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    12th Annual "24 Hours @ Saginaw" 2017

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    Your host is Skip Waters, organizer of the 12th Annual "24 Hours @ Saginaw" 2017, a 24 hour railwatching event sponsored by the North Texas Chapter, NRHS.  Join us with local guests attending "24 Hours @ Saginaw" as we share the fun and exciting activities happening at the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce depot in Saginaw, Texas.  A Hot Spot to watch Trains in North Texas!  Lots to hear and talk about.  Join us and our regular callers at 10:00 AM Pacific, 12:00 Noon Central Time. The call in telephone number is 646-716-7106.  It's Time to Watch Trains!

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    The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast Ep.52 - Small Water Garden Ponds, Dr Ted Coletti

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    Join your host Mike Gannon when he is joined by Dr. Ted Coletti. The topic is container water gardens and fish ponds. Small ponds are a great way to enjoy the pond keeping lifestyle for those who are just getting into pond keeping or want to enjoy a pond with limited space or urban settings. Dr. Coletti wrote the "Tub Pond Handbook: A comprehensive guide to creating and maintaining patio ponds, container water gardens, and tropical fish breeding tubs.
    Get all the info you will need to become a successful container pond keeper.
    You can find Dr. Ted Coletti's books on Amazon.
    You can connect with Dr. Ted Coletti on Facebook. 
    You can find more Pond Hunter on:
    All content from this broadcast solely owned by Mike Gannon.

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    TW102: Send in the Clowns

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    This weeks show is a great matchup and is as competitive as it gets. It's this first time I can remember putting a first time guest up against two competitors in a handicap match, but that's exactly what we did here. Ben and Carmela are teaming up to take on TWA Major Kevin Kuschel and Jonathan takes over the host duties.
    Want to be a member of the TWA? You can sign up to support us over at www.patreon.com/twa
    Also, if you want to check out those new LootCrate boxes I was talking about today be sure to head over to www.lootcrate.com/TWA

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    Name It & Claim It!

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    Tune in and chat with the movers and shakers in the promotional industry including contestors, promoters, marketers and sponsors. Our guest: Helene Hadsell, 83-year-old sage who won every contest she entered!

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    SHF Radio #80: Patch Trading Tips For The 2017 National Jamboree with Nick Wolf

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    Nick Wolf, the Patch King, has a Top 10 list just for folks headed to the Jamboree.  As a veteran trader of several Jambos now Nick has come up with ten important tips he shares with the listeners.  I was able to sprinkle in some stories and commentary on Nick's list to give you some good examples.  The bottom line is that anybody going to the 2017 National Scout Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve would get something helpful from his tips. Certainly his list is not all inclusive and so if you have some you'd like to share please leave them as a comment.  Likewise if you have questions regarding patch trading at the Jamboree please reach out to me.

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    Episode 16 of Geek Out With Pebbles

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    Episode 16 of Geek Out With Pebbles will focus on Star Trek Discovery.  The newest sereis in the Star Trek Universe goes back to before TOS.  I watched it last night and I loved it. So tonights podcast will be trekkie related because I am a trekkie.  More talk about NYCC towards the end but this is the long awaited for Trekkie episode.

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    Talking Auctions, Sports Memorabilia, Sports Cards with Special Guest Dan Wulkan

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    Ryan Friedman, owner of Auction Report and Rich Mueller of Sports Collectors Daily discusses news within the sports collectible industry; including auction realted updates, highlights of amazing collectibles up for bid and some back and fourth commentary on collectibles from years past and today.  This episode will have special guest Dan Wulkan from Memory Lane Inc and sports memorabilia expert on Pawn Stars!
    The Auction Report Radio show covers sports collectibles, historic memorabilia, entertainment memorabilia and more!
    From the start of an auction to the end of an auction and everything before, during and after, we provide an abundance of information on a daily basis to collectors on AuctionReport.com. Auction Report is the best choice collectors make to insure they are current with all of the auction news and information.
    Sports Collectors Daily publish's original sports collecting news stories. 

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    Snowboarding School Is Going On An Epic Ride With Eagle Pass Heliskiing

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    Snowboarding School and Heliski Holiday take flight with Eagle Pass Heliskiing. Snowboarding School is run by myself John Ciampa a professional wordpress blogger and SEO expert. We will be creating content for Heliski Holiday a heliski/heliboard concierge service to use to showcase what Eagle Pass Heliskiing to offer skiers and riders of all ablities. 
    Heliski Holiday matches the correct group to the proper operators and terrain throught the BC Canada area and beyond. We are talking trips of a lifetime here so why go at it alone when you can you her services at no charge to turn your heliski and heliboard dreams a reality in 2017 and beyond...
    We will also be visting and creating content at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. We will have two more radio shows leading into our upcoming trip on Jan 24th 2017 we hope to do a liveshow from resort and one when we return home from our Great Canadian Heliboarding Adventure.

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    The Lookout: FanZ, Michigan, and Joey DiCarlo!

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    Joey DiCarlo is definitely part of the old guard when it comes to the DBZ TCG. He developed for Score Enetertainment, Panini America, and continues his love for the game with FanZ. Tonight, we talk about the current state of the game, what we should be expecting in the coming months, the Michigan 1k that happened last weekend, and so much more.

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    Talking Cambarellus diminitus with Phil Kaiyalethe part 2 - Breeding

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    Planning on breeding your precious dwarf blue crayfish? Then this is the show for you, join us this Saturday March 28, 2015 for part 2 of our discussion with Phil Kaiyalethe about the Cambarellus diminitus. This time around Phil will share with us how he breeds his dwarf blues. Listen in and learn how to condition the dwarf blues for breeding, how to properly breed them and how to care for the all the babies. Also Phil will update us on his black dwarf project.
    Have a question for Phil about breeding the dwarf blue crayfish? The call in at (657) 383-0091 and ask your question live on the show. If you don’t want to call in you can send your questions to crayfishpodcast@gmail.com and we will get your question answered.
    Check out our new fan page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crayfish-Kings-Podcast/676914125769043. Special thanks to our sponsors DMV Aquatics, Crayfish Keepers of North America and Tamed Waters  

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    6. D&D of the Mind will you Survive?

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    Table top gaming, D&D and Dice Advance (Modified D&D) and everything in between. We reach for the stars in foam armor if Duke would make it.
    Foam Armor How Too:

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