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  • Is Your Business Bound For Obsolescence? Special Edition #BBSradio

    in Marketing

    Fractional CMO, Digital Marketing Strategiest, and Leadership Keynote Speaker Michele Price brings you weekly access to the top minds to Master the Inner and Outer Game of business. 
    Breakthrough Radio is a global business radio show that delivers high impact & pioneering knowledge for leaders in business. Entrepreneurs, startups, sales/marketing/IT professionals join us every Monday.
    SPECIAL EDITION a 60 minute dialogue exploring the fast pace of technology and how it is changing business.
    Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic (tm) brings us every first Monday of the month Breakthrough Sales tip,  growing our revenue and profits.
    Jeff Shuey, Chief Evangelist K2, Jeff joins us after our featured guest, discussing technologies that impact our lives.
    We will enjoy a one on one with her and dig into what does it really mean to our businesses and careers when we truley understand "How the World See You?
    Follow us & ask your questions via twitter using #BBSradio.
     We love rewarding engagement. You are invited to visit radio show blog at www.WhoIsMichelePrice.com 

  • Inclusion and Other Diverse Groups in Today’s Workplace!

    in Business

    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as Cecile Bereal, your host of serving up Diversity, interviews Michelle Burkart, Founder of Th!nkbusiness.
    Today’s topic has been at the forefront of the news recently and is an important one to have.
    Today’s workplaces are expanding their Diversity and Inclusion hiring practices to include transgender, also known as gender identification or expression, sexual orientation (LGBT), and mixed races.
    Michelle Burkart will discuss what initiatives companies are implementing and what policies employers need to create and enforce as it relates to gender identify or expression?
    Cecile Bereal is your host of Serving Up Diversity, a show designed to showcase the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and to examine best practices among stellar companies striving for a cohesive and diverse workforce.

  • Show #119: How Has the Emotional Engagement of Employees Changed?

    in Business

    Maria Paviour, Award Winning Occupational Psychologist, Author and Conference Speaker at Maria Parviour Co Ltd.
    In 1997 Maria developed CARI™, a tool that can identify both the cognitive and emotional responses to personal wellbeing and measuring employee engagement – not just engagement butemotional engagement. This enabled Maria to discover much more about wellbeing and won her a couple of Government, and a European, awards!
    Read more about this via Maria’s LinkedIn article: Scary Changes in Mental Health Issues at Work, Year 2000 vs 2015 and join us as we discuss wellbeing in the workplace.

  • 7-6-15 INDUSTRY INNOVATION UPDATE: Where will it come from?

    in Finance

    Created BY mortgage professional FOR mortgage professionals, Lykken on Lending is a weekly 60-minute radio program styled “podcast” hosted by mortgage veteran, David Lykken. Joining the program each week is Joe Farr with a MARKET UPDATE, Alice Alvey providing a LEGISLATIVE UPDATE, Paul Muolo of IMFnews.com giving a quick MTG NEWS HEADLINES update and Andy Schell (a/k/a "The Profit Doctor") providing tips on FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT.  This is followed by the HOT TOPIC segment, which is an in depth discussion about one of the hottest topics related to the mortgage industry. 
    The program can be heard "live" each Monday at Noon Central or downloaded as a podcast.  Each week thousands of industry professionals have found this to be an effective way to stay up on all that is happening in the mortgage industry.  We invite you to join us to listen and learn.  This broadcast is provided to the mortgage industry as a public service compliment of Mortgage Banking Solutions, helping YOU take YOUR business to the next level!

  • Bert Martinez

    in Business


  • Train Cyndee Part 3 "Manipulating Audio Clips"

    in Entrepreneur

    2 pm Eastern 11 Pacific, Train Cyndee

  • Take Action Get Profits - Creating Your Personal Brand

    in Business

    Take Action Get Profits with Michele Scism with her special guest Carol Ann DeSimine & Christine Lee:
    Carol Ann DeSimine has been in essence been promoting personal branding before it was the trend. I always encouraged my clients to promote themselves as opposed to their company, because people do business w people. Because I put together the whole package rather than just piecemeal the parts together, it really was personal branding, and not everyone was doing that. Also, I have an M.A. in public relations, which in essence is what personal branding really is. I have a lot of skills and talents that when put together, is a rarity.
    Christine Lee is the owner of Stone Creations of Texas, a family owned and operated business in the Greater Houston Area. Create your own quality engraved sand, limestone, onyx, travertine, brick and meta-quartzite products. You’re looking for an engraved stone company that has an extensive knowledge of the stone industry is what provide. Engraved clay brick pavers are a very popular and effective fundraising project for schools, churches, universities, parks departments and other organizations.

  • Positive Impact Radio

    in Entrepreneur

    2:00 pm Central, 3:00 pm Eastern: "Positive Impact Radio," hosts Carol Wachniak and Akram Abedalal
    Join Carol and Akram every week, to talk to people who are making a Positive Impact in the world!

  • Getting to know Shannon Dunlap, the intuitive family lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas

    in Legal

    Getting to know Shannon Dunlap, the intuitive lawyer, focused on healing Texans and their families who want to get married, adopt, raise well-adjusted children, and when necessary, divorce and start a fresh and new chapter in their lives.
    Who is Shannon Dunlap? Why did you become a lawyer? Tell us about your path to earning a law degree. What are your most and least favorite memories? Having lived all over Texas, why did you choose to launch your law practice in Fort Worth? After graduating law school more than 10 years ago, you waited 10 years to launch your law firm. Why is 2015 the year for Shannon Dunlap Law? Who are some of the people who have been the most influential in your life? Have you been a litigant in the family law system personally and how was your experience? Why are father’s rights issues so important to your family law practice? As a family law attorney, what was your reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage? How do you plan to make a law practice more than just a place to offer legal services? What is your favorite vacation destination, and if you could take a trip anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? What are three things about you that people might find surprising? Shannon is a Houston, Texas native who grew up in West University Place. Shannon graduated from Western Michigan Law School In January 2003. She has traveled the world extensively from Vietnam, Mexico, Holland, and India. An active social networker, Shannon always enjoys meeting new people. She has been licensed in the State of Texas since September 2004. She is a member of the Tarrant County Bar and the Family Law Bar. Shannon volunteers to help Texas Veterans and is a children’s advocate.

  • The People's TIF's

    in Management

    When we read about TIF’s in Chicago, we typically read of lack of transparency, extreme surpluses, lack of accountability, and how large corporations benefit, while residents of impacted communities are left “on the outside looking in”  in their own communities.  Not so in Humboldt Park. Tune in Monday, July 6, 2015  to find out how Carolina Gaete and Cecile Carroll DeMello, Co-Directors of Blocks Together, have managed to work with local residents and elected officials to bring democracy to the TIF program, develop affordable housing and make micro-financing available to small businesses from the neighborhood. 
    Call in live at (347) 884-8121. You don't need an account to listen, but, if you want to participate in an online chat, open a listener-only account at https://secure.blogtalkradio.com/register.aspx?type=listener to participate in a live chat.

  • PWE Radio Presents: It Factor Insider With Special Guests Activate Diplomats

    in Entrepreneur

    ?Activate Twenty15 is a transformational event that gathers an extraordinary celebration of change-agents and visionaries who are committed to do their Life work - entrepreneurs, employees, artists, leaders, innovators and more.  We will bring out some of the hottest personal and professional development leaders of 2015. Everything about Activate Twenty15 is over the top,  5 star and luxe. We pride ourselves on giving our guest an experience to remember. We attract some of the the world’s most amazing leaders, including bestselling authors, award-winning change agents, philanthropist, entrepreneurs, and purpose driven speakers. 
    Stevii specializes in creating concepts, leadership development, business mentorship and networking. Stevii’s primary goal is empowering women to tap into their God Given It Factor. She is an outstanding motivational speaker who connects with her audience through being authentic and showing them that they can truly take their lives to their next level of greatness. When you connect with Stevii you are guaranteed to have fun, learn and grow.

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