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  • Traveling with Essential Oils

    in Travel

    Join Helen Brahms from Cruise Planners - Have2Cruise and Kymberlee Simantel as we talk about how Essential Oils will help you while you travel. Essential Oils are not only good for everyday use but they play an important roll while traveling in helping you to stay healthy, beat JetLag and many other wonderful uses to help you get the most from your vacation. Out of all the Essential Oils out there we will look at some basic oils you need to ensure you have with you and some of the uses for them. 

  • The World's Most Haunted House

    in Paranormal

    Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker & Helene Olsen as they interview William Hall, author of The World's Most Haunted House.
    Tune in to hear this thrilling account of one of the most terrifying and well-documented poltergeist hauntings of modern times.  National media reported jumping furniture, floating refrigerators and attacking entities. 
    Decades after the publicity quieted, Hall reveals never-before-released information from police officers, firefighters and other witnesses. Return with us to 1974 and hear the Lindley Street experience from the inside!
    William Hall was born and raised in Bridgeport, CT where the events of the haunting took place.  He watched the news coverage when he was ten years old. After more than 25 years as a professional magician Hall knows how to recognize illusions.  He is experienced in researching the unexplained, from folklore to fortune telling.  His syndicated 1990's column, "Magic and the Unknown," ran for six years in multiple newspapers.

  • The New Normal Radio on LiveParanormal.com

    in Paranormal

    The New Normal Radio on LiveParanormal.com
    Listen LIVE and CHAT (with video) only on www.liveparanormal.com during the show! It's free!
    Official Show Page: http://www.liveparanormal.com/newnormal.html
    Show Bio: http://liveparanormal.com/m/news/view/About-The-New-Normal
    About LiveParanormal.com
    LiveParanormal.com is the PREMIER online community dealing with all things : Paranormal, Unexplained, History, Horror, Sci Fi, & More. Enjoy 24/7 interaction with other like minded people from around the world! ALL members can use their web cam / mic in our fully multi media chat room which offers the most personal and interactive experience on the net!
    We over 60 different live radio & video shows on our History FM radio network!

  • Paranormal Angels

    in Paranormal

    Join us as the Angels welcome back Dr. Chuck Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy holds a PHD in neuroscience, is an author, hypnotist, investigator, radio host, and a practitioner of hypnotherapy regression and removing attachments. This will be an amazing show as Geraldine Bouse and Marsha Becker take you into the world of Dr. Kennedy and explore his many accomplishments. We will even take callers!  Dr. Kennedy is one of the most experienced people in the paranormal community having been active since 1972! Don't miss this show!

  • The Doctor Who Experience in Wales

    in Travel

    In celebration of the BBC premiere of the new season of Doctor Who featuring Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor, Travel Brigade takes you to Cardiff, Wales, for The Doctor Who Experience. This interactive tour, set right next door to where the BBC films the series, lets you go inside the Tardis, confront the Daleks and have a fun adventure. After you finally escape to safety, you can tour a gallery with props and costumes from past years. The city of Cardiff can often be viewed in scenes from Doctor Who as well as the spin-off series Torchwood, and we’ll talk about tours that take you by familiar landmarks. We’ll also talk about making your Doctor Who Experience part of a great trip to Cardiff as well as the country of Wales. Grab your sonic screwdriver and enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter @TravelBrigade.

  • The Women In My Rose Garden - Ann Chapman

    in Gardening

    “I am not an armchair gardener. For the last forty years of my life I have broken my back, my fingernails and sometimes my heart in the practical pursuit of my favourite occupation”. - Vita Sackville West
    Ann Chapman is a celebrated rosarian from New Zealand who is the author of several books on roses including "Women In My Rose Garden". About 20 years ago, she and her husband purchased Trinity Farm that they transformed into the largest organic, no spray rose gardens in New Zealand with over 1500 roses under cultivation.
    Many of our best-loved heritage roses are named after women and in Ann Chapman book "The Women In My Rose Garden" she explores the lives and stories behind the evocative names. We may be familiar with Mary Queen of Scots, Amy Robsart and Jeanne d'Arc, but who were Adelaide d'Orléans, Nancy Steen and Nur Mahal? Among the 35 women described here are serene queens, duchesses and aristocrats, courageous heroines and pioneers, as well as the passionate gardeners who contributed much to the cultivation and preservation of the roses named for each one. 
    Purchase Women in my Rose Garden 
    Ann Chapman's Website

  • Dash Beardsley Wakes the Dead then Author Claudia Hall Christian

    in Paranormal

    Tonight Dash Beardsley Wakes the Dead and tells us all about his upcoming Event in Galveston September 5th and 6th! Don't miss it! I will be there and would love to meet you all in person, so come by my table and say hello.
    Then we have the very talented Author Claudia Hall Christian. Her writing focuses around good people in difficult situations. 
    She is currently working on a serial fiction called "Suffer a Witch" set in Boston. “Suffer a Witch” follows the lives of the twenty people transformed into immortal witches after being hanged in Salem Village in 1692.
    We are going to talk about her ghost hunting adventures, her research into Cattle Mutilations for The Carving Knife, a Seth and Ava Mystery, and much more!
    Claudia describes herself as a beekeeper who writes serial fiction and novels. Some of her work includes:
    Alex the Fey Thriller Series & Seth and Ava Mysteries Denver Cereal,the Queen of Cool (Fort Worth, Texas), Suffer a Witch (Boston,MA) founder of #bookmarket, Twitter’s only chat about book marketing.


    in Podcasting

    The Godfather is a crime novel written by Italian American author Mario Puzo, originally published in 1969 by G. P. Putnam's Sons. It details the story of a fictitious Mafia family based in New York City (and Long Beach, New York), headed by Don Vito Corleone, who became synonymous with the Italian Mafia. The novel covers the years 1945 to 1955, and also provides the back story of Vito Corleone from early childhood to adulthood.
     Forty two years after its release, The Godfather remains on our radar. The world has changed dramatically since 1972. But The Godfather still shines on our cultural skyscape, an immoveable lodestar which even four decades later tempts and thrills, and even educates.  

  • Paranormal Kool-Aid 2 Guys & a Ghost! Tim Maile and Aaron Bilbrey

    in Paranormal

    1st up is Tim Maile whos teams main mission is mission is to help others who are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes, feel more comfortable & take a fact based, non-metaphysical approach to all investigations and must have audio or video evidence to substantiate any claim that a house or business is indeed haunted
    2nd hour is all about Aaron Bilbrey whi is straigt and to the point! His teams motto is simple "If your having issues contact us!" Their previous investigations include: Prospect Place, Whispers Estate, Bryn Du Mansion, Poasttown Elementary, Thomason House, and Sedamsville Rectory.
    Paranormal Talk Radio
    Take a sip of the Kool-Aid! What's your flavor?
    Discussions on Paranormal Phenomena: Ghost/Spirits, Psychics/Mediums, Hauntings, Demonic Possession, Ufology, Alien Abduction, Time Travel, NDE's, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Conspiracies & All Things Unexplained.
    Website: http://www.paranormalkoolaid.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParanormalKoolAid Twitter: @KoolParanormal https://twitter.com/KoolParanormal Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/paranormal-koolaid iTunes: Search Paranormal Kool-Aid in the iTunes Store. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/pkaradio Email us with your Questions & Suggestions: pkaradio@gmail.com
    Listen LIVE or talk to our Hosts & Guests: 1-646-929-2384
    Paranormal Kool Aid Radio is brought to you by Cara Davidson, Belinda Clarke-Ache, April Abercrombie, Dawn Gomez, Scott Gruenwald, Victor Cruz and Chris Medina. OHHH YEAHHH!!!!! YYEAHHHH!!!!

  • Full Spectrum Radio Communication talk Michael and Andrew part 2!!!

    in Paranormal

    Join Hosts Matt Maziarek and Dennis Estlock of CPR as they discuss not only the paranormal but subjects including everyday life issues!  Join Live!

  • Dr Lou & Marc Gregory

    in Paranormal

    UFOs, and our Space Brothers
    The interview will address the connection between increased sightings and the emergence of a Great Teacher for the age, Maitreya, and a group of similarly evolved men, the Masters of Wisdom. They are here to help and guide us through this tense and difficult period and show us the way to create a new civilisation based on real brotherhood, justice, compassion and peace.

  • Paranormal Party (with The Conner Sisters)

    in Paranormal

    Check out and tune in to hear about a great haunting called Night Watch! Located in Hillsville Virginia in an actual abandoned jailhouse in the middle of Hillsville historic district! The first event on this terrifying teams roster is a Blackout! Where visitors wonder through the haunted attraction with only a glow stick. 
    This event happens August 29th, 30th, and 31st charging only $6 a person ($1 off for canned food donation). The Halloween season for this spine tingling attraction kicks off September 27th every Friday and Saturday until November 1st!
    This is one group of seasoned haunters that hopes to bring something different to the haunting community taking art, makeup, acting and the whole haunting experience to a whole new level. With the beloved and rememberable characters we all know and love like Twitch, Deetur Hawksworth, and Father Giovanni this is a genuine must see attraction! These characters and more will be slaughtering the old jailhouse and all its occupants who dare to enter!

  • Geezer Gamers Community Cast #182

    in Video Games

    Join CyberKnight and the Geezer Gamers as we talk about all things gaming.  From the Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii U, to  the Ouya and the Steam Box, we cover it all.  Put the kids to bed and be a part of the show!
    Special thanks to Alyce Hart for the music! Check her out at http://alycehart.com

  • ParaCrap!

    in Paranormal

    ParaCrap is just a fun show about anything and everything in the Paranormal World that's just kind of crap (T.V. shows, Movies, articles, rules and regulations, haters, etc.). They also discuss all kinds of hot topics. 
    So please join Slav, June and Dutch to talk about anything and everything in the Paranormal field!  There is no subject too crappy to discuss. 

  • The Definitely Fresh Show W/ FME

    in Podcasting

    Welcome to Another edition of The Definitely Fresh Show
    With your Hosts Young Fresh, Mr.Tonedef, Ghetto Prophet Mimi & the Rest of the DFS Crew as we bring you the best in Talk Show Comedy and Entertainment.
    Make sure you follow us on Twitter at @_IamYungFresh @MrToneDef & as always @Tonedefradio1
    Go click LIKE https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Definitely-Fresh-Show
    Also follow Tonedefradio at @tonedefradio1 on Twitter
    Get all the latest Updates on everything Tonedefradio  at  http://www.Tonedefradio.com

  • On The Road with OPAL Family Reunion

    in Podcasting

    OPAL Family Reunion: the conversation continues BE'ing a dreamer from the states of united One People Absent Limits. Our conversations have grown as we connected across the south of North America, as well as globally.  What is OPAL? The 5d Media Network blogtalkradio shows brought the 1 people on the 2013 OPALGlobalTour through southern north america. everyone has their story, shared on the radio shows,blogs,and around campfires, and at the reunions. Join our conversations on Wednesdays at  10 pst. 

  • Big Commission BluePrint - Legit

    in Blogs

    Select a popular product - Now a lot of say it’s not smart to use a popular solution as they are higher competitors merchandise, but which is not accurate - Higher competition and well-known products are the ones which are selling as via these days so why should you not get your bit?

  • Knitting Expert Candace Eisner Strick

    in Knitting

    Knitting Expert Candace Eisner Strick
    Listen Live for chance to win great prizes!
    Stay up to date with the Yarn Thing podcast with the App available on iTunes and for Droid. Find our more about Marly at www.MarlyBird.com or follow her on facebook Sponsored by:
    Knitter's Magazine Craftsy Indian Lake Artisans Decade by Drew Emborsky Bijou Basin Ranch KnitCrate Kristin Omdahl Bamboo So Fine Buffalo Wool Co. Green Mountain Spinnery

  • An Alaskan Cruise Experience: Kristin Johnson Reports

    in Travel

    Correspondent Kristin Johnson drops by to report about her experience on a Holland America Alaskan Cruise.
    Producer/Host Nicholas Snow focuses on "Connecting the Circuitry of Humanity."  The presenting sponsor for this episode is Intervention 911, part of Ken Seeley Communities (Nicholas Snow Productions LLC is honored to also produce the podcast, Intervention 911 with Ken Seeley, available at this link.
    Twitter | Facebook Page | YouTube Channel |  Books | Official Website


    in Podcasting


  • American Farmland Trust and Union County Community Garden Coalition

    in Gardening

    Greetings!  This Show will be what should have been heard this Thursday of August 21, 2014.  For whatever reason the connection with BlogTalkRadio didn't happen......so, I apologize for all the Folks that tuned in and didn't get the this weeks Show. 
    I'm Excited about the Guests for today.
    Guests:  American Farmland Trust and the Union County Community Garden Coalition. Sure, there will be some information from the USDA.  
    Come Aboard!  Thursday, August 28, 2014, at 11:30am CST time zone.  
    Have a Great Community Garden Day!
    Mary Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host
    RE:  "Community Garden Revolution" is also the name of my Book and you can purchase it at AMAZON.com and at your local Bookstores to order.  MKH
    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com
    RE:  My Blog is "Community Garden Revolution" on Google and, you can find me at Facebook "Community Garden Revolution".  Love to have you aboard!
    RE:  Nate's All American Store ONLINE Retailers offers 10% OFF each sale you have from the Garden Section for Equipment and Tools.  At Check out use the Code "comgar14" to receive your 10% OFF.  

  • 00:58

    False Flags ands Martial Law | K7898

    in Prepping

    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K140826.html
    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device
    Host: Roy Masters Roy discussed false flags and Martial law. Roy quoted Isaiah 30:20. Roy discussed the new phone meditation service. Calls:
    John is trying to help the meditation to work. William asks, "Can God forgive me?" Mario, a Korean Veteran, is plagued with problems.

  • Sam talks to Lights Paranormal

    in Paranormal

    The Long Island Ghost Hunting and Tracking Society, also known as LIGHTS or LIGHTS Paranormal, was founded in 2012 based on a long-standing passion for the paranormal and the unexplained.
    LIGHTS believes that through our unique lifelong paranormal experiences, it has shaped our lives in one way or another, and has led us to an ongoing search for answers. With our constantly expanding knowledge and experiences as our shield, we are compelled to help those who are being affected by the paranormal. Because of this, all investigations are always free of charge and done with the utmost honesty, courtesy, and commitment.
    Our mission is simple: to seek out, document, and reveal all paranormal findings. If further assistance is needed, we will do our best to help.
    Since starting LIGHTS Paranormal, others have joined in our efforts because they share the same passion and beliefs. In addition, each member brings a vital and credible asset to the team through their unique professional skill sets and diversity.

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