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Coaching, Neuroscience and Consciousness


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Join us for an in-depth look at topics in neuroscience, consciousness, coaching and human transformation. Our shows explore research on both consciousness and the brain, making powerful and fascinating links to how we change and transform our lives.

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Many of us are parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, mentors, teachers, etc., and ALL of us were children at one point. Parenting expert Gillian Rowinski joins us to look at parenting above the line -- and how understanding the complexities of both our own and our children's brains can help us be the kind of person we most want to be. Not only for the children we interact with, but for ourselves.
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  • 01:30
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Join us for another episode of our popular Advice Show. Email in advance or call in with your questions, difficult client situations, and more, and we'll do our best to see if we can help!

At BEabove Leadership, we think a lot about integration. I mean, a LOT. Integration of the right and left hemisphere, the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system, the task and default networks, the body and the brain, etc. We're... more

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Join us for a lively exploration of the new field of Human Consciousness Architecture. It's not really the end of coaching, but rather, an evolution and revolution that is already happening in the profession it matures. As always,... more

Do you know feeling of being around someone who is a "yes" to everything? The sense that they are with you, open, and engaged? What about those who seem to respond with a "no" to everything, no matter what? In this episode, join us as we... more

Join us as we continue our conversation about entangled neural pathways and how this can limit our effectiveness. In this episode, we'll explore the pervasive impact of consensus reality and even how we become entangled with other... more
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