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Brain Injury is the leading cause of death and disability yet largely unknown. Here at brain injury radio listen to shows every-night of those living with the effects of brain injury a different set of hosts every night! Something for everyone over 1000 episodes archived for your listening convenience .

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I Remember – Hosted by Craig Sicilia First off we want to thank all the veterans out there for their service, and our deepest gratitude for all the men and woman who have sacrificed for our freedoms. As a survivor a warrior in this epidemic so hidden that I don't even know who I am a lot of the time. I remember all the loss of friends and family and especially myself, or at least my old self. I am this new person who the people I used to love, don't recognize, I still remember those times, but they have been over shadowed by the destruction of the old me and the pain as I formed this new person. In the realm of things I have learned to like this new me, this more sensitive person who truly cares for people. And now something new has happened, a type of ptsd from all of the new friends that this new me has made in the last 9 years are dying all around me, the loss that I am feeling in my heart make it that I find myself struggling to care, struggling to go on. As I write this I am not sure I can but am trying. I never allowed myself to develop a person relationship, to fall in love, I would not allow it. Tonight we will explore how to cope with loss, share what we need to do to allow ourselves to love. Allow ourselves to live life again. Join in let's see if we can discover how this all works
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How is your Memorial Day going? Solemn? Picnicing, or just being outside for Spring? In thought? Like ANY other day for your own 'Memorial TBI' - being quiet and alone. We certainly like those days, I well understand. Especially while... more

On tonight's broadcast is Dr Jonathon Jagid. Dr.Jagid specializes in the field of stereotactic neurosurgery and movement disorders and is Neurosurgical Director of the Deep Brain Stimulation Program at the University of Miami Hosting... more

Hey everyone, I'm proud to announce my partnership with the great Brain Injury Radio Team on Blogtalkradio... I will be doing a show there called Late Night with Joeygiggles every Saturday Night 10-1 am EST... featuring Kimmy Simonsen... more

SPECIAL EDITION - THE latenight GRIPE SHOW So you say you have a disability, yeah me too! All I can say is so what, sure it sucks and lots of things are not fair. We still must live life. It comes down to what we are going to... more

When you hear the word "Ironman" a couple things come to mind; a "Annual Competition" or the "Super Hero". Both require a great deal of time and energy but how do they relate to having a Brain Injury? Some people w/a Brain Injury... more

My guest tonight will give you an opportunity to meet a new host for part of the third Thursday of each month. Her name is Amy Eidenmiller, who survived a car accident in 1997, where she suffered a substantial brain injury, and then in 2004... more

Todd Trigstead will be discussing his movie Gridiron Gladiators:The History and Uncertain Future of American Football, which can be streamed from www.gridirongradiatorsmovie.com. Former NFL NY Jets & 49er's player, George... more

Dream Catchers - Live, Love, & Dreams fulfilled - LesPaul & Tae Have you ever felt like something is missing from your life or something bigger and better is waiting just around the corner but it always seems to stay just out of sight and... more

EES (Energy Enhancement System) - What is it? Find out how it helps Brain Injured People to heal. Fantastic Frank tells about his experience in the Heart Forgiveness Program he attended in April. Emily and Branden are veterans of... more
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