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Dale Kay

Eerie House Radio


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All things Horror. Radio, TV, Movies Hosted by Dale Kay and Dave Binkley

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To round out Eerie House Goes Ape weekend, EH Radio hosts a discussion about apes, gorillas and monkeys in films, television and, of course, radio. We have a special episode of Rocky Fortune - "Companion to a Chimp" starring Frank Sinatra and lots of Monster Movie and Horror Host talk.
  • by Dale Kay
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  • 01:30
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Eerie House begins a weekend of monkeying around with Olde Tyme Radio! First, Dale and Dave will present Suspense - "The Invisible Gorilla" followed by an episode of The Shadow - "The Gorilla Man". You'll go APE over these two... more

June Foray would have turned 100 on Sept 18th, but passed less than two months ago. If you love classic radio and cartoons, you know her voices. From Witch Hazel to Rocky the Flying Squirrel, June had a voice for all kinds of... more

Get ready to ride the rails on a crazy train, Eerie House Olde Tyme Radio brings you an episode of The Mysterious Traveler "The Locomotive Ghost" and a special WCRS Radio Stage play "Whistle Stop". You don't need a ticket, just click and... more

Haven Falls Horror Fixx' own Octavian Hallow enters Eerie House to talk about his treatment of Tod Browning's classic "Freaks" (less than ironically being shown on Eerie House TV later that day, Sept 9th) as well as special people in... more

Eerie House Radio celebrates it's 100th show with a double murder......radio show. When listeners heard - "Midnight, the witching hour when the night is darkest, our fears the strongest, and our strength at its lowest ebb. Midnight,... more

So what was "Eerie" about Jerry Lewis? Seriously? Have you seen him? Sure, we're all about Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but so was Jerry with films like The Nutty Professor, Scared Stiff, Visit to a Small Planet, Way.....Way Out and... more

Disillusioned detectives with sardonic wit. What could be more fun than a wise guy detective? Two wise guy detectives, brought to you by two "wise guys" Dale Kay and Dave Binkley. We have the singing detective Richard Diamond and... more

The entomology rages on in Eerie House. Dale and Dave dish on bugs in the movies and TV, and more audio treats, including an early radio show 2000 Plus episode called "The Insect" and we hunt the ever elusive Flarglebug.

Does Eerie House bug you? It will all weekend long, even on EH TV. Tonight's radio offering features The Mysterious Traveler with "The Man Insects Hated" (isn't that all of us?) and Escape! "Leighnan vs. The Ants". Join... more

Creepy kids always seem to find their way in to Horror Movies. From the child Michael Myers to that ghastly girl from The Ring, we'll talk about 'em! The Eerie House gang also has a chilling child radio show to share.....Zero Hour! Let's talk... more
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