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Brain Injury is the leading cause of death and disability yet largely unknown. Here at brain injury radio listen to shows every-night of those living with the effects of brain injury a different set of hosts every night! Something for everyone over 1000 episodes archived for your listening convenience .

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Mind Games and Funky Little Things - Dream Catchers - LesPaul Do you have a TBI, AVM, Aneurism, Cerebral palsy, Brain Tumor, Brain Cancer or for all that matters any disability as far as that goes?Well if you do you have you've come to the right place for understanding, fellowship, and a place to learn how to recover using tools such as advocacy, peer support, and developing new life skills to help us all live a happy and inspired life!!! Think of Dream Catchers as a frame of mind whichwas born out of the hope to inspire people who have faced life's struggles and dared to walk or role into new pathways no matter what life has thrown at us we must continue even when we struggle or feel like giving up and discover our destiny! Tonight we will discuss. Mind games and why we play them Fighting the fright It's about your ABILITIES Learning to access your plosives Not giving up Fighting our fears Re learning to laugh Live your Dreams one Day at time Dream Catchers with Les Paul
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Tonight meet the future of the disability movement, our young adults who are moving our movement, all around the world fresh minds with experience shakers and grovers of advocacy are changing the world, unfortunately the us... more

Led Zepplin, and Roy Orbison as well found Communication Breakdown so important to share - they played songs about it! And, you listened!! Now, what was the song about? I thought you was listening! Did you not understand the... more

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? David's story continues. (3rd/last segment) Every TBI survivor and caregiver has encountered a fork in the road that has diverted his or her life-plan. A car accident, a fall from the roof, doing one... more

Please join Shannon Marie this Saturday night for a dose of positive attitude, which is often a challenge for many of us. You can find Shannon on the 1st, 3rd, & alternating 5th Saturdays of each month. You can access show by clicking... more

THIS WEEK: Draft Day 2015 Ever notice, the day before our LIVES change forever, feels like an ordinary day? In the NFL, it has been said, "You only get drafted once in your life.", kind of like the military too. However, for those of us... more

ALL PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN ABOUT BRAIN INJURY BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THEY HAPPEN. Are you a high level brain injury survivor and no one can see your disability or impairments? No one understands the effects of... more

Join me at 10:00 PM Eastern to hear my interview with Leon Freimour. In 1990, he was bicycling and was hit by a car. Hear how Leon recovered then returned to bicycling, working at IBM, and even got married a second time. TONIGHT,... more

Executive director David Morrissey, MPS the US International Council on Disabilities will speak about‘Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities CRPD) and the importance of it to all people with disabities now in... more

Ruth Lycke is a medically trained Nurse, Paramedic, Clinic Manager, Surgical Specialist, and Business Executive with over 34 years of experience. One of her areas of uniqueness is in her surviving a Pontine brain bleed in 2001 and... more

Tonight I have a very special guest JEAN GALLICK EarthCalm EMF Protection Products Inventor.What motivated her to focus for 30 years on environmental pollution and EMF protection? A personal problem with chronic ill health led her... more
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