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Brain Injury is the leading cause of death and disability yet largely unknown. Here at brain injury radio listen to shows every-night of those living with the effects of brain injury a different set of hosts every night! Something for everyone over 1000 episodes archived for your listening convenience .

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Tonight - two old timers with brain injuries - Constance Miller and Ken Collins will share lessons they have learned during their recovery process. Combined - Constance and Ken have almost 80 years experience living with brain injury. Their lives have never been the same since their brain injuries but now through their self-help efforts have overcome many of the pitfalls people with brain injurie face everyday. Constance and Ken want to share with you some tips that will make living with a brain injury easier. They would also like to hear from you about how you are doing and what you are experiencing. Come join the round table conversation with Constance and Ken because they wouldn't be here without you. Everyone has something to learn after brain injury and your experience is valued, respected and worth learning from. There is more than one way to accomplish something. Constance and Ken want to hear from you on what ways you have found to make your life easier and overcome the hardship of brain injury. Your information is critical to help others and we want to hear from you tonight! Come share your story and help everyone with a brain injury learn from what you are going though. We want to hear from you!!!!

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Bill Henry joined Army immediately upon high school graduation. He did multiple tours Vietnam, and was treated for both obvious, and then not so obvious wounds. Bill is the Past President of Vietnam Veterans of America Omaha. He... more

Tonight Fantastic Frank interviews Anne Forrest, Ph.d. Anne Anne Forrest, Ph.D., has been recognized as one of the nation's leading patient advocates for people with traumatic brain injury. She lives with persistent symptoms from a mild TBI... more

prerecorded programing new shows Nov 24 enjoy this what ever episode

Sargent Jonathan Winchester is a friend of mine. Jon became a professional photographer after 18 years of active duty in the Army; we worked many ballgames together during my sports writing years. The career Army man didn't... more

Melissa Cronin was strolling through the Santa Monica Farmer's Market when an elderly man lost control of his car and barreled into the crowd. That changed her life forever. Now Melissa lives with ‘invisible bruises.? But Melissa... more

Please join me this Saturday night for a heaping dose of positive attitude, sharing an encouraging TBI survivor story from my good friend Jenny, and as always spinning some rocking music! BE POSITIVE!!! You can access the show by... more

THIS WEEK: Bill of Rights for the Brain Injured The Bill of Rights are Laws created to protect the PEOPLE, not a specific demographic. For more than twenty years, those serving in CONgress (and Politics) have spent their days creating... more

1st episode will introduce you to your hosts: Michael Beers & Sukie Glick we will also be talking about the organization that we work for and with the Associatted Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL) and talking to its Executive... more

Call in to speak with the host (424) 243-9540 Welcome to another episode of Brain Injury Network. I am Constance Miller, brain injury survivor of more than 30 years and Managing Director of Brain Injury Resource Center, located on the... more
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