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  • Is It A Man's Duty To Make And Keep His Woman Loving Him?

    in Relationships

    There is a Law that seems to have been pre-determined or pre-written in the mind of every woman, which supports the seeming fact that A Man - any Man- who she happens to find herself involved with is directly responsible for the way she feels or continue to feel about him! Join Jahwie & Nalagy this week as we dive into this greatly outmoded  phenomenon.
    Be There!

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    What Are You Doing To Satisfy Your Inner Entrepreneur?

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://lesko.com/, http://leskofreeradio.com/ and http://bigdatalesko.com/ tells us how to satisfy our inner entrepreneur.
    Watch: https://youtu.be/l2hWnnKeceE


    in Self Help

    Universal Laws are just that, laws.
    Just like there are Natural Laws that govern nature (such as gravity), there are other Laws which govern all that happens in the universe. From the spiritual to the physical to the mental, everything that happens does so according to Law.
    The Universe around us is a very methodical place in which nothing occurs by chance. Even though one cannot see the Laws, or hear them, smell them or taste them, they are there. They apply to everything and everyone – nothing is exempt. Whether one is aware of these Laws or not, they still apply - just like the Law of Gravity. Even though one may not be aware of or understand Gravity, it always works. No matter who you are, what that means for you, me and everyone else means that there is no one or nothing in the entire Universe that exists, whether seen or unseen that isn't impacted, effected or determined by them.
    Yes, there are a large number of people in the world who are waking up and becoming aware of these Universal Laws, yet it's still the majority still believes that life just happens as it will. The various events, conditions and circumstances they experience in life are based on a series of "random yes's and no's" or just a random series of occurrences altogether fully believing there's no definitive purpose or underlying reason why things happen as they do.  And you know why that is, it’s because it wasn’t taught to us, so we are not aware of these special gifts that the Universe has offered us as tools to be the best that we can be.
    Join me Janice Clarke, holistic Health Practioner, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Conulstant Reiki Practitioner and Host of the SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW, to discuss The Laws of the Universe, and how we can harness our full potential with help from the Universal Laws. And we are going discuss the different Universal Laws and how do they work!

  • The family's all spread out on the fourth of july

    in Motivation

    Music and talk with Cincinnati 

  • The Gifts of Chaos

    in Self Help

    Ever wondered why we feel so disconnected and unmotivated when our homes and environments are out of balance? Our homes or the spaces we choose to occupy for large amounts of time are a living collection of energies.
    For thousands of years our ancestors have learnt many lessons about both visual and physical order and its principles. Visual order is a very powerful tool for change and wellbeing and Clutter and its effects are the arch enemy of manifestation.
    Decluttering, unlocking and opening up a space can nurture magical changes to happen in all sorts of ways.
    Tune in and join host Sharon Breslin, MTIA and one of Australia's leading holistic professional organisers and CPIA Interior Alignment Practitioner, Sandy Newton-Kearnes as she shares her extensive knowledge in cultivating creative solutions bringing in order to where there is chaos, providing transformation each and every time.

  • Not Enough. (as in, I'm not enough)

    in Self Help

    Are you feeling like you’re not enough? (not pretty enough, smart enough, creative enough, driven enough....) Learn why that's a horrible lie and how to appreciate yourself for all that you are and what makes you special and unique so you can feel good NOW on today's episode.
    Nicole Isler, The Feel Good NOW Mentor
    Energetic Independence in 30 Days eCourse -To be released July 1, 2015!!
    Happy Independence Day LIVE Hangout Party-Friday, July 3, 2015
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  • Q&A: Unmet Needs, Criminal Insanity, Ideological Consistency, and More

    in Self Help

    Philosopher Dr. Diana Brickell will answer questions on satisfying psychological needs, insane murderers and the death penalty, ideological consistency, and more on Sunday morning, 5 July 2015, at 8 am PT / 9 MT / 10 CT / 11 ET on Philosophy in Action Radio.  Question 1: What should a person do to bear psychological needs he temporarily can't satisfy?  Question 2: Should hopelessly insane murderers be put to death?  Question 3: Does ideological consistency lead to absurdities and wrongs?  For the full questions and other details about this episode, visit its archive page.  For more from Dr. Diana Brickell on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

  • MANifesting YOUR Dreams

    in Self Help

    Transform your life one thought at a time with Author Dianne Rosena Jones, the Founder/CEO of Transforming Life Institute, LLC. Embrace your journey, release your pain, end your self-inflicted suffering by transforming your thoughts. Join this Transformational Life Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Author of two books, and Metaphysical Psychology [Doctoral candidate] as she shares her own journey with transparency & reveal truths which will empower you to live life with Purpose, reach your Destiny, and Become Who God Created You To Be!!! 

  • Turning 40 and the Journey of Time

    in Motivation

    The Journey of Time
    We begin measuring the success of our lives around age 40 and we find that money and power alone no longer satisfy. We experience breakdowns and ending, shocks, anxiety and confusion and hard decisions. 
    Barrett Clemmensen Powell has been working with clients for nearly 20 years and has created a lifespan consultation program based on these stages. Here on Blogtalk Radio she is talking this week about The Journey of Time we face when we hit approximately age 43. Learn what you can expect (hint: some father issues) and how to successfully balance your life! This is a make of break journey in the 7-year early midlife period. Either you make changes or you will find your life breaks down.
    Join in and listen to learn more about this life transition. 
    After the broadcast you are invited to sign up for hte online learning course "Turning 40: Opportunity For SUccess" to get an indepth understanding of this time and some information about how you can successfully navigate these journeys. YOu can join the course for only $10 through July 6, 2015. The course will increase in price to $39. Use this discount code link:
    Turning 40: Opportunity For Success

  • Introducting Dr Sue and Brenda

    in Self Help

    We are so E X C I T E D !!!!!  to launch our first podcast from Wisdoms From The Heart Publications!  Want to introduct you to Dr. Sue Denk Psy.D and Brenda Pearce, RN. 
    Wisdoms from the heart is the coming together of two friends who love to write and enrich the world with our unique perspectives.  We came together through a book project and now are expanding that wonderful experience into books with deep meaning and perspective.  Come and find out more.
    Suzanne Denk, Psy.D. (a.k.a. “Dr. Sue”) is a Spirit-guided Transformational Psychologist, Leader and Healer who has been motivating others in her private healing practice for over 20 years.  Dr. Sue is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, a Licensed Clinical Professional Mental Health Counselor, a Certified Family Therapist, a Nationally Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor, a Certified Divorce Mediator, and a Board Certified Life and Business Coach.  She is a graduate from the Adler School of Professional Psychology.  She was named the National Professional Woman of the Year in 2010-2011 for her outstanding contributions in her field.  In addition, Dr. Sue is also a Certified Angel Reader.
    A Best Selling author, Dr. Sue is a contributing author in the Amazon Best Seller “Inner Circle Chronicles, 12 Intuitive Women Leaders of the New Economy Transforming Lives and Businesses with Soul and Spirit” (Inner Visions Publishing). 
    Brenda Pearce, RN is also a contributing author of the "Inner Circle Chronicles".  She is a podcaster, teacher, coach, Reiki Master, and CEO of eFactorLive.com. She works as a RN in long term care. 
    Follow us on Facebook   and our soon to be coming website.  Stay tuned for details.

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