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    Classic Swiss Alps in Engelberg

    in Travel

    Journey to the top of the Swiss Alps as Travel Brigade visits the town of Engelberg, Switzerland, and heads 10,000 feet up to the top of Mount Titlis on the 360-degree-rotating Rotair tram. The mountain is so high there is a glacier on top year-round and we’ll tell you how you can walk through an ice cave and take the “Cliff Walk” suspension bridge that offers incredible views across the top of the Alps. We’ll talk about amazing skiing in the winter as well as great year round activities on the mountain. You’ll also get a taste of the classic Swiss experience of walking through a mountain meadow while listening to the cow bells ringing on your way to a traditional swiss meal of Alplermagronen. In the charming village of Engelberg at the base of the mountain, we’ll visit a Show Cheese factory and take a horse carriage ride to a centuries old monastery. Enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter @TravelBrigade.

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    Dr. Edward L. Deci on how to be self-motivated and best motivate others

    in Psychology

    Amy Alkon's Advice Goddess Radio: "Nerd Your Way To A Better Life!" with the best brains in science. 
    *Easter Sunday “Best Of” Replay. 
    Many people seem to think that the most effective motivation comes from outside of us, that motivating is something one person does to or for another. The studies done by my guest tonight, psychologist Dr. Edward L. Deci, find that self-motivation, not external motivation, is at the heart of creativity, responsibility, healthy behavior, and lasting change.
    This is essential to understand whether we are trying to motivate ourselves or looking to encourage others to successfully motivate themselves.
    On tonight's show, Dr. Deci will tell us what research shows about we go wrong in our thinking on motivation and how we can become more self-motivated -- and thus happier and more successful in every aspect of our lives.
    Dr. Deci's book we'll be discussing tonight is "Why We Do What We Do: Understanding Self-Motivation." 
    My show's sponsor is Audible.com. Get a free audiobook download and support this show financially at no cost to you by signing up for a free 30-day trial at audibletrial.com/amya (It's $14.95 after 30 days, but you can cancel before then and have it cost you nothing.)
    Preorder my upcoming book, the science-based and funny "Good Manners For Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck," here. (St. Martin's Press, June 3, 2014.) Preorders help give the book "heat," and are much-appreciated.
    And please ask a newspaper near you to carry my award-winning syndicated, science-based advice column...if they don't already. 

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    Pastor's Talk - Nsearch Radio

    in Christianity

    Join "Pastor's Talk" for a unqiue message about God from many different speakers every Sunday at 8pm EST.  
    To support our ministiry, please consider a purchase at www.5starshine.com
    Thank you!

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    Beauty Talk with International Makeup Educator Buntricia Bastian

    in Blogs

    We are joined tonight by celebrity Makeup Artist & International Educator Buntricia Bastian. Buntricia will talk about International Beauty and Makeup Education. Join us at 9pm EST/6pm PST to be inspired right here on Beauty Talk on BlogTalk Radio. Call 914.803.4399 and press the option to speak with the host if you have a question or comment. 

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    BRANDEDafterDARK w/Guest Henry Fambrough of The Spinners

    in Music

    Host: IamBranded + Sweet Erin
    Guest: Henry Fambrough of The Spinners
    This station is home to interviews of all music genres and all entertainers in all walks of life. All callers are welcome to call in and voice their opinion on all music and topic related subjects. Its late night, so Call in to the Station (949) 270-5912
    Dedicated to bringing the best interviews, journalism that this world has ever seen and/or heard. Radio station designed to bring music & entertainment together.

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Visions of Victory Gala

    in Social Networking

    TMDS 'cast' ROCKED deep inside the the Brain Injury community, as well as the multi-trauma's that affect every day life of Survivors.  The true, inspiring, driven, athletes who represent the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Sports Program.  In Celebration of the 19th Annual event at Crane Bay Event Center in downtown Indianapolis.  Ms. Tammy D'ercole was my date, all dressed in lovely (yes, no hat for me - even a jacket!) as over 200 star lighted guests, honoree's and supporters of the Para-olypics gold medal winners, to wheelchair competitors of all designated sports, skiiers (me), blind baseball players, fencers, rowng and kayact, basketball and so many more.  Yep, Miracle Baseball mades its initial representation.  In all, with the Athleticly Adapted Heroes, Doctor super stars of today and tomorrow and wealthy businessmen supporting aside, it was a "inpirational, enlightening, hope instilling, tearful and joyous, laughter and 'down right fun" a "couple" representing braininjuryradio.com at table #11 was overheard saying.  Jake Patrick directed his event in prime time style, with limos normally reserved for nearby Lucus Oil Stadium patrons outside.  Jacqui Kapinowski, was honored with the 2014 Visions of Victory Award, which will sit in her numerously decorated personal trophy case.  Wait until you hear her, and yes, you will personally one day soon, and in an event interview with yours truely.  Also, Mr. Patrick, Emmy and Peabody Award winning Emcee Karen Hensel, fencing extrodinare winning- student Cat Bouwkamp and more.  So much to tell, and a fine assistant to share with me.  
    We wish to hear any efforts, athletic or recreational endeavors or thoughts for trauma lives, who live on the edge, because they've already walked a tight rope, and do daily.  Like you, like me.

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    Divine Messages with Michael and Guest Psychic Medium Rosemary Fox!!

    in Spirituality

    Sunday April 20th 10PM EST/ 7PM PST/ 9PM CST/ 8PM MST
    Join us with amazing Psychic Medium Rosemary Fox!
    Rain and sunshine follow each other; we all have life lessons and our individual destiny, embrace this amazing journey. ~ Rosemary Fox
    From the age of three Rosemary encountered spirits and apparitions; this spirit intervention continued and increased until finally at the age of 12 she saw her first angel. The wing span filled the walls and appeared to Rosemary to look at least 7 feet tall, fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. This ethereal being never said a word to her, but it was an unforgettable experience.
    As a tarot reader she sees visions, feels people’s energy and vibrations. As a medium spirits come and go as they please. Rosemary has taken courses on color healing and chakra clearing. She is a reiki master/teacher with a bonus; she sees past lives in her practice. Rosemary practices EFT daily (Emotional Freedom Techniques) it serves to keep her centered and positive.
    Rosemary has more than 30 years’ experience of readings and healing. Many have cried and laughed with her during a reading, but none have left unsatisfied. Rosemary has been a designer and artist for many years, and has also written pages of poetry. Her spiritual calling has changed the way she views life and death and everything else in between.
    Rosemary has her own radio show on Blogtalkradio “The Third Eye” on Wednesday’s at 7PM EST and is an esteemed member of Best American Psychics

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    in News

    FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRIME TIME is a production of FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS, any retransmission and/or transcript either in whole or in part with out the express written permission of FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS and it's owner is expressly forbidden.
    ©2014 FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS. All rights reserved.

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    Queen B Brenda Brown, “We Can’t Do GWEN without the Men” A black belt Al-anon

    in Spirituality

    Brenda Brown is the owner of Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC and Pure Heart Records.  Many of BBE’s clients refer to Brenda as Queen B, the Queen of Social Marketing and Promotion.  Brenda is one of those unique individuals that lights up a room the moment she enters and almost every professional she comes in contact with wants to associate with her outgoing personality and BBE. With that ability Brenda has surrounded herself with some of the best professionals and names in the industry as well as an endless list of many friends and associates that she can call on anytime for immediate assistance and guidance.  She has been in the music industry for over 20 years, as well as worked in outside sales from owning 5 car dealerships in California to a Mortgage company in Las Vegas.  She has personally managed several artists, is on a consulting retainer with many others and is always giving her vast array of marketing savvy and ideas to those that are serious about going to the next level. Brenda works tirelessly practically round the clock, lives to be of service to others and treats everyone like they are her only client.  Brenda uses this philosophy in her personal life as well.  Brenda currently serves on the Board Of Directors for GWEN (Global Womens Empowerment Network) their tag line is “We Can’t Do GWEN without the Men”.  She has served on many other boards as well. Brenda has been of service since she was a very young girl, something she learned from her Grandpa Jack.

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    Consciousness Unlimited

    in Self Help

    Consciousness Unlimited Radio
    Exploring humanity’s journey through consciousness, with best selling authors and respected leaders that have profoundly impacted the evolution of humanity and our world. Topics include the fields of commerce, science, spirituality, theology, personal empowerment and realization. CURN reaches a global network of 100 million seven days a week.
    Tune in every Sunday at 6pm AZ and watch surprise featured guests and exciting new Host programs!

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