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Welcome to Linked Local Network’s Internet Radio Network. LLN’s internet radio is all about Edutertainment-Podcasts that are Educational, Empowering, Inspiring and Entertaining. Our Various hosts talk about #Health #SocialMedia #SelfDevelopment #Business #Leadership #Parenting #Recovery #marketing #Life #Green Building We are all about Link Locally-Connect Globally If you would like to be a guest on a show please email media@linkedlocalnetwork.com To view Show Schedule and Hosts go to: http://www.linkedlocalnetwork.com/linked-local-network-radio-schedule/ Listen to live streaming radio on your computer, phone or tablet, or choose from our menu of pre-recorded radio programs and listen anytime.

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...the darkness of denial into the light or acceptance, courage, support, & freedom from our additcions. OUR NEXT WEEK'S TOPIC? What if the Alcohol (OR INSERT YOUR DRUG OF CHOICE) Dependant person can't be forced to get help except under certain circumstances, such as a traffic violation or arrest that results in court-ordered treatment? WHAT CAN BE DONE? Join us as we discuss this very relevent topic - and some possible suggestions, ideas as to how to handle situations like this either in your life or the lives of others. REMEMBER we are NOT DOCTORS or Professionals in any field of Recovery - HOWEVER we OURSELVES are ACTIVE IN RECOVERY THUS WE CAN SHARE OR VERY OWN - EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH & HOPE, offering a perspective from the eyes of the Alcoholic / addict, or addicted personality. You might be quite surprized by what you can learn from us. Our program airs every Sunday evening from 7 to 9 PM CST (Central Standard Time-CHICAGO TIME) and our call-in number is 323-580-5755. We welcome ALL CALLERS - have a question? Call - Have a comment? Call, Have a Critcism? DON'T CALL - JUST KIDDING - We welcome ALL CALLERS! Need some help during the week? Call Dan at 1-800-427-5968 or email danat daniel@daare.com Join us as we journey through life - ONE-DAY-AT-A-TIME, yet most improtantly TOGETHER! Remember this "HELLO'S & HUGS!" Share a Hello to those who seemingly isolate from others, and when possible give them a HUG TOO!
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... the darkness of ignorance into the light of growth and acceptance. Who are these Drug Addicts? Alcoholics? ography Freaks? Pedophiles? Over Weight, Under Weight ? Gamblers? Smokers, etc... WHY - They are People just like you... more

...of the Darkness of ignorance into the Light of Help, Healing and Acceptance! 84 DEAD - 50 Critical - Who could do such an outrageous act of cowardice? So what is this week's theme or topic so to say? Well by Gosh - even I/we don't know... more

...the Darkness of Denial and into the light of supportive individuals/groups working their programs of Recovery - pounding their bent lives back int shape of Good Living. Join us every Sunday evening from 7 to 9 PM CST (Central... more

the Darkness - helping those caught up in their addictions to realize that recovery is a Good thing and nothing to be feared. Last week we enjoyed Mike Tribble, a person in recovery for over 30 years, share with our listening audience, the... more

the back rooms/darkness and Show the world that I AM OK with the fact that "I" Cannot drink-HOLD MY BOOZE, "I" cannot drink like other people who can. Once I get started then I have difficulty stopping. Thus for me - abstinance is the... more

I'm a stranger in the land of the Pacific coastline. Join me as we discuss the Microsoft purchase of LinkedIn as well as Business, Marketing and Donuts with Mary Erlain, author of the 10 Answer Keys, Communicating with the 5... more

...darkness and into the mainsream of every day living. ISOLATION IS BAD FOR A N Y O N E and Thus we need to learn how to Reach out and Invite someone into our lives, ultimately relieving ourselves of having to "TALK... more

I'm a stranger in the land of the Pacific coastline. Join me as we discuss Business, Beaches, Marketing and Donuts with Mary Erlain, author of the 10 Answer Keys, Communicating with the 5 Generations in the Workplace.... more

the Darkness into everyday living.. LAST WEEK's Guest-Mike T.is a Friend & Fellow person in recovery - Sober for over 30 yrs. Mike brought his "BACK TO BASICS" meeting to us, discussing / exploring & explaining the 12 Steps of... more