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    Women of Strength

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    Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! It is about that time!!!! We have been working on something special! Check us out on Sunday evenings, after church. Let us usher you into your work week. Exciting discussions about LIFE as a woman, young lady and girl! No holds barred!!!! Special GUESTS to be announced! So join us for Sunday evenings of GIRL CHAT!

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    Strength Talk Interviews, "The Bench Monster", Ryan Kennelly

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    We are back, B*&ches!!!!  Unlike any other show, we are Strength Talk Radio try to bring you the best in powerlifting, we call ourselves “powerlifting voice” for a reason; It is because we are the only radio show that brings you the best in powerlifting and powerlifting only!!  So how do we prove that we are powerlifting voice?  We get the one and only Ryan Kennelly, for a one and only interview he will do answering the questions about his recent past.  Never again will he talk about what happened.     

    Ryan has been out of the game for a while and we all heard why.  But was it all true?  Not one website, not one radio show or podcast and not even one article explained Ryan’s side of what happened, all the information out there was completely speculation, views from others that did not know the whole story and for all of us at STR, well that’s just unacceptable!!  So because of that we reached out to Ryan, to give him the opportunity to explain his side, what he was fighting for, and most important, to kill the rumors. 

    Ryan without a doubt is one of best of all time bench pressers.  His 1076 was without a doubt without controversy one of the best multiply benches ever.  We have seen the videos, we now know Ryan is back and wants what is his, the all-time multiply bench, the biggest bench ever.  But will he get it?  Does he have enough to come back and hit an 1100+ bench?   And most important, at what event will smash this record.  And not to mention, will he ever challenge Tiny Meeker, to finally set to rest, who is the best?!?!    

    Find out all these answers, the only true powerlifting radio show!!

    DON’T MISS THE BIGGEST SHOW OF STR HISTORY, Ryan “The Bench Monster” Kennelly!! 


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    Women of Strength RDF, Inc.

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    Women in history who are also women of strength and those who have made tremendous contributions and sacrifices to impact the lives of others.

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    Women of Strength RDF, Inc.

    in Women

    Women in history who are also women of strength and those who have made tremendous contributions and sacrifices to impact the lives of others.

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         Have you noticed that at times you feel spiritually depleted until you begin to pray for someone. Then it seems that spiritual strength begins to flow into your spirit. Your atmosphere becomes charged with courage and power from Heaven. You're able to stand in victory and your confidence in the Lord is amp up th the maximum. No matter the reason you call upon the LORD, strength comes into your spirit because HE is your SOURCE of strength and power. Join us today and Mon.-Fri. at 6:00 AM for live prayer and intercession. POWER UP! Dial 714.459.3963 


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    NEHEMIAH 8:10 Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength.

    The joy of the Lord is your strength."  This phrase is pregnant with meaning. It cuts like a two edged sword. It is the Lord's joy that is our strength. It is his rejoicing that gives reason to rejoice. It is his joy that fills us with hope. It is his joyous wish to save me just as I am, in spite of all my sins. It is God's joy to stand me back upon my feet and strengthen my feeble legs and wobbly knees so that I might discover his joy as my strength.

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    Strength Talk's Round Table Show

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    Strength Talk's Round Table Show

    Hosted by Anthony Pastorello and Shawna Mendelson

    Round Table Panel

    Henry Thomason, Kim Walford AJ Roberts and Scot Mendelson


    With all the information that is available on the internet, what would be the best advice for a new lifter and/or a lifter trying to get to the next level? What would you consider a valuable resource?

    Check out the written respones on our website www.strengthtalk.net

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    Sunday Sept 7th 5pm pst, Strength Talk interviews, The Great Susan Salazar

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    That’s right Strength Talk is back!!  It been a crazy year for us and we appreciate all of your support ..

    We are proud to announce that Susan Salazar will be on Sunday Sept 7th. 

    5pm PST  8pm EST

    Susan is a IFBB Pro, competes in Woman’s Physique and is an All Time Record Holder for the Deadlift and Total

    Listen as we talk to Susan on how she got into powerlifting, how she trains to get these massive numbers and what is coming up for this dominate woman athlete.     


    Strength Talk will be broadcasting live at this year’s Olympia; listen as we start to breakdown the platform on who will be there. 


    Don’t miss this show!!!!



    www.ironrebel.com  type in ST14 for a 10% discount for Iron Rebel products

    www.dominateyourgame.com Home of Vegas Powerlifting


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    Strength Training--The Missing Link

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    How does strength training contribute to a total fitness plan for life? Join us to find out!

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