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  • Dr V's Place

    in Self Help

    Dr. V's Place is a show designed to address the difficult topics that no one wants to address. We provide a safe space to examine the issues that may be holding you back from living a complete and fulfilled life on purpose with joy. Come to Dr. V's Place, kick off your shoes, let down your hair, and relax with Dr. V and her co-host Shaun Upshaw!

  • A Beautiful You - Summer Owens

    in Motivation

    Known for her upbeat, “no excuses” personality, Summer Owens is fast-becoming a leading  expert on overcoming obstacles. Summer became a mother at fifteen as the result of a forced  sexual encounter, but she didn’t let that stop her from achieving her dreams. Selected Most  Likely to Succeed, she graduated with honors and was number eight in her high school class  earning a leadership scholarship to the University of Memphis. She then moved to Memphis with  her son and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree graduation graduating magna  cum laude and earning the title of Miss University of Memphis. After starting her career with the  National Basketball Association’s Memphis Grizzlies, Summer graduated with honors from  Belhaven College where she earned her MBA.  Summer is the founder and executive director of The S.O. What! Foundation and the founder and  president of S.O. What! LLC which encourage and teach people to live no excuses lives by  embracing the Serenity Prayer—accepting what they can’t change but changing everything they  can to live their best lives. She is the author of Life After Birth: A Memoir of Survival and  Success as a Teenage Mother, a book where she shares the very intimate details of her life to  discourage teen pregnancy yet encourage teen mothers and everyone who faces life’s challenges. 
    She has delivered hundreds of motivational speeches and trainings in schools, churches and other  organizations across the county inspiring and educating girls, women, and audiences of all types  to eliminate excuses and live life to their greatest potential.   

  • DrV Presents

    in Relationships

    DrV presents local, national and international artists, musicians, authors, ministers, entrepreneurs and other leaders who have created something to bless the world, a masterpiece if you will.  Join the interview and ask them what, why, how and when they created and how God inspired them to do it.

  • Rock the World Radio w. Brian Heat

    in Self Help

    This Saturday DaLeyna Rae and I will be talking to none other than Pittsburgh’s own DJ SMI also know as “SMILO” and his latest highly anticipated album drop “Every Minute Counts”. DJ, producer and super emcee, we will be talking about his journey behind the album, Pittsburgh’s Music/Hip Hop scene and what should we expect to see in the near future from his camp now that the album has dropped!
    “Rock the World Radio”…dope music, exclusive interviews with today’s hottest game- changers and inspiration for every dream!  

  • Live, Love, Laugh Presents "Spouses In Ministry" - Lady White

    in Motivation

    During the month of September, the Live, Love, Laugh Show will interview spouses of individuals who work in ministry. The intent of the show is to get an understanding of what ministers' partners go through when their partner is walking with Christ and working in the ministry. 

  • AMERICAN MENTORS: Your Financial Legacy

    in Relationships

    Some folks play professional sports, others play the lottery, or build financial legacies by hook, crook, or waging war.  Too many folks miss the meaning of true wealth and never fully enjoy the benefits of building a financial legacy.   You see, it’s not what you gather that makes you rich.  It’s what you scatter.  To be wise is as good as being rich; in fact, it’s better. You can get anything by either wisdom or money, but being wise has many advantages.  What are your rights and responsibilities?
    JOIN US!  Saturday, 12 noon Eastern, 11 am Central, 9 am Pacific as your American Mentors chart Your Financial Legacy.

  • "Two Wise Latinas" Part 2- Discussion on Breast Cancer

    in Motivation

    This is the second part of a two part seris on Breast Cancer. Wise Latina Amy Gabaldon disscusses her challenges with Breaset Cancer & her road to recovery.
    The Two Wise Latinas of The Wise Latina Network is here to empower and inspire the women of the Latino community with practical tools for a successful life.
    The Wise Latina Network is a multigenerational group of diverse successful Latinas empowering the Latino community.

  • THREE HEALINGS SHOWS epic replay day on NFTS

    in Self Help

    Theta Healing, Coherent Healing and Quantum Techniques on News for the Soul. Three opportunities to experience special healing modalities of many kinds on the air!   News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to AOL and ASK.com and YOUTUBE and GOOGLE. NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world. We're on the AIR, on the WEB and beyond! DID YOU KNOW: News for the Soul is home to the largest and best totally free life changing audio resource on the world wide web since January 1997... ... because what you focus on expands ... www.NewsfortheSoul.com

  • Dynamics of a Healthy Relationship part 2 with Life with Charlotte Spicer

    in Self Help

    Contemporary Spiritual Teacher Charlotte Spicer is our special guest speaker continuing here discussion on The Dynamics of a Healthy Relationship part 2. She will discuss ways in which to improve our Relationship with Life and embrace our ability to build the life that serves us in healthy ways and cultivates peace in our inner and outer reality. Life is all about Relationships, the most important being our relationship with God, our Creator or Source, whichever label you use. But the next most important relationship, beyond that with family, friends, partners, co-workers, neighbors and even strangers is our Relationship with Ourselves, which is at the core of all of our life experiences. But relationships aren’t limited to other human beings. We also have a relationship with Money, Food, Death, Sex, Change, Authority and our personal possessions. Charlotte left off with our relationship with Change in the last discussion so today she will cover our relationship with Love, Authority, Work and our Personal Possessions. Her website is www.SpiritualInsightsRadio.weebly.com. 

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    How To Tap Using The Confusion Technique

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    In this episode of I Am Healing Austin and Jo reveal in-depth details of yet another powerful technique to help you access the subconscious mind while tapping.
    The Confusion Technique (as the name suggests) works by creating a state of gentle confusion to allow the individual to bypass the reason and logic part of the brain, that may be getting in the way of allowing new understandings to flow from the part of us that knows everything.
    For more information about learning how to access the subconscious while you tap please visit www.thewysecentre.co.uk where you will find Austin's books, meditation audio and workshop/event details.

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