagement team for several clients including Forever 21, India Abroad & Rediff.com, LensCrafters, Merrill Lynch, and the Rockefeller Investment Group.