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Barbara DeLong



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Welcome to the Night-Light/Spiritually-Speaking radio show, a forum for spiritual enlightenment, cosmic understanding and insight into those etheric realms that ever surround us. Host, Barbara DeLong and a wide variety of fastinating guests will be sharing with you spiritual information and philosophies that you can use to enlighten your lives and open you the creative sources you carry within. This venue allows me to reach out to greater numbers of you and to provide you with new insight and understanding to the times we are now experiencing. We will be covering everything from the mundane to the magical and will share all of these new paradigms with laughter and love. I hope you visit us regularly and use this resource to find your own inner lights to guide you along your spiritual pathways. Please visit my website at www.barbaradelong.com for further information on me and my philosophies and monthly forecasts as to the cosmic energies and how they will impact you on your journeys. With Love and Light Barbara http://www.barbaradelong.com http://www.cafepress.com/barbaradelong http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Night-Light http://www.cynthiamusic.com "Night-Light Radio" cannot be held liable for any host or guest opinions given on the show. "Night-Light Radio" is designed to provide you with entertainment and metaphysical insight into many aspects of life and our reality. It is not intended to replace any type of therapy. Counseling. Diagnosis, treatment or cure for anything”

On-Demand Episodes

Tonight marks the final time Night-Light will be airing on Blog Talk. After seven interesting years Night-Light is moving over to Revolution Radio at FreedomSlips.com. Join Barbara and Jeannie as we bring a fun filled stretch of... more

Night-Light welcomes back Mark Snider, host of Ohio Exopolitics. Besides being a gifted show host and very talented musician Mark is what I consider an expert on the Billy Meier material. For those not familiar with Billy this show should be... more

Night-Light welcomes back a most favorite person Lynn Buess. Perhaps you have read a little about numerology and wondered just how it manages to reveal so much. If you have been looking for more information to take you beyond... more

Barbara and Mary join forces again to shed light and wisdom and insight onto the question of getting back onto your pathways if you have warndered astray or how to generate the spiritual energy to create movement if you are just stuck.... more

Lynne D Kitei MD On March 13, 1997 something extra-ordinary happened in the skies over Phoenix and across Arizona. On that clear evening a parade of low flying, mile wide V-shaped formations of orbs and craft glided silently overhead,... more

Shaminism is the topic for tonight and we welcome Jessica Hunter to the show to share her experiences and insight on this amazing modality. She is a Shamanic Teacher, Practitioner, & Shamanic Medium. She is also a Crystal Healing... more

Barbara and Mary are back again to share some insight, wisdom and of corse laughter. Tonight they will be talking aabout how past lives impact our lives and help us to better deal with what reality has in store for us. Time permitting they... more

Barbara and Mary explore the universal wisdoms. Tonight they will be speaking on how we create our realities through our perceptions. Time permitting they will also be doing some readings so call in early and get inspiried.

Robert Sullivan IV joins Night-Light to share hiswisdom and insight on The Royal Arch of Enoch, his newest book. This is going to be a very interesting show and levels and understandings of Freemasonerywill be explored. HIs book is a... more
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