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Join us for an in-depth look at topics in neuroscience, consciousness, coaching and human transformation. Our shows explore research on both consciousness and the brain, making powerful and fascinating links to how we change and transform our lives.

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We will be introducing listeners to the 7 Levels of Effectiveness and the link between Neuroscience, Consciousness and Effectiveness. At BEabove Leadership, we help people understand that the most important thing is not what we DO, but who we ARE. Through our Seven Levels of Effectiveness, we provide a road map of human effectiveness which elegantly and clearly shows us not only where we are, but where we want to go to find that new level of thinking so badly needed in today's world. We undergird this roadmap with research- based Neuroscience, that we make easy to understand. The Seven Levels of Personal, Group and Organizational Effectiveness 7. Synchronicity— 6. Innovation— 5. Engagement— 4. Courage— 3. Frustration— 2. Fear— 1. Hopelessness—
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Why is it so hard to love ourselves, and what is possible when we truly do? In this episode, we will talk about the actual neuroscience behind self-love and how to overcome our own brain challenges that keep us from feeling more loving... more

Curious about the original research on consciousness behind the Seven Levels of Effectiveness? We'll take a deep dive into our old friend David Hawkins' original resarch (as laid out in Power vs. Force and other books) and make the... more

Hey fellow coaches! Would you like some targeted coaching advice based on neuroscience and consciousness? We're launching our new quarterly "Ask Ann and Ursula" show where you can submit challenging or confusing... more

Join us for an as-always lively discussion of coaching, consciousness and neuroscience. On this show, we'll talk about creating a resilient brain -- one that can easily recover from stress and disappointment. We'll explore the current... more

"Hey, can you step in my office for a minute? I want to give you some feedback." Words we all welcome, right? Um, not so much, usually. In fact, they send most of us into a mild (or worse) state of flight or flight, making it hard to listen... more

This week we'll be talking about the way words can (and do) actually change our brain. For example, a recent study found that just seeing a list of negative words can make an anxious or depressed person feel worse. What's more, focusing... more

Join us for a lively discussion of consciousness and the brain. What do we think is happening with our wiring and chemistry at different levels of effectiveness? What is the brain map for enlightenment? Please join us and bring all your... more

Our radio show is for all coaches and others in the personal and professional development area who are interested in neuroscience and the link between coaching and effectiveness. We covers a variety of topics - seen through the... more

Intuition has long been thought to be somewhat mysterious and undefine-able. But instead of thinking of intuition as a ?thing? that some people have and others don't, current scientific research points to the power of thinking of intuition as a... more

Join us in April for a look at creativity and inspiration. We'll focus on how we can activate our higher brain to tap into our own profound wisdom and awareness. Come ready to be inspired!... more
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