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    in Self Help

    We don't get what we ask for, we get what we expect. Whatever we don't have is because of our own resistance to it. What have you been struggling to have that you keep thinking outside sources are keeping you from? Let's let go of the resistance and recognize that there is only one Source, and that source is within us. And let's check out expectations and the beliefs and worthiness that is attached to them. Call the number for coaching on this and any topic.

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    Challenges, Expectations and Grace.

    in Spirituality

    We are here to experience emotions in all forms.   Challenges crop up for us to do that.  We do get the choice of embracing the challenge or avoiding the challenge and hope it goes away or expecting someone else to deal with it.   Our expectations of how our life "should" be or how situations have to happen can create even more challenges in our lives.   Lets look at some of the beliefs you may have about your life and how to handle the curve balls that challenge those beliefs.   Lets look at the energy of grace and how to use that to deal with your personal challenges.  we will explore the the spiritual energy of a challenge and tools to work through them effectively.

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    in Family

    Today we are going to explore expectations? Do you have expectations for yourself? Or, are you only dealing with other people's expectations of you? What about your kids? Do they have their own expectations of themselves? Or, and they only attempting meet the expectations of everyone around them?

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    Beliefs and Expectations

    in Education

    We will discuss the power of beliefs and expectations to influence outcomes.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Chicken and Squash Casserole, and the "adventure" recipe will be Fish Stew.

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    Effortless Manifestation: The Season of No Explanation No Expectations 6.27 pt1

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    Join us as we continue our journey to effortless manifestation a journey where effort is less and manifestation is more. You are invited to join our show live with your questions or comments.  This is a listener participation show available in replay weekly for your learning enjoyment and experience.  Effortless manifestation is a concept that is not easily embraced because it is not a concept that can be reproduced but an experience that can only be produced.  Effortless manifestation is a season of "no explanation no expectations!"  An infinite time in space where there are no clocks, no measuring, no judging, no explanation so there is no questions or no answers it has no expectations just existence.  Effortless manifestation is a created belief system that what is “is” and what isn’t “isn’t” both existing in the same realm and sphere.  Join us as we continue the journey of exploring less effort and more manifestation. 

    Thirteen Moon Cycles (according to "the law of time"), with different energy patterns that can be utilized for effortless manifestation:

    1. Magnetic - Purpose "What is my purpose?" 2. Lumar  - Challenges "What is my challenge?" 3. Electric  - Service "How can I best serve?" 4. Self existing   - Form "What is the form my service will talk?" 5. Overtone  -  Radiance "How can I best mpower myself?" 6. Rhythimc - Equality "How can I extend my equality to others?" 7. Resonant - Attument "How can I attune my service to others?" 8. Galactic - Integrity "Do I live what I believe?" 9. Solar - Intention 10. Planetary - Manifest 11. Spectial - Liberation 12. Crystal - Cooperation 13. Cosmic - Presence


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    RELATIONSHIPS - expectations are own and society's

    in Spirituality

    This is a topic that we all have thought about over and over again.  Our program last week covered many issues related to relationships and we want to continue the dialogue.

    Is it good to have expectations or can they lead to disappointment and/or resentment?  What does society teach about relationships?  Is it time to change our perspective about relationships?

    We will address these topics and most likely many more.  We hope to again have special guest Summer Bacon on the program.

    Join in the conversation here on THE MAN CAVE FORUM by calling our toll-free number 877-257-6517.

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    "The Expectations and Demands of thorns and Thistles" #544

    in Spirituality

    The topic today is, "The Expectations and demands of Thorns and Thistles."  Why is this important, you might well ask?  These things seem to result in a somewhat dark perspective of ourselves and our world.  We will be looking at the kinds of things that come up which cause discomfort, pain, disappointment all of which usually result in feelings of loss in one way or another.  And yet, perspective is a great word that describes where we can go to get relief.  

    I am choosing to relate to such things as problems, difficulties, stresses and strains as thorns and thistles.  They hurt; they cause pain an inflammation not just at the point of friction, but all over ... so it seems.  Where do these thorns and thistles come from?  Where can we go for help, relief, and direction?  There are many ways into these problems, difficulties, stresses and strains, but there is really only one way out. Let's find out how to deal with "The Expectations and Demans of thorns and Thistles."  


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    Media, Expectations and Motherhood.

    in Women

    The expectations that we have on oursleves as mothers is large, we can all agree on that - but is it real?  The media feeds us with images of how we should look, feel and live from a very young age.  The images of motherhood are often unrealistic while the reality of motherhood is vastly under-represented.   These expectations are reinforced every which way we turn,  causing women to try to hide their reality and persisit on 'keeping it together'.  As you transition into Parenthood, you transition into a stage of life that challanges and changes your identity, your values and your relationships.  Not expecting these changes can greatly affect your life, often leaving women feeling they have underachieved, confused and even depressed - but it's in this vulnerability that we can truly connect - and create our new tribe.

    Elly Taylor is a Physcologist who noticed that her story and many of her clients stories were not dissimilar, they were drowning in parenthood, feeling that something was wrong with themselves, their partner and their relationship. After studying the research available she discovered that there was a lot of research on the subject but it wasn’t translating into practical support in the community, so she wrote her book Becoming Us which has become a bench mark book on the subject. www.empoweringmotherhoodradio.com


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    Combating low expectations & achieving your goals with guest speaker, Hometeam

    in Culture


    Thank you for tuning into All Ways for B.L.A.C.K. On tonight's show, Ms. Baaba and Sool and our special guest, Hometeam. We will discuss low expectations in overall performance, how to set high and realistic goals and some ways the black community can achieve their goals. Hometeam is a young Black African History expert who is passionate about shedding light on African history pre-colonization and the history of Africa in its entirety and not just Egypt. Listen and learn. Last but not least, support ALL WAYS FOR BLACK AND HOMETEAM. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter by our name. Until next time, peace!


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    Great Expectations or Super Let downs?

    in Radio

    My New Years resolution was all about Expectations. Who to put them on. Who to NEVER put them on. And what to put on myself. Tonight I want to really expound on when did holding people to thier word become almost extinct? What came first, the word "Loyal" or the person claiming to be it? The people that are truly what they claim and do as they say are the Last of the Mohicans. Tonight we will discuss.

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    in Family

    Today we are going to talk about education and expectations. How can you help your child met the expectations of their teachers? What happens when their are inconsistant expectations? How can you work this out?