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  • VP Laurie Rubidge and CEO Chad Schapiro's weekly radio show / podcast

    in Business

    Updates on how to advance your OurGV Affiliate business with our top leaders from around the world!

  • Ask the Life-Coach

    in Education

    Are life issues dragging you down? Have you ever agonized in an effort to answer the question, “What is the ethical and moral thing to do?” How often do you wonder, “What does God expect of me?” Is the wisdom of God even available to me? 
    God wants you to know exactly what He expects of you! Therefore, His wisdom is within your reach.
    Ask the Life-Coach is a ministry of the Solomon Society. The Solomon Society was developed to educate and nurture individuals into the practical relevancy of the wisdom of God. Now listen in as John Davis Marshall, life coach, entertains your questions and saturate your soul with the spiritual wisdom of God.

  • Dial in Channel Up w/Lee "Nico" Middlebrook

    in Spirituality

    Real People Real Stories with Lee "Nico" Middlebrook
    Nico went through a childhood of cruelty doing whatever it took to survive on the streets and in the orphanage, often wondering if he would survive all the esoteric punishments, mental/physical abuse, not to mention the malnutrition that left him physically and spiritually hungry for a life beyond the pain he endured. These experiences led him on many pathways which brought him ever closer to God. Now he is sharing his story “Opened Eyes”, seeking a publisher for his book in the hopes of helping others find their way out of their own personal hell of violence & hatred; sharing his story is just one way Nico is giving back.
    Nico email address middlebrooknico@yahoo.com
    Inner Spirit Rhythm http://www.innerspiritrhythm.com/

  • How to be Happy Stepmothers. It's Not What You Think.

    in Women

    Searching for happiness is that age old journey.  I want to be happy.  That is all that I ask.  I only want my children to be happy.  I want a happy marriage.  The true solution to being happy is not what you think.  As I may have shared, I am a businesswoman as well as a stepmom, mom, friend, sister, wife, etc., etc.  As a businesswoman, I train salespeople.  In my last round of classes, I was grateful to have the opportunity to teach from Shawn Achor's best selling book, The Happiness Advantage.  In this show, I'll review some basic concepts and it will probably change the way you look at life.
    As always, I thank you for listening and if you ever want to talk further, you can find me at:
    The Evil Stepmother Speaks: http://bit.ly/lBKSwP 
    Want to change your life? Try the book  The Evil Stepmother Speaks: A Guide for Stepfamilies Who Want to Love and Laugh.   You can buy it on my site or on Amazon and all other e-reader sites.
    Like us on Facebook
    There is also a SECRET Facebook group called Stepmom Life Class.  It’s a sacred space to vent and find solutions.  To get in, you have to friend me at https://www.facebook.com/barbgoldberg
    Tweet me @StepmomSpeaks
    Need more support?  I offer one on one coaching any time that you need me. 

  • Speak the WORD with Prophetess Jacqueline L. Price

    in Christianity

    Welcome to Speak the WORD Broadcast.  Today's Teaching:
    This woman of God shares the word with simplicity, to enrich the believer’s spiritual walk, embrace the backslider, and bring a God consciousness to the unbeliever.  In doing so listeners look beyond where life circumstances may have them; being encouraged to release their faith to know all things are possible to those who put their trust in Jesus Christ.
    She would love to pray with you just call in during the broadcast at (347) 637-2820.  You can also go online to leave your prayer request - www.jlpministry.org, or write us - JLP Ministries, P.O. Box 56, Lancaster, TX 75146.
     Remember to LIKE US on FACEBOOK at facebook.com\jlpministries and on twitter at twitter.com\jlpministry. 
    Thank you for listening.

  • Optimize My Life

    in Family

    Everyone wants to live a Fruitful Life!  The Secret? Help others do it!  The Show will consist of Interviews and Panel discussions of people who are doing just that, "Paying Hope Forward!"
    The show is sponsored by The Hope Collection, a 501c3!

  • Intuitive Life with Skye ~ Astro Updates and Free Readings ~ 90min Show!

    in Spirituality

    Today, tune in for a quick astrological/energy update... and then talking with callers with readings for the whole show... and contact me directly at www.intuitivelifeastrology.com or skye@intuitivelifeastrology.com.
    My new Sensory Intuitive Fortune Telling Playing Card Set and Laminated Tarot Quick Reference Sheets – and Laminated Intuitive Playing Card Quick Reference Sheets are on Amazon.com, and on my website.  Just search Amazon.com for Skye Mackenna.
    And please contact me directly at www.intuitivelifeastrology.com or skye@intuitivelifeastrology.com to schedule a personal reading.  If you'd like, I'll record our session and email it to you immediately after the appointment.

  • Bag Lunch Cafe

    in Religion

    We never know what's on the menu but you can be sure it will leave you hungry for more.  Come join us as we check out the menu together.  I am sure The Master has a plan just for you.

  • HELP! Relationships 102

    in Relationships

    Great Relationships are what makes life enriching and truly worth living! In fact, for those of us who have lived long enough to appreciate it, have learned that the enjoyment of a good relationship is unequivocally the closest thing to Heaven on Earth that this life can offer. Good relationships are what gives life meaning!
     Yet as important as relationships are to each of us, understanding them and learning how to deal with them successfully, can also sometimes prove to be the greatest challenge that life on this earth can offer.
    HELP! Relationships 102, is especially for those who have attempted to find answers to the issues they have been having in their struggling relationships, and yet despite their research have found few solutions and even less help! Our mission is to address some of the widespread unaddressed issues plaguing today's relationships! And whether that relationship is with the LORD Himself, a spouse or significant other, a son or daughter, a friend or sibling, an employer or employee, or even with one's own self, we feel called of the LORD to "HELP!"
    We believe that GOD outlines principles in His word, a blueprint if you will, that will unerringly guide us to successful relationships. The LORD, if allowed, will in a very short time, build and if necessary, rebuild our failing relationships. He can and will do with our relationships that which many of us have tried and failed to do for many years!  
    Join us here weekdays at 12 noon, on HELP! Relationships 102, as we address the unaddressed issues challenging pyour relationships!

  • Disability and Unemployment: Can you get both at the same time?

    in Legal

    Social Security disability benefits exist to protect the worker who has paid into the social security system and now cannot work due to a phsyical or mental impairment. Unemployment benefits compensate individuals who are "ready, willing and able to work" but no jobs exist. Often times, people collect unemployment while waiting for a disability determination. Is this allowed? Join Scott Daniels and Brian Mittman as they explore this very common issue. 

  • Revival Now

    in Religion

    A Christian, Holy Ghost filled, LIVE talk show dedicated to advance the Kingdom of God by boldly proclaiming the Word of God, praying for the sick and setting the captives free in the Name of Jesus! Many issues and topics will be discussed from a Biblical perspective. All are welcome and encouraged to participate by calling in with your comments and prayer requests!  

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