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    How could we get some peace of mind in a troubled world?

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    How could we get some peace of mind in a troubled world?
    Do we stop traveling because of all these terrorist events? What about Hurricanes , earthquakes?!!! It seemed like we hear about it almost every single day and what about the Sika Virus ?
    The answer is "no", we don't stop living?
    We are interviewing Mr. Daniel Durazo, the Director Communication of Allianz Global Assistance,
    One of the Leading companies in the world.
    For more information please contact us @
    Travel Wt Maya

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    Ten Weird & Wonderful Things To See & Do in America

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    All across America strange and wonderful roadside attractions can be found, such as Foamhenge and Abita Mystery House. Some you'll never stumble upon during any roadtrip, such as the only underwater hotel in the world. So listen up to discover some of the strangest (and super fun) places to see and explore in our great nation.
    Terrance Zepke is an award-winning and best-selling author of thirty books, including TERRANCE TALKS TRAVEL: A POCKET GUIDE TO THE FLORIDA KEYS, COASTAL SOUTH CAROLINA: WELCOME TO THE LOWCOUNTRY, and THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHEAP TRAVEL. She is also a travel blogger and host of the UBER ADVENTURES SHOW. To subscribe to her blog or to learn more about her books and podcasts, visit www.terrancetalkstravel.com and www.terrancezepke.com.

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    Great Loop Radio: How to Work Aboard While Looping

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    Why put off the Great Loop until retirement?  Loopers Ly & Ed Konrot are successfully working aboard their boat while cruising the Great Loop! Learn how this couple is doing it, as they share practical advice for how to make your boat your floating office.

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    Whirl With Merle

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    The Gilbert and Sullivan Light Opera Company of Long Island has been around for years. They have decided to do one of the least know G&S operas called Iolanthe.  ilolanthe 
    Mike Economos will talk with us about the company, the play and the chosen place to do it...Flushing Town Hall in Queens, NY.  I am told that you can tell from the music that it's a G&S score. 

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    Stop Sitting by the Sidelines with Coach Nachi

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    I am a personal development coach.  I have been coaching as a hobby for a while and decided to become serious about it when I saw talented, skilled and resourceful, people doubt themselves and not give themselves or their dreams a chance.  I started my own business shortly after someone I cared about took their own life. This person, like many others, wanted to travel and see the world but was held back by their own demons.  
    I've had enough of sitting by the sidelines and not doing something MORE ACTIVE to shake people out of their slumps.  I want your listeners to know they can go out there make it happen for themselves, in way that makes sense for THEM.  "Travel" can seem so huge to those thirsty for it.  I want these folks to know that that shouldn't stop them.  That it is something that is oh-so-doable, and that they can do it in a way that is unique to their needs. The clients I have coached with this issue are now some of my most daring clients.  I would love to bring that to your listeners.   
    Take more than a vacation now!
    Get access to your pdf cheat sheets on travel
    Meet Corine, your host

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    Dis Happy Place Podcast Episode 23- Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Review

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    We will discuss one of the best kep secrets at disney world....cheap souveniers at the Disney character outlet. Plus we will have this weeks news!
    Twitter @DisHappyPlace
    Search for us on Youtube -DisHappyPlace

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    Project 6 - 99 Problems, But Failure Ain't One!

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    Join Project 6 today at noon with a new topic of: 99 Problems, But Failure Ain't One!
    Tune in by calling 347-884-8411. You really don't want to miss this show today.
    Press 1 and join the conversation.

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    Surviving Long Lines at the Airport

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    Ja'Vonne Harley, your host and Travel Pro is joined by pre & post travel advisor, Morell Howard as they discuss ways to get thru those long security and travel ines, make it to your plane on time and with your SANITY. As summer approaches, the lines and delays to get thru TSA are getting longer and not expected to get better. Traveling Culturati looks at tips to improve your odds of getting to the plane on time and not go insane in the process. Also get the latest Travel News, Ja'Vonne's Travel Minute and the Question of the Week. #TravelingCulturati.

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    7 Cruise Ports Where You Should Rent a Car

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    Travel today have so many new rules with alot of changes so it's always great to be updated .. I have just listed some of the 7 Cruise Ports Where You Should Rent a Car.  It's all about saving money ... Having discounts and the right information on hand is a great access and at discounttravelingdeals.com you will find great discounts, news, and promotions.. If you getting married of course you want a wonderful time without breaking the bank.  So let;s begin talking about the cruise ports.  There are times when it is more convenient, and possibly more prudent, to see the sights of a cruise port via tours. Driving in ports like Piraeus or Istanbul can be intimidating for even the most adventurous drivers. How about driving on your own in Montego Bay Jamaica? Anybody think that's a great idea? There's no reason to rent a car in ports with good public transportation or where the main sights and activities are accessible on foot from the port. But there are a handful of ports where you might really want to go beyond what the tour and taxi drivers want you to see, where it would be safe to do so, and where you can explore at your leisure.
    Car rental basics
    • Reserve in advance when possible.
    • Always use a credit card that includes foreign rental insurance, but know that in some places, they will still make you pay for primary coverage.
    • Do your homework; 
    SEE the rest here http://divasforhiretravel.agentstudio.com/news/7-cruise-ports-where-you-should-rent-a-car.html

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    Exploring Hakone Gardens, Chocolate Travel, California Wines and Lansing, MI

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    At 100+ years old, Hakone Gardens is a National Trust and one of the oldest Japanese estate and gardens in the Western Hemisphere.  In honor of its centennial, Hakone is celebrating its beginning and lasting endurance with multi-year events and activities.  Historian and Hakone Foundation Board Member, Connie Young-Yu, shares the richness and history of this oasis that sits on the edge of Silicon Valley.
    We'll examine the emerging trend of chocolate travel with travel writer and Chocolatour publisher, Doreen Pendgracs.
    Speaking of wine...California has been a leader in developing and implementing sustainable programs in a number of industries, but most prominently in its winemaking practices.  Allison Jordan with California's Wine Institute takes us on an excursion through the state's famous winegrowing regions and she offers the backstory behind their earth-friendly practices.
    Lansing, Michigan has blossomed into a dynamic cultural center and the city has grown far beyond the small plot of land that European explorer Hugh Heward discovered while canoeing down the Grand River in 1790.  Lori Lanspeary from the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau tells us why Lansing, home to Michigan State University, is much more than a college town.
    Finally, we'll shine a destination spotlight on the Dominican Republic and Cabo San Lucas from the floor of the Adventure Travel Show in Washington, D.C.

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    Group Travel-The Benefits of Leading or Traveling with a Group

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    Well this show will be jam packed with information about group travel.  Some people enjoy traveling in groups others don't.  Why travel with a group, there are some benefits even if you don't know the people in the group.  We'll discuss those benefits.  The advantages and disadvantages of traveling in groups. Group leaders, what are they, who are they, who would make a good group leader. What are the responsibilities of a group leader.  There can be huge benefits for declaring yourself the group leader.  You've probably been planning group trips anyway, get the perks. What makes a group?  How many people are considered a group?  We'll talk about the different numbers based on travel suppliers and partners in the industry. And of course how to find a group.  You are a part of groups throughout your life that can turn into a travel group. So listen in as we define this fun way to travel with benefits! Travel Trends, Travel News, The Travelers Club Meetup Group activities, and other fun discussions on this episode of It's Travel Time with Karen

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