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    Channeling Erik Radio On LiveParanormal.com

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    Channeling Erik Radio On LiveParanormal.com

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    Clinton claims House Benghazi report ‘found nothing,’ says time to ‘move on’
    Rio de Janeiro acting governor warns Olympics could be 'big failure'
    43 million Americans will travel during Fourth of July weekend
    No shirt, no shoes? No problem for cruise companies using sex to lure travelers
    Armed men tie 3 Mexicans to border fence for refusing to smuggle drugs
    Mexican model shot execution-style in front of her family by alleged cartel gunmen

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    PRIME TIME PARANORMAL: Samantha Hawes and Joe Chin join us #OceanStateparacon

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    Guest co-host Ken DeCosta, Mike Boler and show creator George R. Lopez host "Prime Time Paranormal" every Monday from 9-11 pm e.s.t.. Bringing you the top names in the community from John Zaffis and Brian Cano to Nick Groff and Grant Wilson just to name a few. Celebrities to those in the trenches of research join Ken, Mike and George on Mondays from time to time to discuss the outer fringes and inner workings of this field of study.
    Radioshowdeadair@gmail.com for guest inquiries and comments
    1-646-929-2384 to call into the show.
    Get your copy of "In A Flicker"! http://inaflickernovel.com/

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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: Bryan Impey from East Texas

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    Bryan Impey is a lifelong Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Cryptid enthusiast. He is also a local Investigator of Bigfoot sightings and Bigfoot Lore Historian and other strange Cryptid/Paranormal occurrences in the Ark-La-Tex area. Bryan is actively involved with: -Monsters, Mysteries, and Mayhem Co-Founder (Facebook Co-Admin, Radio Show Co-Host, Internet Page Co-Admin) -Boggy Creek Festival Event Organization Member (Fouke, AR) 2015 -TBRC-Texas Bigfoot Research Center Member since 2014 Boggy Creek Festival 2014:  and -conducted Bus Tours of the Fouke, Arkansas area. He showed and discussed famous Fouke Monster sighting locations and areas from the movie “The Legend of Boggy Creek”. A popular radio show guest he has been and will be a part of: -“Something in the Woods” Released Jan 2016. He was an extra in this movie during scenes filmed on June 12 2014 in Jefferson, Texas. -“Skookum” to be released, undetermined. Bryan was filmed for the trailer on June 14 2014. He gave testimony to some of the occurrences thathe has heard and witnessed in the Ark-La-Tex area. -“Boggy Creek Monster-The Truth Behind the Legend” Release tbd Seth Breedlove and Lyle Blackburn behind the scenes. -Supernatural in the Natural State” Field Producer for the Fouke Monster Part. Texas Unity Fest: -2015 and 2016 Emcee for the Crypto Room and Speaker 2016. Bucket List Moment: To be asked to co-accept (with Lyle Blackburn) the Ohio Bigfoot Conference Hall of Fame 2016 Induction of J.E. Smokey Crabtree.

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    Greg Bishop, UFO Author and Researcher

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    In 1991, Greg Bishop co-founded a magazine called The Excluded Middle, which was a journal of UFOs, the paranormal, conspiracy, psychedelia and new science. His first book, Wake Up Down There! anthologized many of the articles and features.  Greg's second book was Project Beta, which documented a government campaign of disinfo perpetrated against an unsuspecting researcher. His third book, Weird California, was released in 2006. He also wrote for the famed UFO/paranormal site Ufomystic for five years. It Defies Language! released in 2016,is a collection of essays on UFOs, the government, and fringe issues and personalities. His show Radio Misterioso, (radiomisterioso.com) now in its 17th year, features interviews with fringe-topic researchers and occasionally, weird music. He also flies paragliders and is a licensed private pilot, as well as an aerial drone photographer.
    In this interview, we talk about Greg's latest book and his insight into a fascinating disinformation scandal connected to Roswell, Majestic-12 and other UFO mythologies.
    You can find Greg's book at: Lulu.com
    Or get the Kindle version here: Amazon.com

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    Let's get to coloring with Franklin Habit

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    Listen Live for chance to win great prizes!
    Stay up to date with the Yarn Thing podcast with the App available on iTunes and for Droid. Find our more about Marly at www.MarlyBird.com or follow her on Facebook Sponsored by: 
    Red Heart Yarns Knitter's Magazine Craftsy Lo-Lo by Bar-Maids Erin.Lane Bags Creativebug Kristin Omdahl, Bamboo So Fine Buffalo Wool Co. Green Mountain Spinnery

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    Paranormal Horizons

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    Please welcome Andrea Perron back to the show!

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    Bigfoot Witnesses Tell Their Encounters

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    Have 2 people tonight that had class A encounters with Bigfoot. Jamie Nightingale from Vancouver B.C. who in 1984 while visiting his brother had a experience that he will never forget.
    Then we Have Jim who lives in Nashville Tenessee now  who had a Class A and B sighting when he lived in Ohio. He too had a interesting experience with the big hairy guys.
    Please Join us Sunday night when we find out exactly what happened to these two men. If were lucky we may have another witness join us also..

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    Bat Girl Radio-Michelle LeBaron & RFA Radio- Byron Lacy

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    Strange occurrences over the course of his lifetime led him to believe they were caused by guardian angels and spirit guides. In 2009 everything changed. A Stargate, like in the movie of the same name, but without a metal frame and only 6 foot across, opened up in front of him two different times a week apart at the same busy intersection. A friend said he thought Byron was an abductee. After some hesitation he researched Alien Abductions. What he found changed his life, and his view of reality, forever. He has used these skills from in researching his own abductions. He also tries trying to help abductees, especially newbies, gain perspective of and cope with this phenomenon in their lives. He has lectured at the Houston UFO Network about incidents where his life has been saved by aliens, and has written a book entitled Chosen, Chronicles of an Alien Abductee.

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    Ghosts Hunting Tales with Greg Stephens, Paranormal Investigator with Texas RIP

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    Join Teal Gray & Tui Snider as they discuss the paranormal, strange & downright bizarre mysteries of the world. Tune in live... if you dare!
    Questions? Comments? Connect with show hosts: Teal Gray & Tui Snider. Be sure to follow our show here on Blogtalk, like us on Facebook, & join us on Twitter @TGWWradio & @tgParaMysteries!
    Greg Stephens joins Teal Gray & Tui Snider to discuss an exciting investigation the 3 of them had at the Crazy Water Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas last summer, during which Tui saw an orb with her bare eyes for the very first time - among other strange events!
    Greg Stephens, Founding Member/Team Leader/Lead Investigator with Texas Research & Investigation of the Paranormal  Greg retired as a First Sergeant from the U.S. Army in February 2014 after 26 years of service. His interest in and experience with the paranormal began as a child growing up in Mineral Well, Texas when he would see and chase American Indian spirits along the river. Greg has a deep love and respect for the U.S. Armed Forces and history - especially the Civil War and all things military. He officially began investigating in 2007 with another team when he met James Leslie. Together they formed RIP in 2008.

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