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People have heard about brain injury but they really don't think about until it happens to them, which at that point it is all they or anyone they know can talk about. It is a sinister injury that can change everything in a blink of an eye, and as it goes on misunderstood the dark side of a person a new person starts to emerge, spouses suddenly in a relationship with a stranger, even the survivor does not know themselves. Lost alone and frightened learn about it before it’s too late, before it can take you or a loved one’s life away forever, the more you know the better you will be. You are not along there are millions of us among you. We represent over 70% of those in prison and even more of the homeless. Together we can stop the devastating effects of this sinister injury that can last a life time. One that is big business over 75 billion a year, where the rich control the destiny of the lost for a buck. Let us make a world where we are accepted not jailed or isolated, empowered not controlled. One where we embrace this new person to be a better, braver, strong more creative and productive part of society.

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Regular Host Jimmy Jam Durham will be back in his Monday slot on Sept .. A Married Man!! Congratulations Jimmy & Alina! Tonight's sho Hosted by: Keithanthony (hypnotist) Many say after a brain injury we develop other parts of the brain, we all know about compensation, accommodating our new person and some of the deficits', but some believe we gain new access to parts of the brain that we were not or did not know we used, hypnotism is just one of dozens of different abilities people all over the world say they have. This makes one wonder do we sustain great losses after injury? Why yes, but do we as well gain gifts, and abilities that we didn't even know of. Hypnotic recovery will prove to be interesting as well we will learn much more about ourselves by using and working with what we can do rather by what we use to do. Join Keithanthony as he takes you along the path of peace during his show with 30 minutes of guided mental imagery with a relaxing musical backing. Also on this show Keithanthony will tell fantastic stories that would have been tragedies had he not previously pulled himself back from death. Thanks to Keithanthon's survival another dead man later bursts back into life while on another occasion Keithanthony in a launderette gives emergency aid to bring a new baby into the World. The birthing mother feels no pain because of Keithanthonys skilled voice of calm reassurance.
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