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    Mentorship - Why? How to properly choose one.

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    Do I really need a mentor?  Why?  How do I effectively select a proper mentor?  What does that type of relationship consist of? 
    Turn up your volume and get your notepads, ipads, whatever pads ready to record some serious wisdom!
    Join us today on the Custom Built Lifestyle we speak with CEO, International/Transformational Author and speaker Mr. Jimmie L. Lucas Jr. regarding Mentorship!

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    Joe Wilkinson Author of The Nowhere Tour

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    Listen at 2ET/12MT with Joe Wilkinson Michelle Vandepas Conscious Livelihood and The Nowhere Tour  

    Joe Wilkinson is the author of “The Nowhere Tour Guide Book” and “Awakening: Beyond Nowhere”.

    The Nowhere Tour is a Guided Experience into a way of perceiving that once awakened, will change everything for you, and your world. It is not about when and where you may go. It is about what you have never left in order to arrive in it.

    The Nowhere Tour is about YOU. This is an Experience dedicated to your Awakening, and Expansion(s). If this sounds beyond belief, then you are just beginning to glimpse the “tip of the iceberg.”

    The Nowhere Tour has been said to be priceless. Find out for yourself.

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    Tea with AmelieAmelie

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    Amelie Diamant Holmstromis vibrant and filled with inspiration,author of the"COURTSHIP OF LIFE"series!Upgrade her program.(Host-213-325-3434(Pin 2240740-850)UsernameCourtship of LifePassword 494949THANK YOU!

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    Let Your Your Mind Relax

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    At times we ignore the importance of relaxing our busy minds. But yet, when a body part of ours is over taxed or in some kind of stress, we back off of it and give it time to renew. We need to do the same thing with our minds, give it time to rest, so we can get focused, receive insight and replenish with uplifting energy. In today's fifteen radio show, Laurie will guide your through a progressive relaxation exercise focusing on your breath and a healing and relaxing visualization.

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    Dream It Then Do It - Power Lunch

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    Join communication specialist Debra Eckerling and life coach/matchmaker/author Marla Martenson for the "Power Lunch." This month's special guest is Michael Lennox. Dream It, Then Do It! Workshops, tools, and inspiration to help turn your dreams into reality! Debra Eckerling (www.WriteOnTrackLA.com) is a freelance writer, speaker, and the creator of Write On!, a live and online goal-setting and networking community for writers (http://www.writeononline.com). Marla Martenson (http://www.marlamartenson.com) is the author of "Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting," "Good Date, Bad Date," and the recently released memoir: "Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker." If you have a topic suggestion, please post on http://www.dreamit-thendoit.com or on http://www.facebook.com/dreamitthendoit

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    Domestic Violence: Staggering Fact and Statistics

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    We will continue our discussion on what is domestic violence is as well as continue to introduce some very dishearting  but vey real and true statistics and facts surrounding intimate partner violence.

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    The Happiness Boost welcomes documentary film maker and psychologist Lisa Cypers Kamen

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    Lisa Cypers Kamen is a psychologist and documentary film maker who is taking part of the movement in positive psychology. She is raising awareness about the true path to Happiness with her documentary "The H-Factor". We'll talk Happiness and get a glimpse into her new project, Harvesting Happiness for Heroes. Join us for what is sure to be a lively discussion.

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    Addicted to Chaos and Feeling Excited by the Misery

    in Relationships

    DrBev, Am I a crisis junkie? I keep attracting Drama Queens. I feel like a magnet for sadness and misery relationships. How can I be addicted to feeling bad? Am I crazy? Don't people normally seek out pleasure rather than emotional pain? I create drama; choose bad boi/gurl friends and associates when things are going good in my life. I try to be productive and happy, but, it takes so such effort. Maybe, I have become accustomed to the pain and think that there is no solution to overcome it. Truth is, sometimes I don't feel worthy; Don't deserve to be happy, so I do things to sabotage the people, places and things that can let me be happy. Tonight, Emotions-R-Us will focus on self-misery and depression when your negativity feeds on itself. What are the symptoms and causes of a misery addiction? How does a childhood full of drama, trauma, and chaos connect to adult relationships and MISERY ADDICTION? Join DrBev and Guest, Dahni McPhail, Author “Two and a Possible”. A true to life fiction; real and personal representation of experiencing the reality and dangers of obsession and life threatening circumstances evolving from misery addicted relationships to “love gone mad”.

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    Green Bean, howdy do?

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    Oi Everyone! I am your host(fam)ThunderLove aka something cool is fine with me, but I love Thunder, ThunderLove. Well, lets see this show is about anything and everything QUANTUM! I have a deep belief in a polytheistic life, meaning that I believe in many Gods no one religion if any hold my spiritual being. Not here to talk garbage, and words of are hard to explain so I like to keep things literal for the most part so the occasional curse words are for a form of expression. Please do not take offense youngin's or my wiser counterparts this is all informative, for everyone no matter what you think you are or what you are not! I love citations and fact trading. So feel more the welcomed to share information with myself and with other listeners. Remember if you Love yourself, you are more than capable of loving the better you! That better could be that friend or foe or stranger that reminds yourself of you or of who you want to be. Know that you are anything! And anything is Quantum!

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    Dr. Shefali LIVE on Living La Vida Healthy

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    Today's Special Guest on Living La Vida Healthy is Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D., author of the bestselling book "Conscious Parenting". Dr. Shefali received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, New York. She was exposed to Eastern mindfulness at an early age and integrates its teachings with Western psychology. It is this blend of East and West that allows her to reach a wide audience around the world. Her ability to appeal to both a psychologically astute audience and a consciousness-driven one, marks her as one of a kind. Dr. Shefali has worked with a varied demographic; from survivors of the Tsunami to women from a third-world country; from inner city youth to suburban families; from the elderly and infirm, to corporate leaders. In addition, she has lectured extensively on Mindful Living and conscious Parenting around the world. She currently has a private practice in New York where she works with clients across the spectrum. Her first book, "It's a Mom: What you should know about the early years of motherhood" was released by Penguin and debuted on the Indian bestseller list for four weeks. Conscious Parenting is her second book. Considering the dire state of affaires worldwide, the children are the ones paying the highest price. We can look for endless solutions, but the truth is in plain sight: we have lost our ability to be conscious. It is this lack of consciousness that is having a devastating impact on our children. Can children nonetheless be raised into conscious adults? Has the time come to shift the entire paradigm of parenting?
    Do children need "fixing" or are our children beaiful mirrors for ourselves, teaching us about our lost consciousness? Tune in to today's show and be wowed by Dr. Shefali's approach to healing relationships and societies by expanding consciousness. For inquiries about the Living La Vida Health 7 Week VIP Program, please contact Lydia Proschinger by Email: info@life-procoaching.com

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