• Starborn Support Radio! - Crystal Clark

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    After working over a decade in both high-end technology solutions and Operations Management in the logistics field, in 2003 Crystal Clark left the corporate world in 2003 due to out-of-control corruption across the board. She also aided the FBI on  numerous other cases within this same time-frame and as a result learned just how prolific corruption is. 
    Prior to her adult corporate career(s) and endeavors, as a teenager Crystal became concerned about the environment after she and her family became very sick from drinking well water severely contaminated/poisoned by a local mining company. She made the appropriate authorities aware (EPA & CDC). They dismissed her allegations over the phone and she later found that they had made VERY quiet attempts to fence off contaminated areas and built new wells. This was her first introduction to dangerous and rampant corporate greed and corruption, or what is today referred to as “profits before people”.
    She left the corporate world for good. She returned to environmental research 20 years later and was horrified to learn how prolific corruption has become. The outlook was grim—overwhelming even—her every thought became centered on what to do to stop it.
    Not long after, over a period of around 9 months she began to receive information through dreams that ultimately taught her the past 5 or 6 extinction episodes of the human race were SELF-CAUSED and that we are not only currently repeating all the same patterns, but are almost at the end of the line—we have very little time left to avoid the 7th and perhaps final self-destruction episode.
    Crystal is an author, philosopher, and co-host of RACE WITH TIME RADIO. Her blog at http://www.drowninginabsurdity.wordpress.com provides updated and invaluable information regarding the problems we face and the solutions needed to change the course of humanity.

  • LTT On The Road: Discovery Park Of America Grand Opening Coverage

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    ShuttletrainTED visits the Discovery Park Of America located in Union City, TN. Discovery Park Of America had their soft opening in July of 2013. A replica of a train station from the 1800’s is on display on the south side of the park. Visitors can see traditional locomotive cars, and stand on the platform, pretending to be well-wishers from days gone by. During this pre-recorded show, we will learn about why they built Discovery Park in Union City and what there is to learn about as far as railroading is concerned. 

  • A conversation with Thad Orr, Editor in Chief of Garden Design Magazine

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    Garden Design magazine is relaunching it's gorgeous magazine in May of 2014 and we are going to have a conversation with it's Editor in Chief, Thad Orr.  This magazine was always known for its great articles and photography and this relaunch will far exceed anything you have seen or read anywhere else.
    Even in this digital age, there is a great feeling in having a magazine you can stuff in your briefcase to read durihg a break, while wating for a flight or on the train ride home from your office and read about gardening while looking at outstanding photography.  This is not your typcal, this it how you plant a tree type magazine.  Garden Design already has a great website which is truly a reflection of how the magazine will expand your gardening horizons.
    We invite you to stop by and listen to our conversation with Thad Orr.

  • LTT On The Road: National Railway Historical Convention

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    On this episode of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's Let's Talk Trains, we find ourselves attending the 2014 NRHS Convention located in Springdale, Arkansas. We will get updates on the events and find out what the NRHS is all about. 

  • Water Features in Your Garden

    in Gardening

    Gardeners in Europe have always thought that a garden is not complete without the sound and/or appearance of moving water.  Water adds dynamic movement to any garden along and can range from a roaring waterfall to a bubbling pot.
    Join us as we have a conversation with the Gary from Aquascape Designs which has been the leader in residential water features for decades.
    Their great systems make it possible for anyone from an individual homeowner to a professional landscape contractor to create and build crystal clear water features. 
    You can create water features which include Koi, frogs and water lilies or simply an aquabasin with a group of bubbling basalt columns

  • LTT On The Road: Bowling Green, Kentucky RailPark and Museum

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    Bowling Green, Kentucky is the next stop on the On The Road series of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's Let's Talk Trains. We will visit the Bowling Green RailPark and Museum. You will learn about the railroad of history of Bowling Green, and how they are preserving it's history. 

  • LTT On The Road: Fostoria, Ohio

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    As a direct request from many listeners requests, this time on Let's Talk Trains sponsored by the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundaton we visit the newly opened Railfan Park in Fostoria, Ohio. We get a chance to visit with the Mayor and the people that made this park come to life. It is located on a very, very busy railroad subdivision. It sure to be a hoping show. So join us won't you?

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