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Welcome to Linked Local Network’s Internet Radio Network. LLN’s internet radio is all about Edutertainment-Podcasts that are Educational, Empowering, Inspiring and Entertaining. Our Various hosts talk about #Health #SocialMedia #SelfDevelopment #Business #Leadership #Parenting #Recovery #marketing #Life #Green Building We are all about Link Locally-Connect Globally If you would like to be a guest on a show please email media@linkedlocalnetwork.com To view Show Schedule and Hosts go to: http://www.linkedlocalnetwork.com/linked-local-network-radio-schedule/ Listen to live streaming radio on your computer, phone or tablet, or choose from our menu of pre-recorded radio programs and listen anytime.

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..the Darkness of Denial into the Light of Acceptance and Assistance, Help & Ultimately Recovery. This coming weeks guest/s will be members of an Organization called YOUNG LIFE, a Christian Based organization dedicated to providing guidence and leadership to todays youth. I am very excited to receive these Guests and to learn the depths they would be willing to intercede with todays youth in order to give them sound direction in todays less than sound world. From what I saw to date - these Guys are great and I for one want to know more about whatthey do to help our chidlren today. Heroin Deaths are up at a Record Level - EPIDEMIC to say the very least. If we don't start doing something to stem the Tide of Suicides & Accidental Overdoses - we won't have much of a Youthful Society to share our futures with. Join us this coming Sunday from 7 to 9 PM as we welcome new ideas and acknowledge sound Leadership of those making a difference in our world. Talk is one thing - ACTION SPEAKS MUCH LOUDER THAN WORDS. Our call-in number is 323-580-5755 and we welcome ALL CALLERS, Have Question? A Comment? A Story to share? Possibly even Criticism for something you heard, CALL IN - WE'D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK OF HOW WE ARE DOING. We are NOT Doctors, or Counselors, or Therapists, of any type of Professional in the field of Recoevry - HOWEVER we EACH WORK A PROGRAM OF OUR OWN IN RECOVERY FROM OUR ADDICTION AND WE ARE HERE TO SHARE WITH YOU WHAT WORKED FOR US!!. Remember to join us every Sunday Evening from 7 to 9 PM CST (Central Standard Time) We are in our 5th year of successful Broadcasting our own personal EXPERIENCE - STRENGTH & HOPE to anyone willing to listen and perhaps learn / grow. By the way - on September 11th our Special Guest will be Angelica Bianca with her incredible story of courage - you won't want to miss this!!
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...of the darkness of Denial and into the Light of Acceptance and Love. Hey everybody - this is Dan and I Thank you for joining me/us on our Journey into Sobriety. Living Life on Life's terms can be challenging even to those of us who... more

Well last week was a great show! I was joined by 3 Members of AA offering their own unique EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH & HOPE

This week we are going to explore what it takes to be an effective Sponsor...ONE moment you are struggling to get & stay Sober - you make & KEEP your commitment to staying sober NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES - you attend... more

...the darkness of denial into the light or acceptance, courage, support, & freedom from our additcions. OUR NEXT WEEK'S TOPIC? What if the Alcohol (OR INSERT YOUR DRUG OF CHOICE) Dependant person can't be forced to get... more

... the darkness of ignorance into the light of growth and acceptance. Who are these Drug Addicts? Alcoholics? ography Freaks? Pedophiles? Over Weight, Under Weight ? Gamblers? Smokers, etc... WHY - They are People just like you... more

...of the Darkness of ignorance into the Light of Help, Healing and Acceptance! 84 DEAD - 50 Critical - Who could do such an outrageous act of cowardice? So what is this week's theme or topic so to say? Well by Gosh - even I/we don't know... more

...the Darkness of Denial and into the light of supportive individuals/groups working their programs of Recovery - pounding their bent lives back int shape of Good Living. Join us every Sunday evening from 7 to 9 PM CST (Central... more

the Darkness - helping those caught up in their addictions to realize that recovery is a Good thing and nothing to be feared. Last week we enjoyed Mike Tribble, a person in recovery for over 30 years, share with our listening audience, the... more

the back rooms/darkness and Show the world that I AM OK with the fact that "I" Cannot drink-HOLD MY BOOZE, "I" cannot drink like other people who can. Once I get started then I have difficulty stopping. Thus for me - abstinance is the... more