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Brain Injury Radio


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People have heard about brain injury but they really don't think about until it happens to them, which at that point it is all they or anyone they know can talk about. It is a sinister injury that can change everything in a blink of an eye, and as it goes on misunderstood the dark side of a person a new person starts to emerge, spouses suddenly in a relationship with a stranger, even the survivor does not know themselves. Lost alone and frightened learn about it before it’s too late, before it can take you or a loved one’s life away forever, the more you know the better you will be. You are not along there are millions of us among you. We represent over 70% of those in prison and even more of the homeless. Together we can stop the devastating effects of this sinister injury that can last a life time. One that is big business over 75 billion a year, where the rich control the destiny of the lost for a buck. Let us make a world where we are accepted not jailed or isolated, empowered not controlled. One where we embrace this new person to be a better, braver, strong more creative and productive part of society.

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Dream Catchers - The only trued disability is a crushed spirit! - Les Paul Morgan A Crushed spirit doesn't see beauty nor does it see the power in the human spirit to overcome the obstacles and barriers placed before us in life. A crushed spirit doesn't see or feel hope or see beauty of living life with a disability. A person who truly feels the power of the Independent Living Movement lives life as it is, and feels the power of being who we are now not who we used to be, and where we are in life no matter what life throws at us and we feel the power of the ADA, and the hope, Dreams and Aspirations of people with disabilities everywhere taking charge of our lives and making our own choices in how we live them! Dream Catchers is a place for people to come who are in search for life changing Ideas, and new ways to encourage and motivate people with disabilities to live life on a higher plain and to break down the barriers that divide us.
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Please tune into the ?#‎BrainInjuryRadio show: ?#‎TBIOneloveRadio starting at 7pm PT/9CT/10Est to discuss Survivor's unique TBI adventures, awareness/prevention, inspiring others and making a positive change world... more

Post TBI, we search for who we are in a barrel of confusion. Communication, usually misunderstood, can be a jungle of frustration. We become overwhelmed, and attack with our voices, or possibly become overwhelmed and simply... more

We're proud to announce our partnership with the Brain Injury Radio Team weekly.. Late Night with Joeygiggles will air every Saturday night from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am EST. Please join us for great guests, loads of jokes and fun, and... more

Hello EVERYONE!!! I pray and hope that you and your loved ones are doing well. Please join me tonight, 7pm PCT/ 10pm EST, in my new series called "Family's First". I think we all would agree with me that family is not just classified by... more

Join me and Jeff while we talk about long term disability ins and SSD and the process

Hey ride the wave to better thinking about yourself and others. Don't waste time stressing out over what Tom, Dick and Harry are doing. Focus on yourself and inner peace! We have an excellent lineup of guests on this episode of the... more

People with disabilities can stop the Bloodshed in America now! America is at a major cross roads with violence and death all over the place and law enforcement being attacked and killed and not being respected because of the bad actions... more

Two weeks until vacation, er, The New Castle Miracle League season. Understanding body language following a 'fall' is down right difficult, has to be learned and practiced. And, yes, of course, it will be a wee bit different than... more

Cam Compton Sits in for Donna O'Donnell Figurski Cam will interview Avi who was an up and coming EMT/paramedic, with many experiences. But at the age of 33, he suffered a stroke during surgery. While Avi still has balance issues and... more
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