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Brain Injury is the number one cause of death and disability in children and adults under 40. There are at least 6 million living with this sinister disability, yet unknown. It is a life long journey for these survivors they make up the majority of those in prison and homeless. This show are those brave men and women who share there story with the 2 million new new survivors, they try to get people to understand, but it is difficult to understand what you can't see. It has become a civil rights movement, not from slavery or persecution but the mere right to exists. With the right support many survivors have become better than the old person, and yes they do become someone completely new in many cases. Join us nightly as you hear topics for the real experts those living with and succeeding against all odds. yet no one knows because they look just like you

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When life deals its deck, the hand isn't always what we expected. Sometimes joys and heartache come packaged. Life is tough enough, but with a brain injury, our ability to process is often challenged. When residuals include fatigue, both... more

As the World's first OFFICIAL TBI THRIVER, Kevin dares to share his insight and experiences to inspire others with Brain Injuries to create a More FUNctional LIFE using a unique perspective with "WTF?". "LIFE is not a bunch of Hocus Pocus, it... more

Mike discusses how to start a support group in your area; Where resources are found, and how to go about it, will be topics discussed. Peer support is such an important element of the recovery process. If you don't have a group in your... more

Tonight Fantastic Frank interviews Chris Hiles. Chris has over 10 years of sales experience including industry expertise surrounding the financial and insurance industries. Spending much of his career consulting, Chris understands staying in... more

You know for many years now as a survivor of multiple disabilities and as an employee at a center for independent living, which literally teaches people how to become independent, no matter what kind of disability. No matter what has... more

Kimberly Suchek is past president of Operation Homefront of Michigan, Family Assistant Coordinator for The Army National Guard out of Joint Force HQ and Grand Ledge Armory, and a DEERS Operator. She was also a patrol officer for... more

Dr Short has a couselling practice in Baltimore primarily dealing w PD community. He is a nationally recognized lecturer

Our Time is Now 2014! Dream Catchers with Les Paul! Our time is now not yesterday, not tomorrow, not any other decade or so in the future! It's now and I mean it! Let's make 2014 a banner year for survivors worldwide!!! Many people... more

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