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Brain Injury is the number one cause of death and disability in children and adults under 40. There are at least 6 million living with this sinister disability, yet unknown. It is a life long journey for these survivors they make up the majority of those in prison and homeless. This show are those brave men and women who share there story with the 2 million new new survivors, they try to get people to understand, but it is difficult to understand what you can't see. It has become a civil rights movement, not from slavery or persecution but the mere right to exists. With the right support many survivors have become better than the old person, and yes they do become someone completely new in many cases. Join us nightly as you hear topics for the real experts those living with and succeeding against all odds. yet no one knows because they look just like you

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Fantastic Frank, born Frank R. Johnson, is the epitome of perseverance. As a young man, he was a successful chemical engineer and entrepreneur. One day while he was at the height of enjoying success, everything changed irreversibly when he was trapped in a fire, brought out in a body bag and his life changed forever. As a result, he incurred a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It was necessary for him to re-learn everything; including how to walk and talk. Now he is motivated to inspire millions. Every day Frank meets his challenges, and is fueled with a passion to help others with his engaging, creative manner which is awe inspiring to everyone he meets. Some of Fantastic Frank's significant accomplishments consist of publishing a comic book, ?The Young Explorers ©? and as a motivational speaker, he captivates and touches audiences like no other. Frank is an internationally published author and the host of two BlogTalkRadio shows and he will show you how to overcome ANY obstacle. Frank touches many people's lives daily – let him touch yours. Visit his website at
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My guests tonight will be Dr. Bart Billings, Retired as US Army Medical Service Corp Officer serving 34 years in US Army, his highest ranking as Colonel. He was Director/Founder International Civilian & Military Combat Stress Conference &... more

Mick has journeyed PD w music in his heart

The Chosen One's As a new fiscal year launched with the 2014 Brain Injury Camping Experience ending a year I questions why I do these things, what good is it? What does it all mean? Why me Lord or Universe. Why should one... more

'TMDS' tonight will be hosted by Professional Challenge Coach Deborah Berry. This special BrainInjuryRadio telecast will also see Matt Duffin, sitting on the 'other' side of his desk, as Ms. Berry "interviews the interviewer" as the former... more

Join Julie in welcoming researchers and practitioners in discussing how brain injury survivors can lead a full life after brain injury.

Tonight along with open mic to hear about your requests for programming, sharing what's on your bean, or just kicking back and listening to the great music! Not to mention new host try outs if you think you'd like your own show. We are going... more

RE-PEAT THIS WEEK: Lacking Abundance? What we Lack, We have In Abundance! Did you know that despite the pleathora of physical differences between each Human Being we all have a common connection? That's right,... more

Tonight, Fantastic Frank interviews Anneli Norrland. Anneli is a brain injury survivor and a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries. Fantastic Frank, born Frank R. Johnson, is the epitome... more

This is a once in a life time chance for all people with disabilities CRPD Passes Out of Foreign Relations Committee; Community Call! The Empowerment Zone With Les Paul on BIRN 7pm to 10pm Pacific Time 10:00 pm until 1:00... more
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