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  • Divine Healing: not 'try but trust'

    in Religion

    Think for a moment:  did your salvation come by 'trying' or 'trusting'?
    God has a system set up for receiving from Him.  It is the 'faith' system.  It is available for anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Romans 4 says that God set it up that way so that it WOULD BE AVAILABLE to 'whosoever' would come to Him asking for His help.
    Physical healing, our topic, comes the same way as salvation.  It is built that way in the system of the Kingdom.  
    Not try, but trust.
    We want to continue along this line again today.

  • The Rich Simpson Show Online - "Radio for the fun of it!!"

    in Fun

    We describe our online radio show as “Radio for the fun of it!” It’s The Rich Simpson Show Online. We appreciate our loyal listeners! They listen in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, West Virginia, New Jersey and Colorado! We invite you to join George Croly and me, weekday mornings at 11:00 o’clock. We discuss topics that are off the beaten path. We build on those topics and the side effects those topics have on our society. And, we have fun with it! Access instructions:  (1) Put the following in the search engine:  blogtalkradio.com/rwsimpson4  (2) Look for “Upcoming Broadcasts.” (3) Under those words look for “The Rich Simpson Show” (hyperlinked in light blue letters). (4) Click those letters. You then have the option of (a) listening, or (b) calling the number (646-595-2404) on the screen……….The archived version of the show is now posted, daily, on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks, Rich

  • ArtSpark with Edie Baran

    in Current Events

    Join your host Edie Baran as she talks Arts in Janesville and beyond!  Originally from Chicago, Edie is a professional storyteller who has been involved with the arts scene in Rock County for many years.  Look for exciting guests showcasing the variety and creativity of arts in our area!  Only on Janesville Community Radio!  

  • I'm Just Sayin' with Diane DiVall

    in News

    I'm Just Sayin' is a one hour talk show hosted by D iane DiVall, a 25 year veteran journalist and broadcaster.  She has worked as a reporter, writer, field producer, newscaster, talk show host, News Director and news anchor for three of the major t.v. stations in Chicago, and got her start at WBEZ-FM Radio.
    Tune in!  You might like what you hear. 

  • REAL JOE Show - The American Family & Community Rebuilding Act

    in Politics

    We're all about restoring middle class Americans, their families, and the communities they call home.  Our proposal is the American Family & Community Rebuilding Act (AFCRA) You can find the issues, and the proposal at www.real-joe.com 
    It's our America, and they're trying to steal it - Help us draw a line in the sand

  • PatsPropaganda & Frenz Podcast: 4/10 Getting into the Draft

    in Sports

    Mike Dussault (PatsPropaganda.com) and Erik Frenz (Bleacher Report, Boston.com) break down the Patriots' needs for this year's NFL Draft and potential prospects they think are good fits.

  • Got A Lite

    in Lifestyle

    Pattie Canova hosts a talk show using wit, candor, keen insight, perception, experience, and the tales and symbols of Tarot to inform, illuminate, enlighten and entertain her listeners. Write Pattie at pcanova@optonline.net w/your questions, feedback or insights. Visit my websight: www.pattiecanova.com  Let's discover what it takes to walk our road toward awakening.  www.pattiecanova.com

  • Today's News; Jurisdiction and Sovereignty Laws; Citizens Rights & Privilege !

    in Education

    Are the Hebrew Israelites wrting in the Holy Bible; The Black Matrix African American families living in the new world call The United States of America since July 4, 1776. Yes or No
    The Black Hebrew Israelites of the Holy Bible Says, The Black Matrix African American. The Confederate Devil Agent says, you are their Confederate Slave, But the Holy Bible says you are the Sons of God and the Ancient and Honorable Order of Melchisedec, High Priesthood, Kingcherubship on Earth, From the City of Jersalem,State of Goshen,Country of Anceint Egypt History of the Great Pyramid of Giza design and built after the Great Orion's Belt, Stars of God Constellation of the Universe. 
    We therefore Kurt a  Black Hebrew Israelite and Representatives of The United States of America in (General Congress Assembled) Government and Church in Philadelphia since July 4, 1776.
    Source: Holy Bible, King James Version Translation By, United Kingdom Union Scottish King                     James of the Kirk of Scotland England 1607; The New America World
    Source: Library of Congress; Long Draft of Declaration of Independence; Kirk of                                          United States of America Independence, from Great Britain since July 4, 1776
    Source: Library of Congress: The United States Constitution,  The Black Supremacy Rule of                        the Land. 
    Please Make $5 Donation : https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=EYXRX73BQBTP2

  • Dancin' with the Universe-Learn to create a Life You Love

    in Spirituality

    Life is a Dance! You know the steps - now it's time to really FEEL the music!
    Join Jacquelyn Gioertz of EmpoweredConsciousness.com and Debbie Sodergren of DebbieSodergren.com every Thursday morning from 11:00 am - 11:30 am to get your shot of mojo for Dancin!
    For 30 minutes you will have the opportunity to tune in and receive juicy tips and tools that you can implement immediately and improve your relationships, work and health.
    There's more to it than just thinking positively and writing affirmations. We will explore the energy work involved as the power of your thoughts, words and actions.
    You will learn what it takes to get the Law of Attraction to work for you consistently
    Tap into our energy and explore with us and our guests the infinite possibilities that are just waiting for you to create them!
    We teach you to GET the power you already KNOW you HAVE.

  • Como Mejorar el Dialogo Interno

    in Motivation

    Carola Suazo conversa contigo acerca de como hablar en positivo para crear realidades acorde a nuestros deseos. Cuando sin darnos cuenta hablamos en forma negativa o en contra de lo que decimos son nuestras metas, estamos bloqueando nuestro bien e impidiendo que eso que queremos llegue a nosotros. Tenemos que crear una buena relacion con el Universo, de eso se trata. Sintoniza y enterate de que puedes estar haciendo que no te favorece en parte y escucha las mejores formas de cambiar tu vocabulario hacia lo bueno, abundante y bello!

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