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Welcome to Linked Local Network’s Internet Radio Network. LLN’s internet radio is all about Edutertainment-Podcasts that are Educational, Empowering, Inspiring and Entertaining. Our Various hosts talk about #Health #SocialMedia #SelfDevelopment #Business #Leadership #Parenting #Recovery #marketing #Life #Green Building We are all about Link Locally-Connect Globally If you would like to be a guest on a show please email media@linkedlocalnetwork.com To view Show Schedule and Hosts go to: http://www.linkedlocalnetwork.com/linked-local-network-radio-schedule/ Listen to live streaming radio on your computer, phone or tablet, or choose from our menu of pre-recorded radio programs and listen anytime.

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the back rooms/darkness and Show the world that I AM OK with the fact that "I" Cannot drink-HOLD MY BOOZE, "I" cannot drink like other people who can. Once I get started then I have difficulty stopping. Thus for me - abstinance is the very best course of action in my life today. And it has been for over 20 years,9months,& 18 days as of today! Sobriety is NO ACCIDENT. It is a commitment to a Lifestyle which excludes alcohol from our personal consumption on a day-to-day basis. How we do this includes working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous,Sponsoring others in this program, & performing Service work whenever the chance makes itself available. It is a life I never could have imagined - one filled with Miracles, surprizes, Blessings, and better relationships with others - especially with My Higher Power - with whom "I" choose to call GOD / JESUS CHRIST. Join us Sunday June 26th, as our Featrued Guest - MIKE T. returns to complete his presentation of the "12 steps to recovery" having presenteed 1 through 9 over the past 3 weeks. Mike's EXPERIENCE - STRENGTH - & HOPE is vast and inclusive offering some wonderful tips,suggestions, and examples of successfully growing in SOBRIETY using these 12 Steps to Personal Growth. This is a LIVE - CALL IN BROADCAST and we Welcome ALL CALLERS with their questions / comments/ or personal stories relating to the THEME OF RECOVERY. 323-580-5755 or visit our NEW Website put together by Steve O. www.road2recovery.club or email me for help/assistance at daniel@daare.com Remember to give HUGS & HELLOS to others on a daily basis as YOU TOO CAN CAHNGE THE WORLD BY SIMPLY CHANGING OURSELVES...One day at a time! Hope you can join us Sundays from 7 to 9 PM CST
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I'm a stranger in the land of the Pacific coastline. Join me as we discuss the Microsoft purchase of LinkedIn as well as Business, Marketing and Donuts with Mary Erlain, author of the 10 Answer Keys, Communicating with the 5... more

...darkness and into the mainsream of every day living. ISOLATION IS BAD FOR A N Y O N E and Thus we need to learn how to Reach out and Invite someone into our lives, ultimately relieving ourselves of having to "TALK... more

I'm a stranger in the land of the Pacific coastline. Join me as we discuss Business, Beaches, Marketing and Donuts with Mary Erlain, author of the 10 Answer Keys, Communicating with the 5 Generations in the Workplace.... more

the Darkness into everyday living.. LAST WEEK's Guest-Mike T.is a Friend & Fellow person in recovery - Sober for over 30 yrs. Mike brought his "BACK TO BASICS" meeting to us, discussing / exploring & explaining the 12 Steps of... more

I'm a stranger in the land of the Pacific coastline. Join me as we discuss Business, Beaches, Marketing, Donuts and an occassional zombie sighting from the Shell Beach headquarters of Mediavine Marketing. Call (323) 580-5755 to... more

...One day at a Time - Dealing with Life on Life's terms not ours. THIS WEEK Join us as Our Special Guest Mike T will share his Incredible EXPERIENCE - STFRENGTH - & HOPE with our audience of Listeners. Mike Chairs a Weekly... more

...program of Recovery. Those of us in a 12 Step Program realize that pointing out other peoples problems and shortcomings creates more distance and distain - complicating any attempts to get help. Sharing from our hearts about OUR lives... more

most every aspect of our American (AND THE WORLD) Lives. One can argue this way or that way as to what is the underlying cause of this seeming epidemic - however I have come to understand that as an ALCOHOLIC - "I" have a sort of... more

Wow! What a great show we had on the 8th, - Mother's Day. We also had a very Special Guest - Duane Dow a former Sports Broadcaster with the Chicago TV News team - now on his own producing commercials for both Bowling and... more