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    Castillano & Einstien

    in Personal Journals

    Open thoughts on the days events

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    Do You Remember The Time?

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    Middle English: from Old French remembrer, from late Latin rememorari ‘call to mind,’ from re-(expressing intensive force) + Latin memor ‘mindful.’

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    #2 - TK-91089 "Dane Pace"

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    This week I interview TK-91089 or Dane Pace. You can listen to how he got started with the legion and what it means to him. You also learn about upcoming projects he is working ong. Check out some of the pictures we talk about at the links below! Don't forget if you have any questions you can contact us at podcast@the50what.com! Check out our facebook & twintter @the50what
    If you like this podcast please rate us with 5 stars! If you have feed back make sure to email us!
    PS: If I can find a link to the short video Dane made with a few other folks I will link to it!

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    There is no Such Thing as Negative or Bad Energy

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    We have all been taught that there is good energy and bad energy. Good vibes and bad vibes. Now don't get me wrong, there are some people, who do some bad things. But it's not the fault of the energy. It's just that this person or people are using this energy incorrectly.
    The spirit or energy we possess can be used to power our lives in a direction of your choosing. We can have all we desire. Happiness, peace, money. whatever! That's not to say everything will go your way. But in this episode. we'll talk about and teach about energy, emotion, self-control, emotional intelligence.

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    A change will do you good

    in Personal Journals

    What is one thing that you are willing to change for the betterment of self

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    Generation Millennium

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    Life as a millennium isn't easy but allot of younger people made it in their careers at a young age, and its no surprise 

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    My Best Friend Ghosted me for his new girlfriend

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    Lets talk about my best friend who is no longer my best friend because he ghosted me for his new girlfriend. I've never heard of her but she replaced me. I am now alone and confused and pissed! This cant be all my fault and i truly dont think its his either, but lets see.

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    Dissociative Identity Disorder Devon

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    Welcome to Confessions from a child abuse survivor, my name is Brittney and im your host. today I'm going to talk about two amazing women i've met recently Pat, and Michelle and their Facebook page Dissociative Identity Disorder. They are survivors like me working to shine a light for other victims and they are fighting to make other people understand what it's like to fight daily battles that most people know nothing about.

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    Looking In

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    In this podcast, you will hear how many students feel about the divide between Africans and Black Americans, cultural appropriation, growing up in an African household, and so much more. Hear, it for yourselves in my very first podcast. 

  • 01:13

    Cards Against Harassment | The Pratfalls podcast

    in Personal Journals

    “Trolls will eat as much food as you give them.”
    Lindsey is a trial attorney who brings trained advocacy to the courtroom and wider activism throughout her community. Her personal advocacy against institutional sexism and rape culture first reached a broader audience following a viral Craigslist Missed Connection written to a catcaller in September 2013. In June of 2014, I began filming street harassment in the Twin Cities and launched Cards Against Harassment, which was picked up by buzzfeed and led to me making appearances on Good Morning America, WPR, and other national and international media outlets. 
    In this episode of the podcast, Lindsay talks about how growing up with a father who was a Sheriff and mother who was a school teacher impacted her sense of justice. Her parents called her Sergeant Lindsey because she had a vocal objection to anything she viewed as not just. Lindsey also reveals that real life trial attorney work is less hot people hooking up than depicted on television. And she talks about some of the gender issues in legal work.
    Lindsey also talks about how learning how to argue well in relationships is critical to survival. Lindsey talks about her work as an online activist and how avoiding personal attacks or harsh language in her activism helps keep the focus on the issue and not let her get minimized. She also talks about getting online threats that make clear and specific references to her real life.